Cross Timbers Hiking Trail

Gordonville, TX
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5 Completed 2 Reviews

Excellent hike-in camping along the shores of Lake Texoma. We set out from the Cedar Bayou Marina. There's an office there in the parking lot that opens at 9:00 a.m., but if you get there earlier than that, you can call the number on the sign and the guy will come and meet you. He lives on the property apparently. Really nice guy. They offer protected parking for $5 and its worth it given the areas relatively remote location. Photocopied maps available at the office, along with sparse supplies.

The water level was down, way down (by about nine feet), when we went on March 14th-16th, 2014. Even though it was a Spring Break weekend, we weren't really bothered with a lot of trail traffic. In fact, we never passed anyone on the trail. It wasn't until after we made camp that we ran into a troop of boy scouts.

We planned on making camp at the famed "5 Mile Camp", but it was occupied. Before you get to 5 Mile Camp, within site of it on the eastern side of the same inlet, you will find what I'm calling 4 and 3/4 Mile Camp. It's a great camp with plenty of protection from the sun and wind coming from a stand of Juniper. (If you climb to the top of the hill, just above the camp, you'll find another nameless camp with amazing views. There was little to break up the wind though, so we stayed low and in the trees.)

It took a little over two hours to make it to camp, but my buddy and I brought our two younger daughters along. It was very windy and raining the last day, so we chose to take the lake shore back. It was a little silty at times, but we made it back in an hour and a half. While the water is low, the lake shore is the way to go. Amazing scenery. Personally, I wouldn't pass up the trail. It's beautiful and challenging, but a return trip along the lake is equally pleasing.

(See photos in the gallery of my blog.)



7 Completed 4 Reviews

Great trail and close to Dallas. Lots of steep climbs and descents. Great areas to set up camp through out the trail. The lake is very low and we didn't come across any creeks, so pack water unless you plan to boil lake water.



4 Completed 3 Reviews

My wife and I hiked a portion of the trail recently. The trail provides some tough hiking with some steep rocky slopes. The scenery is great as the trail overlooks Lake Texoma.



6 Completed 6 Reviews

I met up with a group here and had a great time together, we hiked from the marina to the eagles roost and then back. It's always nice to be pleasantly surprised!