Virgin Falls Trail

#1 of 3 trails in Virgin Falls State Natural Area

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Virgin Falls Trail is a 10 mile loop trail located near Sparta, Tennessee that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking & walking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

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Tyler James (49)

4 Completed2 Reviews

This is a beautiful hike, and I would highly recommend it. Based on the comments I've seen, I thought it would be much busier on a Saturday. We only saw one couple on the way down, one guy camping near Virgin Falls, and then maybe 10 more people on the way back up. The weather forecast did not look very good early in the morning, so maybe that kept some people away, even though the bad weather never showed up. I also anticipated the uphill hike on the way back would be much worse than it was. There were really only a couple short steep climbs. Maybe it just seemed easy because I was expecting much worse. You should still be prepared with plenty of water, and by taking your time you'll be fine. Don't let the reviews scare you away.

Michael Smith Bba Cidt (128)

2 Completed2 Reviews

A unique waterfall haven, definitely a harder than normal hike but so worth it. Loved it!!!!

Brandon M. (106)

Been out here multiple times and I'm always bringing friends that are visiting. Great hike and great camping. Can be crowded at times leaving you scrambling for a campsite.

Jackie Bogues (92)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Great hike! We walked about thirteen miles round trip which took about 7 hours! The first waterfall had no water a lot of it was dried up from the long hot summer! The second two were beautiful! Don't plan on doing any swimming though! The tail back is a bit rough I suggest lots of water and hiking experience!!

Emily Gall (56)

15 Completed1 Reviews

Arrived late Sunday afternoon, just as most of the day-hikers were clearing out, camped at the second waterfall. So amazing, this is a pretty busy trail, so deciding to not go on a weekend is really going to free it up for you. Had the whole place to ourselves to check out Virgin Falls early Monday morning when we woke up, so worth the trek! There were a lot of hikers heading out when we were heading in Sunday and you could tell the trail ended up being a lot more difficult than they were expecting. Also, managed to pick up an entire bag of other people's trash during our time on the trail, not so cool.

Misti Bink (128)

18 Completed4 Reviews

I love this hike! I just did this one again in July and AMAZING. TONS OF WATER so falls are so pretty. There are so many falls to see from small to large and great swimming holes/areas. This is NOT an easy trail and expect 7-8 hours and more if you want to stop and enjoy the area. It seem fairly easy on the way to the main fall because of all to views but on the way back it is mostly up hill. Trust me take a flash light just in case it gets dark on you before you get back. You have to find the markers to get out or just stay.

David Scheid (76)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Very cool place. Much to explore. Did a day hike to the falls, but would go back again for an overnighter. Bring plenty of water.

Jason Kennon (93)

3 Completed3 Reviews

David Pfohl (278)

6 Completed2 Reviews

There are three nice waterfalls. This app rates this hike as easy but it is far from easy.. Round trip took us seven hours to get back to our vehicle. Take plenty of water and if you start later in the day take a flashlight just in case you get caught out after dark. This is a great place to stay overnight in camp.

Tyler Malone (457)

12 Completed12 Reviews

I've been coming to this trail just about annually since 2008. Many times its for an overnight and most of those have been for cold weather camping. The trail has been getting more and more popular as word gets out. It is the most difficult trail in the Bridgestone Wilderness Area (even though part of the AllTrails desc says easy - it's not), but don't let that dissuade you. Just be prepared. Every time I'm out there - yes every time - I run into people who either don't have water (they run out), don't have flashlights (got caught walking out at night), or aren't wearing proper shoes (flip flops). In fact this year, my buddy and I deviated from the main trail and camped in a spot you'd either know about or you're lost. Sure enough a group comes through the camp thinking they are on the way to the falls, but actually going directly away from it. U.S. Camping there was a decision we made on the trail and I really think we were meant to be there just to catch that group. So all that to say, if you're going for the first time, be prepared, pay attention and talk to people on the trail if you're unsure.