Devils Garden Trail

#5 of 38 trails in Arches National Park

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Moderately easy hike, up to 6 easily reached arches, desert settings.

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Your Hike Guide (686)

31 Completed31 Reviews

Devils Garden is such an amazing place. We never get tired of coming here! The number of arches in such close proximity, make this one of the best hikes in Arches National Park.

The trail to the impressive Landscape Arch is suitable for all ages. The trail past Landscape Arch and the fallen Wall Arch can look a little intimidating from below, but the trail is not as difficult as it looks, and is worth the effort to see Partition Arch and Navajo Arch.

The trail continues along the top of a sandstone fin that takes you to Double O Arch. This spot offers great views in all directions. Past Double O Arch, the trail forks, continuing to the rock spire Dark Angel, and to begin the Primitive Loop of Devils Garden which loops back to Landscape Arch. Most hikers turn around the way they came, but we recommend taking the Devils Garden Primitive Loop at least once.

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Rick Powelson (2644)

110 Completed84 Reviews

Phirun Sam (1456)

35 Completed36 Reviews

If you're going to do the trail, do the whole loop...if you can. It's by far one of the best day hikes I've ever done, and the whole loop is just another 4 miles, it will get you away from the crowed of people and get you out to see some awesome arches that now many get to see.

Mai H. (142)

7 Completed7 Reviews

If you have only one day in Arches, this is the hike you MUST do. It is the one hike that gives you everything Arches has to offer! It's a bit longer, not too difficult but you will be climbing rocks, walking through sand, etc. We hiked through the whole thing, made stops at all arches and it was about 7 miles in total and took us about 4.5 hrs. I highly recommend it.

Corbin Stokes (12171)

226 Completed224 Reviews

Great hike to a few different arches.

Rat Waffles (9009)

69 Completed58 Reviews

Great hike - we took the kids out to Double O Arch before turning around. Lots of people walking on top of that arch, which surprised me was allowed. They were pretty beat after that, so we turned around without visiting Dark Angel.

Steve Oswald (14168)

168 Completed170 Reviews

One of the best hikes in the park. Pretty easy trail up to Landscape Arch (check reviews for that trail for more info). Does pick up a little after that in a few places. Most areas aren't difficult regarding physical demands, but rather psychological. Some areas your accending or decending pretty steep rocks, although never more than a short distance and never more than 8 or so feet high. It's well worth it to keep on truckin, as Double O is a great reward, and if you still have some gas in the tank can head out to Dark Angel. If you're looking for an ACTUAL hike in Arches, then you should do this one.

Bob Wharton (8797)

295 Completed297 Reviews

Frank Jacks (442)

69 Completed24 Reviews

Have hiked to most of these arches 2 to 10 times and I have enjoyed it every time.

Taylor Farr (621)

23 Completed23 Reviews