Adams Canyon Trail

Layton, UT

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Adams Canyon Trail is a 3.7 mile out and back trail located near Layton, Utah that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for camping, cross country skiing & hiking. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

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Dustin Bessire (90)

5 Completed1 Reviews

I just did this around 11A, and there were 3 others that I ran into within a period of three hours. This was nice, however; the ice for the latter part of the trail was pretty shady. Slipped a few times on the way up and down. Totally worth it to sit alone in the canyon, in the presence of the waterfall and eat some lunch. Little difficult for a beginning hiker, but totally worth it at your own pace. Can't wait to do this one in the summer!

Jen Shaleen (167)

8 Completed4 Reviews

We hiked this trail on a Sunday morning in January and only saw 1 other person. It is beautiful in the winter. Very peaceful.

Jason Herndon (192)

2 Completed2 Reviews

This was an amazing hike. It was a bit difficult on the way up - be careful of the rocks - so I'd suggest an early start and plenty of water. But you weave back/forth across the river before ending up at the waterfall. There are lots of great places to stop and rest if you need to. I saw a lot of people on the trail who didn't make it to the waterfall - some only a few minutes away from it. Such a shame as this is a gorgeous little fall and the water was so refreshing. I saw lots of families too, but I don't know if my kids on all the rocks. Some kids we're having an easier time than others. All in all - a great day hike.

Jason DeCarlo (47)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Alicia Grace (56)

1 Completed1 Reviews

It was overall a good hike. Harder with little ones, but workable if you have help.

Pfad Finder (100)

4 Completed2 Reviews

Decided to take this hike on my last afternoon in town, and was so glad I did. Not as strenuous as some of the others I did recently while in SLC, but the falls and the canyon scenery once clear of the shoreline trail were really very beautiful, especially considering the high amount of traffic on this trail.

There's a nice bouldering/ready free climb opportunity around the falls, and the view from up top is great. Thanks to the nice folks who left a sturdy fixed rope along the cleft that goes to the top of the falls!

Picked up a lot of small trail trash on this route (a full doggie poo bag, really?)...except for the dog bag, not a gripe (little kids need to hike, too!); just be ready to help keep it clean if you're not busy with tots of your own.

Marissa Clark (342)

15 Completed15 Reviews

I've hiked dozens of trails in the valley by myself and this is the first one I got genuinely lost on. There are a myriad of trails to choose from over the decades of usage. The waterfall was lovely, but it was the descent I went astray. Sure it's lovely but just left a bad taste in my mouth getting lost. And a Subaru was broken into in the parking lot. Only one car but FYI.

Lisa Robinson (42)

3 Completed1 Reviews

loved this hike!

Kimberly Carpenter Marshall (263)

13 Completed2 Reviews

Very Beautiful hike...Worth the work to get to the waterfall!!!!

Erin Mumaw (65)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Super great! I TOTALLY recommend it!
It's not a real tough hike, though it does have up hill parts. But if you get tired there are plenty of places that you can stop to take a break. I recommend going in the morning so it's cooler and less crowded and remember to bring lots of water and a camera to take pictures of the BEAUTIFUL waterfall at the end!