Cross Timbers Hiking Trail

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Cross Timbers Hiking Trail is a 14 mile point-to-point trail located near Gordonville, Texas. The trail is primarily used for hiking.

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David Smith (481)

1 Completed5 Reviews

8-30-15: Just to let people know not to give up on this trail. As of 8-30-15 there has been much improvement on the trail. I personally have re-blazed parts of the trail have fallen into disuse. New portions of the trail from Juniper point have been created to by-pass portions that have fallen into the lake. You won't have to worry about walking through underbrush to get to good portions of the trail. From Juniper point to Rock Creek Marina the trail is in very good shape now. Past Rock Creek Marina to the Paw Paw Point trail head (12 mile point) the trail is in need of debris and trash removal from the lake flooding during May/June of 2015. There are plans to remove the debris come late September/October time frame (volunteers appreciated).

The last 2 miles of the trail has been sorely underused, with many trail makers missing. As of 8-30-15 new blazes have been placed from the Paw Paw Creek trail head (my Lake Texoma Marina) for about one-half mile. More will be placed in the coming weeks so that the entire trail will be completed blazed and easier to follow. I personally would like to see more people begin their trek from the Paw Paw Creek trail head (end of the trail) to help make the trail more visible by constant wear. Also, the Paw Paw Creek trail head has a great grassy area for parking plenty of vehicles.

In the last month I've personally worked on portions of this trail, and have surveyed the entire trail, so I know the above statements to be true. On Facebook a group called the Cross Timbers & Lost Loop Trail Runs have people who are contributing to the maintenance of the trail. I walked the first almost 3 miles of the trail with them on 8-29-15 to survey the trail from Juniper Point. It is completely clear and easy to navigate. There is also a Facebook page for this trail where I make periodic posts keeping people updated on the trail improvements. By October of this year I plan to have updated tracks to upload to this and other trail sites so people will have the latest navigation tools and information.

Chris Patrick (180)

1 Completed1 Reviews

The Good: The trail has some very scenic points and overlooks of Lake Texhoma, non-crowded and a nice escape from the city. There is plenty of camping nearby so for an extended stay could be a nice area to vacation while having the availability of hiking nearby. If you like outdoor photography, there are numerous spots along the trail to get unique, up close photos of the lake and other natural scenes.

The Bad and the Ugly: My friends and I hiked part of this trail today starting at the Juniper Point campground and working our way south/west, following the shoreline for the most part until reaching the Cedar Bayou area. The part of the trail we hiked consisted of very small stretches of clear path mixed with mostly what amounted to bush whacking. Many parts of the trail, especially near the shoreline are washed out and to continue going forward means climbing over logs or just pushing on through brush, vines and soft ground, making your own path. This is definitely NOT the place for young / small children in the condition it is currently in and although rated as easy, is at the moment I would say is at the least moderate, depending on the route and length you traverse. One section of the original trail we were on came to where it is still underwater and required heading back into the trees to find a way around until reconnecting with the original trail. At Cedar Bayou we finally decided to cut the hike short, found our way to paved the roads and walked the rest of the way back north to the Juniper Point campground. The trail obviously needs serious repair and/or new trail established. Recommended for a cross country adventure but NOT as an easy day hike. If you decide to go, allow extra time for the geographical delays and re-routes necessary to stay close to the original path.

David Smith (481)

1 Completed5 Reviews

Lake Texoma is dropping by almost 6 inches per day. Much of the trail has emerged from the lake. Still some sections are not passable, but I anticipate that they should be find by September 1, 2015. I hiked today (8-8-15) from the trail head across from Texoma Marina. That part of the trail is in sad shape. Lots of garbage from the flooding, trails covered with debris, but more importantly badly marked! I thought I was the only one out on that part of the trail, but noticed shoe prints in some of the mud I was walking past/through. Turned out to be mine! Was going in circles trying to find where the trail went. Finally found the other portion, but some of the portion I missed is probably still underwater.

I'll be coordinating with some other groups to help repair and improve the trail. If anyone wants to help out, keep a look out in the DFW Adventurers Meetup Group.

