Cross Timbers Hiking Trail

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Cross Timbers Hiking Trail is a 6.2 mile point-to-point trail located near Gordonville, TX that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running, and camping and is accessible from September until May. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

6.2 miles 1896 feet Point to Point
dog friendly camping hiking trail running walking blowdown forest lake muddy over grown rocky washed out wildlife
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Jeremy Hammer

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Great getaway spot. The trail show signs of previous washout, but it's in really good shape now. I put in at Cedar Bayou and camped overnight at the small 4.5 mile camp. Someone built an awesome lean-to shelter there and it was a perfect place to enjoy the view. I did get off trail a little bit on the way up since there are a lot more side trails than I expected. I ended up doing an extra 1.3 miles and came across the lost loop by accident before getting back on the main trail. I recorded and uploaded the return track back to the marina which came in at 2 miles. Overall, much more challenging than I expected. The guy running the marina was super helpful and it's a nice fenced area to park if camping.

Carly McDuffie

4 Completed5 Reviews

Hiked and camped at Eagle's roost. Nice trails and enjoyable time.

DC Calderon

9 Completed9 Reviews

Great hike to eagles roost

Bruce Sales

8 Completed6 Reviews

Great hike in regards to its close proximity to DFW. Great place to test gear before a legit trip.

Kevin Poe

1 Completed1 Reviews

I did a day hike yesterday. Started at Juniper Point and went to Lost Loop and back. Trail is really maintained. There are parts where the trail is really slippery mainly the first half, when your high above the lake. When you come to the second camp the trail disappears for a few feet, when you find again you can go straight or turn right, go straight up the hill. Other than that had lots of fun. If the weather holds up this winter I will go back and start from the other end of the trail

Carly McDuffie

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Siegfried Ehmke

5 Completed2 Reviews

Very nice trail, it's a bit tricky but I love it.

David Smith

1 Completed6 Reviews

Recently did the entire trail from beginning to end to provide the definitive tracks for people to use for this trail. All other tracks that I've seen are inaccurate. The one's I've uploaded will get you from Juniper Point to Texoma Marina trail head without any issues. Next time I'll add locations within the tracks for camping sites, etc.

Justin Runyon

1 Completed1 Reviews

This trail is a great way to do a quick weekend backpacking trip if you live near Dallas/Fort Worth. I started around noon from Juniper Point and made it to a decent camping spot about 5 miles in by around 3:00. There is a surprising bit of up and down terrain considering this is Texas. Most of the good campsites also thankfully have good fire pits already constructed. I also had AT&T cell service the entire time (not that you should care, but nice in an absolute emergency).

One thing I would avoid is trying to do the Lost Loop. The northern part is mostly destroyed and/or covered in heavy brush. I lost the trail and ended up having to bushwhack south to find it again.

No permit needed, though you're supposed to register at the guard shack at Juniper Point east. There's also a trail book at the trailhead so bring a pencil.

Thanks to whoever maintains this trail - would be interested in helping out if needed!

David Smith

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8-30-15: Just to let people know not to give up on this trail. As of 8-30-15 there has been much improvement on the trail. I personally have re-blazed parts of the trail have fallen into disuse. New portions of the trail from Juniper point have been created to by-pass portions that have fallen into the lake. You won't have to worry about walking through underbrush to get to good portions of the trail. From Juniper point to Rock Creek Marina the trail is in very good shape now. Past Rock Creek Marina to the Paw Paw Point trail head (12 mile point) the trail is in need of debris and trash removal from the lake flooding during May/June of 2015. There are plans to remove the debris come late September/October time frame (volunteers appreciated).

The last 2 miles of the trail has been sorely underused, with many trail makers missing. As of 8-30-15 new blazes have been placed from the Paw Paw Creek trail head (my Lake Texoma Marina) for about one-half mile. More will be placed in the coming weeks so that the entire trail will be completed blazed and easier to follow. I personally would like to see more people begin their trek from the Paw Paw Creek trail head (end of the trail) to help make the trail more visible by constant wear. Also, the Paw Paw Creek trail head has a great grassy area for parking plenty of vehicles.

In the last month I've personally worked on portions of this trail, and have surveyed the entire trail, so I know the above statements to be true. On Facebook a group called the Cross Timbers & Lost Loop Trail Runs have people who are contributing to the maintenance of the trail. I walked the first almost 3 miles of the trail with them on 8-29-15 to survey the trail from Juniper Point. It is completely clear and easy to navigate. There is also a Facebook page for this trail where I make periodic posts keeping people updated on the trail improvements. By October of this year I plan to have updated tracks to upload to this and other trail sites so people will have the latest navigation tools and information.