Hill Country State Natural Area Trail #8

#2 of 7 trails in Hill Country State Natural Area

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Rough rolling hills changing from double to single tracks.

I really like this hike. It gives you a bit of variety with easy double track switching to rough overgrown single track and back again. Throw in a little hill climb and descent requiring careful footing and you have yourself an interesting hike. There is plenty of opportunity to see wildlife. At the top of the climb along the telephone poles I was warned off by a havilina. Until I saw what was making a growling noise at me and my son who was in a pack on my back I was pretty nervous. At the bottom of the hill you'll see an old watering trough. If you sneak up on it you may see several frogs who call it home. The final stretch will be along the road back to your vehicle. You should see several small structures left from the days when it was the Merrick Bar-O Ranch.

Follow signs to Park Headquarters and park right in front of HQ off the circle drive. Trailhead is on other side of street across from the mailbox.

Texas Parks and Wildlife 830-796-4413

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