Turtletown Falls Trail

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Turtletown Falls Trail is a 3 mile loop trail located near Farner, Tennessee that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking & walking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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Bryan Mudrak (566)

35 Completed8 Reviews

Disclaimer: I only hiked to the first waterfall, going left at the fork on the trail. However, that is a nice waterfall, we went in January and there was snow and ice on the rocks and ground, so it made the falls very picturesque.

I plan on going back and doing the entire trail but it is a great place to take someone who doesn't hike much if you want to ease them into hiking :)

Bill Lefler (96)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Great trail, beautiful even before getting to the falls. Lots of wonders all along the way to marvel at. It is a long hike around the loop - near 5 miles - and the upper path is definitely more strenuous. We went out the lower trail and came back the upper and it was a lot of uphill coming back.

Thanks to another reviewer for the direction hint. Put 1234 Farner Road into your gps and the forestry dirt road is directly across from it to the left. Drive in (quite far) and park at the turn-around at the base of the trail.

Bubba Poston (177)

16 Completed2 Reviews

Really nice 4mi hike with 2 beautiful waterfalls. It is pretty hard to find, and there is no cell phone service up there for map use. The trailhead is at the end of an unmarked gravel road directly across the street from 1234 Farner Road. The first part of the trail (1/2 mi) is wide and easy, then the trail splits to start the loop. Choose a path (we went right, which takes you up the ridge and you get the waterfalls on the past part of the trip). The trail is well marked with "i" blazed on many trees along the way. One of my top 5 trails of all time!

Sharon Rayder (1459)

86 Completed34 Reviews

My daughter and I hiked this trail today, December the 27th, 2013. The road is kind of hard to find, I had to stop and ask for directions. Road 1166 is 2.8 miles up Farner off Highway 68. Farner Road is directly across from the post office. There is a house straight across from road 1166 (the address of the house is 1234 I believe).
The trail is an easy trail - not strenuous at all. It begins on what looks like an old logging road. The trail is marked with white painted blazes. On an ascent, the trail divides. The logging road continues up and straight. The path to the left is more narrow and begins to descend a little. The narrow path is the trail to take to see Turtletown Falls. It becomes narrow, but is an easy walk. It meets back up with the logging road and leads to the lower falls.
This trail is easy enough for anyone to hike. It took one hour each way.

grant ulrich (48)

3 Completed1 Reviews

Great trail, great waterfalls. Couple words of advise - the trail is kind of tricky to find (no signs for it). If you are on farner road, the trail will be right before Newman road. Also, beware of yellow jackets by the first waterfall! There is a nest in one of the wood steps and my wife and i both paid the price of not seeing it. Otherwise, great trail.

Kalyn Massey (67)

1 Completed1 Reviews

absolutely beautiful and worth thr effort to find the trail and hike ip!

Mike Harris (616)

32 Completed2 Reviews

The two waterfalls are big and beautiful in the spring there is plenty if water. An excellent trail for waterfall photography. Excellent campsites on the water.

Greg Arp (113)

4 Completed2 Reviews

Wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Hike is listed as difficult but we did not find it to strenuous or technical. The entire family hiked the trail and even the 7 year old did not complain about the condition of the trail.

Tanya Davenport (208)

6 Completed1 Reviews

Nice trail. I do believe it would be the best in the fall when leaves have fallen. there would be scenic views on the way to the fall.

Jessica P (237)

20 Completed1 Reviews

This is my go-to hike, I go with my dog, local friends, and/or visitors several times a month. Although it does lack a grand vista, the waterfalls and creek more than make up for it. I would rate it moderate, not difficult, though there is a section that is a single track with a drop to one side that might hinder the young/elderly. Plenty of uphill followed by recovery sections from start to finish. A few years ago you couldn't even find this hike in books, now it is gaining popularity. Still, I rarely run into other hikers. At one split on the old logger trail, if you head right (east and away from lower falls trail) about 2 miles up there is an old, above ground grave with the last name Stewart. Well maintained trail, perfect day hike for waterfall hunters!!!