WATSP - Trans-Franklin Mountains South

#19 of 23 trails in Franklin Mountains State Park
WATSP - Trans-Franklin Mountains South is a 2.7 mile point-to-point trail located near El Paso, TX and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

2.7 miles 1341 feet Point to Point
dog friendly hiking
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Hike from N. Stanton St to the Wyler Aerial Tramway parking lot over the ridge. From the parking area, climb the trail to the water tank. Follow the trail east from the tank and up hill. The trail will turn right around the arroyo, then right again and downhill. The trail will continue on the road around a left curve. DO NOT take the trail going uphill to the poles. At a 4 way intersection at 0.8 miles look for a narrow trail on the left that proceeds straight up the spur to a rock house far up the spur. Follow that trail up to the rock house. At the rock house, go to the left around the rock house, then find the trail continuing up the spur. At 1.45 miles you come to a fork joining the Wyler Ridgeline Trail #1. Take the fork left (north) and continue climbing the ridge. At 1.90 miles you reach the B-36 Overlook. Look into the arroyo to the NW to see the wreckage. At 2.0 miles you reach the ridge. Follow the main trail down the east-side spur to the Wyler Aerial Tramway parking lot. Return via reverse route.

Jorge Carrillo
26 days ago

28 Completed17 Reviews

This is not an easy trail, and the section down the east side from the ridge to the Wyler Aerial Tramway parking lot is the most difficult. You have to move down slowly, but If you like hiking, you will have a good time. When you are at the top of the ridge, the beautiful view of the west and east of El Paso makes you forget the difficult hike. Sit for a moment on a bench to enjoy the view.

Soraya R
2 years ago

44 Completed30 Reviews

This hike is right behind where I live so it's pretty accessible for me. It's a nice part of the Franklins that's doesn't really receive too much attention; which I like. It's quite beautiful in the Fall after we've received rain. The trail can also be accessed from the Palisades entrance which makes the hike a bit longer but it's a beautiful hike. Watch out for bicyclists, especially when coming from SE trailhead. The ridge is also a great place for harvest moon or full moon viewing.