Bowman Fork Trail

#73 of 201 trails in Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest
Bowman Fork Trail is a 8.6 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Salt Lake City, UT and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and cross country skiing and is accessible from July until October.

8.6 miles 3244 feet Out & Back
hiking cross country skiing
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Directions from Salt Lake City: Access #1: Follow Mill Creek Canyon Road (3800 South Wasatch Blvd.) about 4.5 miles up the canyon at Terraces Picnic area. Follow the road up the hill and at the junction turn south (right). Trail begins above the turn around. Access #2: Via Alexander Basin Trail or via Desolation Trail coming from Mill D North Fork in Big Cottonwood Canyon or the Big Water Trail in upper Mill Creek Canyon.

John F
3 months ago

43 Completed15 Reviews

Fun and challenging trail even for seasoned hikers. Lots of snow up there but snowshoes aren't necessary, just spikes and poles (in my opinion).

brian Siefkes
8 months ago

4 Completed1 Reviews

Nice hike, great for dogs with the creek running along side for most of the early portions.

Rachel Mosier
8 months ago

4 Completed4 Reviews

I love this hike. So many great things like a creek, plenty of shade, some challenge, great sights, and variety. Dogs can be off leash on odd days and on leash on even.

Marcella D
9 months ago

29 Completed30 Reviews

Hiked Bowman Fork to Alexander Basin. Gorgeous hike!! Love that the first part is nicely shaded along the creek! Lots of bushwhacking once we started the trail to Alexander. But so worth it! Amazing views! This is a steep hike!

Shauna A.
9 months ago

Took Bowman Fork to Baker's pass and onto Gobblers Knob then through Alexander Basin and to the cross trail to loop back into Bowman's Fork. 11 miles total. The wildflowers were gorgeous leading to Baker's pass. Up to Baker's pass the trail is a moderate climb but well defined and beautiful Up to Gobblers Knob it is a steep climb ( a little rocky) and when you think you crested you will still have a little more. Well worth it! The view is spectacular, a favorite! The chipmunks at the top are a little crazy. It is a steep and rocky descend to Alexander Basin so watch your footing. Another beautiful display of wildflowers against dramatic rocks. Looking back to Gobbler's Knob you can appreciate the climb to reach the top. The trail was defined in Alexander Basin but the vegetation is high and if you are wearing shorts you will get swiped by plants. The bees are busy but there was no problem. Taking the cross route to Bowman's was tricky. Again the trail was no problem to find, it is marked but the overgrowth could use some bush wacking, a machete would have been helpful. It is a climb toward Bowman. For us it was made trickier because of thunderstorms. With all said, we would definitely do it again and again!

Zhou (Joe) Y.
10 months ago

A very nice trail with some steep inclines, leading to Baker Pass and peaks. Do not go through the trail to Alexander Basin. Tried twice already. There are overgrown vegetation and runoff sections in the summer. Hikeable but unrunnable.

Oni R.
10 months ago

It was s very nice trail. It's shaded so it's great in the summer hot days to keep the dogs cool. It has a little water stream running along the trail. Make sure you don't hike the day after a rainy day since there's a lot of Mosquitos and flies. It's a very peaceful hike. Loved it!

Kaden Mitchell
10 months ago

9 Completed1 Reviews

So far my favorite in Millcreek. The terrain was easy, even after a huge storm the night before. Very shaded majority of the hike. Not much debris in the trail and not much in the way of rocks one would need to scale. I absolutely loved this trail, I will continue to do again and again.

Mara Gg
11 months ago

11 Completed3 Reviews

Great trail for any season, I hike and snowshoe this one often. A good chunk of the hike is shaded so it's great for summer. But bugs are terrible in June/July for the middle miles by the creek so bring spray or long sleeves.

Matt McClendon
11 months ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

Great and fairly easy hiking trail. Nice and smooth surfaces to hike on.

Frank L.
11 months ago

Did this as an evening hike just up to White Fir Pass (approx. 3.5 mi RT). The forest floor is extra green this year due to the wet spring. Wildflowers are coming out. Saw columbines in clumps of 10 - 20 flowers.
It is an off-leash trail on odd-numbered days as when we hike it. So be prepared to encounter muddy, but happy, dogs along the way.

Kate N.
11 months ago

5 Completed5 Reviews

I love this trail! In late winter/early spring it is a beautiful and quiet trail. In summer this trail is incredibly popular and probably should be avoided on weekends if at all possible. Right now with all the rain it has been lush and gorgeous and should definitely be visited. We've hiked it 5 times this spring, and will be up again this week to love it one more time before summer madness sets in. Highly recommended!

Tequina Adams
11 months ago

59 Completed3 Reviews

Took us some scouting up a side road to find the trail but it was well worth it. This trail offers some very gorgeous views and this time of year appears fairly desolate of most hikers. If you are quiet enough you'll hear a plethora of birds including wood peckers. Millcreek canyon has been doing some up keep on their trails so you will find a few trees blocking the trail. fortunately they aren't large obstacles and are fairly easy to climb over. I would high suggest hiking past the view where this trail ends and at least hiking to the peak about another mile out where the Bowman fork and Alexander Basin trails meet. You will find at this elevation few people are on the trail, and you will be rewarded with some breath taking views.

Breck Tuttle
1 year ago

603 Completed465 Reviews

Hike all the way to Baker Pass and climbed Gobblers Knob at part of a loop. Returned Down Porter Fork

Breck Tuttle
2 years ago

603 Completed465 Reviews

Hiked park of this with my daughter and her dog. The trail is easy to follow and in the fall the colors are beautiful

John S
4 years ago

14 Completed4 Reviews

Good Trail, pretty steep, turn around when you want to. For awesome views go to the base of Gobblers Knob, there Baker Spring as well as Baker Mine. I do this trail every year at least once or twice. If you get a high advantage point with a spotting scope you can locate moutain billy goats looking west of Raymonds Peak,