David Smith (481)

1 Completed5 Reviews

The cross timbers trail is in such a sad state.. A friend and I attempted to hike it today. We figured the first almost mile would be difficult and we'd forge some bypass trails, but it took us almost an hour to go about 0.90 miles. I thought we could get past some water and get to higher elevation, but not possible. Too much water. In the picture posted the Yellow is the trail as mapped by someone a few years ago. The RED is what we did today from the trail head to near the marina. That was 2.95 miles in 2:24 hours. Ugh! The blue is our attempt to backtrack the trail to see where we missed it earlier in the day. That was 3.23 miles in 1:45. In both cases we had to forego the trail and follow some public roads. See my posted pic for this information.

David Smith (481)

1 Completed5 Reviews

A friend and I went back to try out our new hammocks and tarps. The lake has risen over 20 feet, and for the first half mile a lot of the trail has fallen into the lake. I hope the Corps of Engineers A friend and I went back to try out our new hammocks and tarps. The lake has risen over 20 feet, and for the first half mile a lot of the trail has fallen into the lake. I hope the Corps of Engineers Will blaze a new trail on that part of the lake.

David Smith (481)

1 Completed5 Reviews

Not a bad trail. Tougher on beginners who have not hiked before or after a long while. Great vegetation and scenery. Be aware of the first mile. Several places where the trail has washed out and fallen off the side of the cliff. One place particularly dangerous.

Avoid the Lost Loops. Part of the trail overgrown with brambles and trees blown over the trail.

C R (162)

7 Completed2 Reviews

What a great 1 night trip. Lovely views, beautiful fall foliage when we went. Highly recommend -- camp at Eagle's Nest!

Derek Jett (842)

27 Completed25 Reviews

Wife and I and dogs hiked to eagles roost? Had lunch and hiked back. One of the prettiest hikes in north texas. Too many houses and civilization at first , but that goes away. Well marked. Great to get away from hustle and bustle.

Ann-Marie Smith (289)

8 Completed4 Reviews

This trail is listed on All Trails as only 6.3 miles, the trail is much longer than that. From Juniper Point to around the 12.5 mile mark the trail is well maintained and clearly marked. We’ve been out here a couple of times, and the hiking is GREAT, there are numerous places to tent and hammock camp. You can pay for parking at Cedar Bayou Marina at only $5.00 per day, or you can park for free at Juniper Point. In May we saw 2 bald eagles and numerous geese and goslings. After the 12.5 mark the trail is poorly maintained and poorly marked, we got lost twice and ended up on a trail that was obviously a trail from YEARS ago that still had markers but no trail left. The negative being said, we’ve hiked the whole thing (except where we lost the trail) and would definitely go back again and again.

Brian Nelson (129)

5 Completed2 Reviews

Excellent hike-in camping along the shores of Lake Texoma. We set out from the Cedar Bayou Marina. There's an office there in the parking lot that opens at 9:00 a.m., but if you get there earlier than that, you can call the number on the sign and the guy will come and meet you. He lives on the property apparently. Really nice guy. They offer protected parking for $5 and its worth it given the areas relatively remote location. Photocopied maps available at the office, along with sparse supplies.

The water level was down, way down (by about nine feet), when we went on March 14th-16th, 2014. Even though it was a Spring Break weekend, we weren't really bothered with a lot of trail traffic. In fact, we never passed anyone on the trail. It wasn't until after we made camp that we ran into a troop of boy scouts.

We planned on making camp at the famed "5 Mile Camp", but it was occupied. Before you get to 5 Mile Camp, within site of it on the eastern side of the same inlet, you will find what I'm calling 4 and 3/4 Mile Camp. It's a great camp with plenty of protection from the sun and wind coming from a stand of Juniper. (If you climb to the top of the hill, just above the camp, you'll find another nameless camp with amazing views. There was little to break up the wind though, so we stayed low and in the trees.)

It took a little over two hours to make it to camp, but my buddy and I brought our two younger daughters along. It was very windy and raining the last day, so we chose to take the lake shore back. It was a little silty at times, but we made it back in an hour and a half. While the water is low, the lake shore is the way to go. Amazing scenery. Personally, I wouldn't pass up the trail. It's beautiful and challenging, but a return trip along the lake is equally pleasing.

(See photos in the gallery of my blog.)