Sister Grove Park Trail

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A 5.4 mile loop trail through the woods of Sister Grove Park.

Sister Grove Trail is a 5.4 mile loop trail through the woods of Sister Grove Park. It runs in an forest-clearing-forest-clearing fashion with heavy winding through the terrain to increase its length.

The trail starts off innocently enough with a pretty meander near a small pond - and is quite well maintained toward its head - but as the end of the first mile approaches the undergrowth begins to start encroaching. For the majority of the trail the abundant poison ivy (I mean, it IS Texas) is too close for comfort. There are also a great many insects including quite a few territorial wasps that will aggressively buzz your face.

Tall hikers beware! Whoever maintains this trail is SHORT! You will be crouching most of the way!

There is wildlife on this trail. The VERY welcome meadow portions feature beautiful butterflies, dragon and damselflies, rodents, rabbits, and birds. The flora here is also quite beautiful - grasses and wildflowers depending on the season. The forests are DENSE, but there is animal life here too. BEAUTIFUL black/yellow garden spiders spin magnificent webs (albeit ACROSS the trail). If you're quiet and avoid crunching fallen plant debris you might glimpse a coyote or possum, both of which inhabit this area.

All in all, the lack of trail maintenance puts a big damper on what could be an awesome hike.



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This is a great trail. It has always been kept up, and the trails are very scenic. We walk and run this trail on average of 3 times per month. We have seen deer, large bird, and other wild life.



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Hello from your DORBA trail steward. Y'all quit crying about "ruts" and come ride this trail. lol. We've been busting our grass on trail work this year. Come get some! Connect on DORBA org . If you can, join our trail work efforts for repairs and maintenance.


Kavan Hege


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I rate this trail low because we we made the drive up from Dallas from the review and took a chance since there were no good pics. The trail mostly a rut that is 8 to 12 inch wide and 6 to 12 inch deep very hard to pedal without pedals hitting side. I ride a 29er and still hit. My daughter 9 years old it was un-rideable. She is no pro but can burn up Harry Moss and Horseshoe trails. The sister grove loop was ok and the lake loop was all rut. Lovely place what a shame oh well we try another trail next week



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This is a great starter trail for all mountain bikers. This one is perfect for a first time biker, I started on this trail as advice from a friend who has been biking for years. It's a little overgrown and there are areas where trees are laying on the path but it's good and teaches you to respond quickly. There is working being done on the back half of the trail so I'm curious to see what they will do to
It. Overall it's a little rough bc of the overgrowth but a good trail to learn on.


Randy Cochran


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Worst trail ever, but could be cool if maintained.