Purgatory Creek Natural Area

San Marcos, TX

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The 463-acre Purgatory Creek Natural Area is within the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone, is home to Purgatory Creek, and includes upland meadows, canyon bluffs of 40 feet or more, dense juniper thickets, champion oaks, and a flood control dam.

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Logan L. (114)

This is a nice getaway. The description says 4.7 miles, You can go double that.distance easily. This is my "go to" tail when I need woods time. There is a mix of smooth trail and rock gardens. The trails are marked very well.

Anne Cancino (126)

3 Completed1 Reviews

Enjoyed my adventure

Tyler M. (42)

Put the headphones in and just go!!

Jacob Abu Hanna (47)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Jav Ier (856)

6 Completed6 Reviews

Amazing ride, bring plenty of water and sun screen. There's good shade but the heat can creep up on you. Very rocky with good downhill motion so wear a helmet, get off your bike if you have to. Very fun areas and also advanced areas so research the map before venturing off. We parked @ the South entrance and exited out of the North entrance, had 4 liters of water and ran out just as we finished so I repeat, bring plenty of water especially if you plan on riding back the same way. We took Wonderland rd back to the south entrance via the shoulder lane, easy downhill return. I recommend Malacoda trail if you'd like to see a nice cave :)

Bryan Hauteman (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

A bit of a rocky trail. However their are some fun and challenging spots. You can ride for hours. Their is a dam that I like to take a brake on, and pick some dewberries ( only grow around April through June). Not all the trails are challenging, some are quite easy. Oh and the best part is that the trails are full of cute girls :)

Jacob Hernandez (83)

2 Completed1 Reviews

Bonnie Tippett (310)

7 Completed4 Reviews

Good for a short hike in Texas.

Audrey Salrod (952)

9 Completed10 Reviews

Great for hiking, less so for biking. Bike the easier lower half near wonder world dr. The upper part (Dante) has steep areas and loads of rock gardens, HUGE-- this is the advance level of the trail (Dante from Ovid trail west up north to right before you reach Paraiso have the worst rocks for biking). The advanced Dante part has the best scenery, a small rock cliff on Dante trail. Wear good shoes for all the rocks, plenty of shade. Parking can be tight, the lots fill up, especially at peak times. 2 areas to park-- up on Craddock St and down near wonder world dr. Edit: just tried Paraiso trl 1.3 miles and it looks doable for biking. Intermediate levels, some areas of big rocks, but not as bad as the middle half of Dante.

Jenny W. (660)

We started on Paraiso Trail and connected with Dante to circle back.

The pros: Beautiful hike. We enjoyed the wildlife, including 4 deer. You can make this into a fairy short or long hike.. up to you.

The cons: No facilities (water, bathroom). You can hear traffic noise for about the first mile in/back. Super rocky... the grade isn't challenging, it's just that there are so many rocks everywhere.. it gets tiresome watching your feet the whole way.

I've attached a map for reference. Print one out and bring it!