Big Cedar Wilderness Trail

Dallas, TX

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Big Cedar Wilderness Trail is a 13 mile loop trail located on the property of Mountain Creek Church. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for mountain biking. Includes over 21 miles of trail systems.

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Melanie Heid (72)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Pope M. (235)

Thanks to George and Ben for letting me hang with them on the ranger loop. My first time here and it was a killer ride. Lots of technical stuff, fast downhills and lung busting hills. I'll be back soon.

Vanessa McKnight (3445)

52 Completed49 Reviews

Really enjoyed the few miles of trail I had time for today. I had forgotten that we had a big storm blow thru the night before, the trail had a nice spongy feel to it without mud sticking to my shoes. It was difficult for me to determine if the downed trees and branches were from the previous days storm or had been that way for a while. The portion of trail I was on was completely barricaded by a large tree near where it crosses the drive up to the church.

Steve D. (99)

This is great place to mountain bike! Trails to suit every riding level. Amazing amount of work done create a great riding experience. 20+ miles of trail and more coming. Great experience definitely going back and would recommend this trail to ANY mountain biker. Great job DORBA!

Grant Myers (1618)

28 Completed28 Reviews

I thought it was a great hike for Dallas. Very well groomed and it's very easy. My dogs and I just did the Ranger loop though. We will go back and do some of the other trails that are off the Ranger loop.

Tom Passmore (164)

2 Completed2 Reviews

This is a big place with multi trails cut and rehab'd for bikers. I took my dogs here and its very friendly but bikers go 90 mph. week days are best for hikers. i prob won't return. not scenic for a repeat. But its a good trial for first time.

Anina Imhof (284)

18 Completed8 Reviews

A little tricky to find; trails start at a parking lot at the back of Mountain Creek Church. Hiking here was very nice, especially on the SOS trail. It's one of the few places in the north Texas area where you can get some elevation change. Trails seemed to be mainly used for mountain bikers, which were very courteous and no problem to share the trails with.

Sarah Padgett (530)

4 Completed4 Reviews

We took the white "Ranger" or "main loop" and it was about 5.5 miles from car back to car. The trail was well maintained, lots of bikers on Sunday afternoon but overall a great hike. Not as hilly as I had expected but the other trails may be from the look of it. Will be going back!

Bruce Sewer (420)

8 Completed2 Reviews

great trail, lot's of climbing.

Texas Hawk (4014)

38 Completed14 Reviews

Vast trail system with lots of variety. Descents are fun but climbs are killers. Has several unique elements like riding thru a tunnel that is almost pitch black. Even has a real FR section almost at the very end. Be prepared for a serious work out.