Devils Garden Trail

#5 of 36 trails in Arches National Park

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Moderately easy hike, up to 6 easily reached arches, desert settings.

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Bob Wharton (7945)

265 Completed265 Reviews

Frank Jacks (442)

69 Completed24 Reviews

Have hiked to most of these arches 2 to 10 times and I have enjoyed it every time.

Taylor Farr (569)

21 Completed20 Reviews

Sakura S (193)

16 Completed2 Reviews

This is a beautiful trail, and I'd recommend it to anyone. We hiked almost to Dark Angel when we decided the sky looked too ominous to continue. The trail is fairly easy in the beginning and well maintained. Once you pass Landscape Arch, it gradually gets more strenuous, but it looks way worse than it really is. There were some people who sat on the rocks because they were too afraid to continue upwards, so you have to walk around them. The most difficult part is the fin: a 5-7 ft wide path atop a wall of rock with steep drop-offs on either side, but this is more of a psychological obstacle than a physical one. Good shoes are a must; it can get slippery, even when dry. The day we went, the wind picked up with the threat of a storm, which was a little daunting on the fins if you're little, but worth it for the sense of accomplishment. In total, our trip was about 5 miles; we did not take the primitive loop back. Make sure to wear layers if you go in the winter like we did, as it was chilly in the shade and rather warm out in the open. It does get crowded, so the only wildlife we saw were jackrabbits and unmaintained beards.

Michael Miner (954)

26 Completed24 Reviews

We just hiked to Landscape Arch this time. An easy hike that anyone could do. Bring the kids.

Dyanne Ransom (383)

16 Completed14 Reviews

Beautiful and the kids loved it too (they're hiking pros - ages 3 thru 10) - trail is well maintained and crowded. We were there in June so of course it was busy - even at the early hours of the AM. parking was a pain. But all very worth it!! Great picture spots and the landscape is amazing.

Breck Tuttle (51003)

343 Completed343 Reviews

Always amazed to not only see landscape arch but see that it's still standing

April Cortez (266)

16 Completed3 Reviews

Very nice trail, can be a bit much at some points if you are afraid of heights. Beautiful 360 views in a couple of areas, several arches if you hike out to all side trails branching off main trail. I actually did the primitive trail, which is where the heights & ledges come in. It can be a little long & moderately strenuous at times. I did see one teenage girl crying on one part of the trail where it was a little steep up & down the rock walls. It wasn't too bad, but not for everyone I suppose. My fiancee is afraid of heights & steep ledges. He made it through and said it wasn't horrible. In fact, he wants to go back one day to do it again. It was still a little cold in the morning when we hiked this March, but I'm glad it wasn't mid-summer. Definitely take the side trails for Partition Arch and Navajo Arch. Well worth the short hikes to these two, especially the view from Partition Arch. This was my favorite trail in Arches.

Craig F (505)

43 Completed20 Reviews

Great Hike, Loved it. One of the best trails in Arches.

Scott Bishop (284)

6 Completed6 Reviews

This is one of my favourite hikes in Arches. When we hike this trail, we usually go out to Dark Angel and back. We have taken the primitive loop a couple of times, which makes this hike around 7 miles total. I would definitely suggest taking the primitive loop at least once, but take it from Double O Arch back to the trail near Landscape Arch rather than the other way around unless you enjoy climbing up the slick rock. The were several places on the primitive loop where I was very glad I had not gone the other way. Landscape and Double O are the two highlight arches on this trail, but there are many others. With the recent collapse of Wall Arch, the trail to Double O now requires a climb up a rather steep sandstone fin, but with good shoes it is not as difficult as it appears. After Double O Arch, a trail goes out to Dark Angel, a sandstone monolith that is quite impressive. It is also rarely crowded when we go in October, so it allows you to enjoy some solitude. If going out to Dark Angel, take plenty of water and some lunch for a nice meal when you arrive. It's a very beautiful, scenic hike.