Hurricane Wash to Coyote Gulch

Kanab, UT
Hurricane Wash to Coyote Gulch is a 5.7 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Kanab, UT and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from April until October.

5.7 miles 331 feet Point to Point
hiking muddy
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Ronald Saunier
18 days ago

17 Completed12 Reviews

Great trip, just finished water shoes are a must. We hiked to Jacobs arch and set up base camp then hiked to the bridge and three water falls the next day and back. Weather was good views are great. Only three cars at the trail head on Sunday but had about ten when we returned on Wednesday. Great early spring trip.

Rob Cardon
3 months ago

9 Completed6 Reviews

Awesome! Lots of walking but our ten age kids absolutely loved it! This trip will go down as one of our best adventures!

Paul Sadleir
7 months ago

15 Completed7 Reviews

Coyote Gulch may be my favorite place in Utah. Just do it. If you only have one car or are looking to do a shorter distance, do the sneaker route. You can park at the water tanks, get to Jacob Hamblin pretty quick and camp there. Play down in the gulch with day packs as long as you want and then you can come out the same way back to your car at the water tanks.

You can find more info (most informative site I've found) here:

Thal Wright
8 months ago

43 Completed38 Reviews

Arches, a natural bridge, a hidden lagoon, petroglyphs, kivas, water falls: an amazing place. One of our favorites!

Team Teather
1 year ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

It was so breathtaking inside the gulch but be prepared to walk about 7 miles in the sand. Next time we will bring a 60 ft rope to lower our packs and go in through the crack in the wall. Well worth the blisters though:)

Stanley Peng
1 year ago

18 Completed8 Reviews

Did this twice from Red Well Trailhead after 40 miles of off road driving on "Hole In The Rock", first time in Feb. 2013 to avoid the possible "crowd" - base camped at Hurricane and Red Well confluence under single digit Fahrenheit temperature which the fire wouldn't even start and the riverside sand hard and cold as ice. Putting on every piece of clothing from the backpack while sleeping wasn't enough. A roasting over fire for 2 hours was needed in order to even get blood running through fingers to grab trekking poles. Stepping through iced creek and skipping over ice water interrupted trip to Steven's Arch until next visit. Meandering through towering canyons were incredibly indescribable. We decided to return again in May of 2014. Milder weather with green landscapes; however water level was much lower but wading through soothing water made the trip easier. Camping nights right under Jacob Hamblin Arch and howled after scaling up the top of the base arch rock was one of the unforgettable acts of life. A backpack free trek to Steven's Arch was the mission of this returning trip. But it's the journey instead of the destination that refined everything: waist deep water, life endangering cliff side scrambles, mind boggling views of canyon formation from millions of years of transformation. Finally the view of Stevens Natural Arch was in distance, high up on the upstream of Escante River. The rapid and depth of the water got us close enough to awe but the footprints of large feline turned most of the people around. This is an ultimate camping trip not to be missed, combined with hundreds of water crossing and the coolness of the gulch that took away our souls as long as we stay in there.

Kylir Horton
2 years ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

Excellent hike! We went from the Red Well trailhead, but it is pretty close to Hurricane Wash. We spent 3 nights in the gulch and passed 4 arches, indian ruins, petroglyphs, half a dozen waterfalls, and some amazingly beautiful cliff walls. I highly recommend this hike!

Ryan Gahris
2 years ago

11 Completed1 Reviews

Went at the end of spring. Very little bugs and vegetation getting in your way. Prepare yourself for plenty of stream crossings as you wind your way through the canyon gulch. Check out a video on the trail I put together a while back, cheers! PS. Whatever you do, Do not take Smokey Mountain Road into the area.

Doug Oler
2 years ago

17 Completed15 Reviews

The gulch itself was incredible and remains one of my favorite hikes. The waterfall just before reaching the confluence with the Escalante river was a perfect place to cool off and have lunch. However, getting to the gulch via Hurricane wash was a long, hot, slow walk. I would definitely not come in this way again. Better to go straight for Crack in the wall which brings you in right about at the Jacob Hamblin arch.

Tracy Hieb
4 years ago

1 Completed2 Reviews

Bring lots of water and something else to purify more! This one was hot!! Stay up on the river beds don't walk through the sand its way more challenging. I felt relieved once I realized how much easier it was even though the terrain isn't as flat.