Pocket Wilderness

Dayton, TN

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Quiet falls awaits you with great overlook views to be enjoyed on this trail. Beautiful scenery. Great place for a family hike.

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Kristen Warren (224)

14 Completed5 Reviews

I loved the laural falls trail, but the snow falls trail was very confusing. The bridge is really cool on the trail, the hike up the mountain isn't to bad and it leads to a cave and rock formations. I never actually found the falls, it lead out to a huge overlook which was cool but the bryer bushes over grew the ground where the paint marks were so we had to turn around after losing the trail. Bring a lot of water!!! Because my Boxer overheated and we had to stop for her to drink and I had to cover her in water.

Billy Eells (148)

7 Completed6 Reviews

Laurel Falls is the most beautiful falls on this trail. It is also the closest to the trail head. Snow falls is smaller and is the tougher of the two trails. Don't forget the overlooks though. The views are worth the extra miles.

Otis Peterson (441)

5 Completed2 Reviews

beautiful fantastic hike by the river up to the laurel waterfall and then on up to the overlook. don't follow directions given by Alltrails. They will get you lost.

Lisa R. (199)

I have hiked this trail many times in the last 2 years whether it's to Laurel Falls, Buzzards Point or Bryan overlook. This trail never disappoints. Most recently the bridge to Laurel falls has been out but there are creative ways around. Start early and enjoy the day exploring this amazing area of East TN.

Joseph McGowan (86)

1 Completed1 Reviews

I adore this park. Even though I live in Hawaii now, Laurel/Snow Falls Pocket Wilderness remains my favorite place ever to hike. The multiple cliff faces, overlooks, bouldering fields, rocky creeks, abandoned coal mines, swimming holes, and interesting wildlife make this park a winner. There are always more side-trails and geographic features to explore.

Michael Curry (942)

20 Completed16 Reviews

This is an EPIC TRAIL! It has many places to camp and a lot of adventurous places. The rocks running across the river and near Laurel Falls are SUPER FUN to climb around on. Take an entire day to explore this area. It's well worth it!

Nicole Lawson (236)

17 Completed6 Reviews

Nice day trail that hikes up to a beautiful waterfall.

Gerry Hallcox (198)

10 Completed5 Reviews

Nice walk along stream before you start on switch backs up Mtn . Pretty scenery but trail is rocky, huge boulders and nice falls. I will go back sometime.

David Resmondo (92)

2 Completed2 Reviews

second hike with my squaw and we made it to laurel falls great hike...beautiful place..dogs loved it and so did we......oh i love u Robin

Evan Fortune (81)

1 Completed1 Reviews

I attend Bryan College, which is about ten minutes from Pocket, and I do a lot of trail running. Really good trails, well traveled and well maintained. Pocket is a great place for it--I recommend a run up to Buzzard's and back. A good ten miles.