Natchez Trace Parkway - Cypress Swamp Hike

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Hike over and around water tupelo, baldcypress swamp.

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Mandy S. (372)

Beautiful short trail. Perfect for a quick getaway. Took the dogs and they loved it!

Andy Blake (589)

9 Completed9 Reviews

Short but sweet. Excellent signage along the way describing the trees and the role this swamp plays in the surrounding environment. Learn mostly what you are looking at in the water are water tupelo trees and not cypress. A don't miss if you are traveling on the Natchez Trace and need to stretch your legs for 15 or so minutes.

Deb White (56)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Very short trail. Great pix taken here.

Kelly Gilbert (181)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Very pretty.. To short.. Took my faithful dog tink.. He loves it but thought it was to short also.. Went while raining and it was nice..