Colorado River Scenic Byway: Moab to Interstate 70

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Colorado River Scenic Byway: Moab to Interstate 70 is a 44 mile trail located near Moab, Utah. The trail is primarily used for scenic driving and is accessible year-round. The primary route is hwy 128, east out of Moab.

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Bob Wharton (8797)

297 Completed297 Reviews

Jack Tatsch (31611)

348 Completed348 Reviews

Very scenic drive! Fisher Towers, The Dewey Bridge, and rafting put-ins, as well as campsites are on Hwy 128.

Lawrence Abernathy (372)

12 Completed4 Reviews

took it out of Moab after a rafting trip. Awesome views, very much worth the trip.

Doug Neidholdt (79552)

461 Completed464 Reviews

Very pleasant drive and scenic view of the Colorado River. Gorgeous country. Added plus, it doesn't cost you any drive time if you are headed east on I-70 out of Moab.

Eric Conner (3455)

130 Completed50 Reviews