FMSP - El Paso Tin Mines

El Paso, TX
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Hike to the only tin mines ever in the USA.

From the trailhead, climb to the top of the concrete dam. Turn south (left) on the dam and follow the trail right to the bottom of the dam. Turn north and follow the trail 0.15 miles north until you see a gate directly to your left. Turn west (left), proceed past the gate, pick up the jeep road curving north-west, and follow this road all the way to the junction at 2.75 miles. From the junction, turn south (left) for the south mne and smelter. (Follow the narrow trail west past the mine for the entrance.) Proceed straight ahead and curve north to the north mine. (Follow stairs down below the mine for the lower entrance.) Bring a flashlight.

From the Junction of Loop 375 (Trans Mountain Road) and U.S. Hwy 54 (Patriot Freeway) go north 1.65 miles to the junction of Farm Road 3255 (War Hwy). Turn left on 3255 and go north 0.5 miles to Jon Cunningham. Turn left on Jon Cunningham and go to Chuck Heinrich park at the end of the road. Park in the lot. The hike starts at the posts.

Texas Parks and Wildlife, Franklin Mountain State Park. (915) 566-6441



2 Completed 2 Reviews

Easy and well marked. The ground is really soft in some places so your going to have to walk the bike at times.



10 Completed 8 Reviews

A nice, relatively easy hike that is well marked with many small trails branching off in many places before you reach the mountain base. The mines are located just north of the split at Mundy's Gap; you will see the rectangular grates on the side of the mountain left of the trail. For those with adventurous children, don't let the distance discourage you, keep to the main trail and just look for the mine grates.



2 Completed 1 Reviews

This is an easy and fun trail that the entire family can enjoy. The hike to the mines is not hard at all, maybe long for the youngsters. You need to pay attention to the land marks because you can miss the entrance to the mines. This is a comfortable route shared between cyclist and hikers.



2 Completed 1 Reviews

Nice and easy hike to the mines. A little disappointed with the depth that you could actually go into with the mine but defiantly worth the hike up to it. Had signs regarding the trail and the trails that branch off and intersect with it.



32 Completed 23 Reviews

This is a really neat place to go! It takes awhile to figure out how to get there (at least for me it did). There is kind of a maze of trails that all lead from from the Jon Cunningham Blvd trail head to the general direction of the mines so study the Mao carefully before you go.
Also, the mines are accessed from what looks like a little goat trail off the main one. They are fun to go poke around in but bring a bright flashlight, it gets pitch black the further you go in.



17 Completed 5 Reviews

Tough climb up to the tin mines, but the ride down is a lot of fun. There are some good switchbacks on the Blue Moon trail. Very bumpy. Pick up a trail map at Crazy Cat Cyclery.