Guadalupe Peak - Texas Highpoint

#1 of 21 trails in Guadalupe Mountains National Park

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Guadalupe Peak - Texas Highpoint is a 8.4 mile out and back trail located near Salt Flat, Texas that features a great forest setting. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking.

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Mark Mansfield (317)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Great trail... fairly strenuous but manageable if you pace yourself and take some breaks. Take lots of water. Have patience as some stretches are pretty constant elevation gain but other sections are not so difficult. The hike is very rewarding and the view at the top is spectacular. My favorite thing about this National Park is that it is isolated and not so crowded. There were a number of trail goers on this particular hike, but the Park is 60mi from either Carlsbad or Van Horn, TX... not a Park with hotels and shops around at all. I did not realize dogs were not allowed, but I wouldn't bring one even if they were... the trail is too rocky and would be horrible for your dogs paws.

Tyler McCormick (39)

4 Completed1 Reviews

Great Trail. Although steep at the beginning and somewhat gravelly, it has amazing views and the campground is set far enough back that one will not hear the sounds of people talking as they make the trip. The campground is small, but has amazing views. The hike from the campground is a short one, and it tends to be best to camp out and then make the hike so you can see the summit in the morning and still make it down in the morning when it is still cool.

Kacy D. (128)

Frank Jackson (1280)

48 Completed29 Reviews

Great views but exposed the whole trip bring sun precautions. Also dogs not allowed and closest kennel is Carlsbad Caverns, NM

Dustin Dees (377)

37 Completed17 Reviews

Great hike. Beautiful scenery and spectacular views. A must hike in Texas.

Gordon Wales (68)

2 Completed2 Reviews

An amazing hike with breath taking views, and a rewarding summit. I had know idea how challenging this hike was, but the more challenging it got, the more rewarding each mile became. Reaching the summit is an amazing feeling I hope to repeat with El Capitan this fall. The Park Rangers their are great and very knowledgeable.

Soraya null (1039)

35 Completed26 Reviews

Great hike. Did this hike in January of last year. The temperature was perfect. The trails were mostly clear, with several snow drifted areas, but nothing too bad. Trekking poles is a must, especially in winter months where snow and ice can be a serious challenge. Views from the top were pretty darn cool. Seeing the state of Texas from a new perspective was quite something. Though wish I could see the Fall foliage.

Jeff Martinec (244)

10 Completed7 Reviews

Took a trip back in April for my birthday and besides absolutely amazing weather for hiking this was my all time favorite hike! At points was strenuous but for the most part as long as you are in some sort of shape when you get there you will be good all the way through. From the peak looking east/southeast you can see the Davis Mountains which was an awesome sight to see. Very windy up top but a great place to relax after the hike up!

Jason McFadden (226)

17 Completed7 Reviews

This is a great hike. I've camped out near the top and have done it as a day hike. Plenty of great vistas. The peak has breathtaking 360 views, a book to sign and a spire. The beginning is hard with many switchbacks and little shade. The middle is nice with lots of shady trees. The top gets hard again like the bottom. It's very rocky and narrow most of the way. Very few rabbit trails to venture off unless you detour to the campsite area. I recommend camping out and watching the sunset at the peak. Lots of photos to take. A very cool wooden bridge crossing is between the campsite and the peak. Enjoy God's great outdoors!

Daryl Gonzales (297)

2 Completed3 Reviews

I did this hike with a buddy in January. The views were spectacular. We hiked through 24" snow drifts and freezing winds on the north face, then mild temps and sunshine on the south and west. It is a difficult hike. I slept very well that night.