Purgatory Creek Natural Area

San Marcos, TX

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The 463-acre Purgatory Creek Natural Area is within the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone, is home to Purgatory Creek, and includes upland meadows, canyon bluffs of 40 feet or more, dense juniper thickets, champion oaks, and a flood control dam.

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Jenny W. (640)

We started on Paraiso Trail and connected with Dante to circle back.

The pros: Beautiful hike. We enjoyed the wildlife, including 4 deer. You can make this into a fairy short or long hike.. up to you.

The cons: No facilities (water, bathroom). You can hear traffic noise for about the first mile in/back. Super rocky... the grade isn't challenging, it's just that there are so many rocks everywhere.. it gets tiresome watching your feet the whole way.

I've attached a map for reference. Print one out and bring it!

Christi Townsend (76)

1 Completed1 Reviews

A very nice hike. Not too strenuous. There are several different trails to enjoy, you can do as little or as much as you're in the mood for. Some trails are quite rocky so wear sturdy shoes. My only complaint would be the road noise from Wonderworld Drive.

Rip Meitler (59)

1 Completed1 Reviews

A true hike, not just a stroll through the woods. We enjoyed the park and so did our dogs (though our little poodle did get pooped). Google maps took us to the middle of the road (not real helpful). You can find a trail head near the intersection of Wonder World Dr. & Hunter Rd. or signs at the end of Craddock.

Dylan Mcshan (86)

12 Completed4 Reviews

I ride my bike here quite often and love it. Trails can be challenging at times due to constant rock gardens and some nice inclines. If your in the area check it out

Erin Alexander (78)

3 Completed1 Reviews

This area is very beautiful and challenging to hike. The terrain is rocky in most areas and would make one heck of a workout on a bike. There are no restrooms or port-a-potties, so go before you get there!! There are currently bluebonnets in bloom along the trail. My husband and I enjoyed this hike!

Gina Emerson (56)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Good parking off ranch road 12 Nice hiking but trails weren't well marked. Filtered sun through the trees which was nice but the rocky trail was a bummer.Only saw a few people which was nice.

Deloria Olsen (393)

17 Completed5 Reviews

Nice trails to walk or mountain bike. Would be nice to have restrooms.

Damon Brinson (477)

22 Completed3 Reviews

Easy, well marked, varied. A great walk for folks wishing to see a variety of trees, flowers, grasses, cactus, etc. And a great trail for running: varied terrain, mostly flat, plenty of twists and turns.

Patty Sue Gildart (211)

12 Completed6 Reviews

This is a great hike. Beautiful natural area - good if you're into botany, birdwatching, hiking, biking, running. This is what the hill country is all about. Limestone cliffs, dry creek beds (this day!), native habitat for birds and other wildlife. Not a difficult hike at all and the main trails are well marked, once you figure out the system (hint: B= Beatrice and D= Dante!). Its nice to see areas like this preserved and used for flood control. You can make the hike as long or as short as you want to and I would definitely print out a map and bring it with you. A compass would have helped too. Best to go in cool weather. The area is also closed part of the year because of the nesting Golden Cheeked Warbler.

Abby Kosmin (398)

8 Completed6 Reviews

An easy hike, and has some pretty views. I mostly enjoy finding the hidden treasures in this area, like the huge tile compass in the middle of the field, the forgotten and overgrown benches, the tree with the hidden door, and all the geocaching.