Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Trail

arbor hills is a 3.3 mile trail located near The Colony, Texas. The trail is primarily used for walking.

3.3 miles 287 feet
camping hiking mountain biking
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Scott Garvin

3 Completed3 Reviews

Cary Emmons

18 Completed11 Reviews

It was ok...trails were easy, short and not very visually stimulating. But it beats running on the city streets.

Yiwen Shen

4 Completed4 Reviews

A well paved trail to take a walk.

Pierre-Alexander Khordoc

12 Completed11 Reviews

trail is better for a "stroll in the park"
the mtn bike section is decent but too short. I happen to live across the street and I hit it maybe once a month. I ride twice a week on average.
If riding the concrete...good luck...way too many people to catch any speed.

Jenny W.

The creek provides a great opportunity for dogs to cool off. The trails are pretty with varied terrain. Beautiful wildflowers in early summer. Only downside is the it's crowded.

Dustin House

1 Completed1 Reviews

Conveniently located in the heart of Plano/North Dallas. If you're looking for a quick hike either on dirt or cement, this is a great option. There is very little elevation change, but it is scenic: plenty of wildlife and meadows. The Observation Tower should be incorporated into your route somehow. This are is very kid and dog friendly.

I suggest the Outer Loop trail. It's longer and is not paved (watch for mud), but you get better views and quaint places to stop near the creek. There were plenty of runners on this trail as well.

Listed on the 10 Top Trails in Dallas (see link)

JJ Fiedler

2 Completed1 Reviews

Good hiking trail for beginners. Trail is well kept and there are always people walking or riding bikes on the trails. Great place to bring your dogs too.

Richard Jimenez

4 Completed4 Reviews

Love this trail.

Kenny Fulton

9 Completed8 Reviews

Good hike, nothing are in Plano, and you never really forget it for very long.

Dan Kinkade

13 Completed11 Reviews

Interesting park with a wide variety of bike, paved, and hiking trails mixed together. Terrains vary from mature oak bottom land forest to grassland. Easy to moderate depending on what trails you choose.