Devils Garden Trail

#5 of 38 trails in Arches National Park

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Moderately easy hike, up to 6 easily reached arches, desert settings.

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Corbin Stokes (11737)

219 Completed217 Reviews

Great hike to a few different arches.

Rat Waffles (7801)

61 Completed52 Reviews

Great hike - we took the kids out to Double O Arch before turning around. Lots of people walking on top of that arch, which surprised me was allowed. They were pretty beat after that, so we turned around without visiting Dark Angel.

Steve Oswald (12237)

149 Completed151 Reviews

One of the best hikes in the park. Pretty easy trail up to Landscape Arch (check reviews for that trail for more info). Does pick up a little after that in a few places. Most areas aren't difficult regarding physical demands, but rather psychological. Some areas your accending or decending pretty steep rocks, although never more than a short distance and never more than 8 or so feet high. It's well worth it to keep on truckin, as Double O is a great reward, and if you still have some gas in the tank can head out to Dark Angel. If you're looking for an ACTUAL hike in Arches, then you should do this one.

Bob Wharton (8797)

295 Completed297 Reviews

Frank Jacks (442)

69 Completed24 Reviews

Have hiked to most of these arches 2 to 10 times and I have enjoyed it every time.

Taylor Farr (569)

21 Completed20 Reviews

Sakura S (206)

19 Completed2 Reviews

This is a beautiful trail, and I'd recommend it to anyone. We hiked almost to Dark Angel when we decided the sky looked too ominous to continue. The trail is fairly easy in the beginning and well maintained. Once you pass Landscape Arch, it gradually gets more strenuous, but it looks way worse than it really is. There were some people who sat on the rocks because they were too afraid to continue upwards, so you have to walk around them. The most difficult part is the fin: a 5-7 ft wide path atop a wall of rock with steep drop-offs on either side, but this is more of a psychological obstacle than a physical one. Good shoes are a must; it can get slippery, even when dry. The day we went, the wind picked up with the threat of a storm, which was a little daunting on the fins if you're little, but worth it for the sense of accomplishment. In total, our trip was about 5 miles; we did not take the primitive loop back. Make sure to wear layers if you go in the winter like we did, as it was chilly in the shade and rather warm out in the open. It does get crowded, so the only wildlife we saw were jackrabbits and unmaintained beards.

Michael Miner (954)

26 Completed24 Reviews

We just hiked to Landscape Arch this time. An easy hike that anyone could do. Bring the kids.

Dyanne Ransom (408)

16 Completed14 Reviews

Beautiful and the kids loved it too (they're hiking pros - ages 3 thru 10) - trail is well maintained and crowded. We were there in June so of course it was busy - even at the early hours of the AM. parking was a pain. But all very worth it!! Great picture spots and the landscape is amazing.

Breck Tuttle (52280)

345 Completed350 Reviews

Always amazed to not only see landscape arch but see that it's still standing