Bowman Fork Trail

Salt Lake City, UT
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Bowman Fork Trail is a 4 mile out and back trail located near Salt Lake City, Utah and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for cross country skiing & hiking and is accessible year-round.

Directions from Salt Lake City: Access #1: Follow Mill Creek Canyon Road (3800 South Wasatch Blvd.) about 4.5 miles up the canyon at Terraces Picnic area. Follow the road up the hill and at the junction turn south (right). Trail begins above the turn around. Access #2: Via Alexander Basin Trail or via Desolation Trail coming from Mill D North Fork in Big Cottonwood Canyon or the Big Water Trail in upper Mill Creek Canyon.

Utah Travel Council, Council Hall, P.O. Box 147420 , Salt Lake City, UT, 84114, Phone: 801-538-1030,



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Hiked this with my daughter and her down. The trail is easy to follow and in the fall the colors are beautiful



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Good Trail, pretty steep, turn around when you want to. For awesome views go to the base of Gobblers Knob, there Baker Spring as well as Baker Mine. I do this trail every year at least once or twice. If you get a high advantage point with a spotting scope you can locate moutain billy goats looking west of Raymonds Peak,