Bluebonnet Trail

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The Bluebonnet trail is the longest trail of the city of Plano, TX Park and Trail System. Up to 8.3 miles one way. If you want to see the bluebonnets on the trail, they are usually there from Mid-March to Mid April every year.

8.3 miles Point to Point
Dog Friendly Accessible
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The trail runs parallel to Spring Creek Parkway for the most part and is fully paved. The trail is often used by walkers, joggers, and some cyclists. Its has many nice features along the trail. The trail begins at the East side of Shady Brook trail (Midway & Spring Creek). At Baywater, the trail stops but starts again if you continue to Preston and turn left and go half a block North to Commonsgate Dr. (The best part of the trail starts here) From there, it runs through Archgate Park, Carpenter Park, Lone Star Park, Jack Carter Park and popular dog park, Blue Ridge Park, Wagon Wheel Park, High Point Park, and ends when you get to the Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve.

Lisa Suplis

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Ida Horne

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I love this trail. Was first time on it today and was great! Nice to be by the creek.

Nicholas Guillory

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This suburban, paved trail was a super-easy way to get outside with my toddler. Calling it a trail is a bit of a misnomer, as it's entirely paved and mowed on either side. The area I walked was flat, sunny, and featured a dog park. I don't recommend this to anyone looking for a genuine nature trail. However, it's terrific for what it is - a highly accessible path, with ample space to stretch your legs, take a family bike ride, a jog, or a dog walk.

Ken Botts

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I have hike and bike these trails on and off for many years. One of the best urban trail systems in the United States. Trail winds throughout the entire city of Plano, Texas and intersects with other trails throughout the city. Paths are wide and paved which allows for the shared use of dogs, bikes, running, walking and dollar blading. You are looking for a challenging wilderness experience this is not the place but if you are looking for a place for a nice day for you, your family and FIdo then you will find it all here.

Eric Clemencich

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Nice trail up just get out on and put some miles on the bike.