Lake Solitude Trail

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Lake Solitude Trail is a 3.7 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Salt Lake City, UT that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from May until October.

3.7 miles 711 feet Out & Back
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Directions from Salt Lake City: Follow Big Cottonwood Canyon Road (7000 South Wasatch Blvd.) to Brighton about 14.2 miles up the canyon to the Silver Lake Visitor's Center. Park at the Silver Lake Information Center or across the street at the Brighton Store.

Tiffany L
2 months ago

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Breck Tuttle
7 months ago

603 Completed465 Reviews

Hiked from Solitude Ski Resort. Trail starts to the right of base of the Apex lift at the top of the Link lift. Follow the paved road until you see a trail. The trail climbs gradually through ski runs and trees. The trail is unmarked and descends in a few places so you think that you are on the wrong trail in a couple of places. Half way if you end up on a road on the west side of the canyon you are not on the trail. The road will take you to the Lake Solitude.However 2015 is a construction year and the road is closed. The trail is on the east side of the canyon and you will meet a trail coming from Brighton. Head south at the junction go up the canyon to the lake.

Sarah Mackey
7 months ago

23 Completed21 Reviews

I wandered over here from Silver Lake Loop and there were a lot of people but it was a holiday weekend. However, the views were great and the fall colors were gorgeous!

Tiffany Draper
7 months ago

47 Completed23 Reviews

This lake lives up to its name. I've done it three times now and have never seen another human at the lake. Saw 5 deer this time and decided not to disturb them so didn't stay long. Nice, easy, short hike. Extremely beautiful in the autumn. There was still construction going on in the Solitude area but not near the lake. Trail is still closed beyond the lake so the loop to Twin Lakes isn't possible. Still very worth the short trip.

Lynda Lyman
8 months ago

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Beautiful trail! The mountains and wild flowers were gorgeous. The hardest part is the steep hill right before you get to the lake, but the steep part is short. Solitude is not an accurate description because it was super crowded...I would recommend going during the middle of the week and not a weekend or holiday if you want to avoid lots of people!

Shauna A.
8 months ago

The trail map is inaccurate. The trail head is in Solitude Mountain resort and the easier 1.5 mile out and back hike begins from the top of a chairlift ( costs money to ride). The short hike is very easy for experienced hikers. For others it is not bad but note there is a bit of a climb just before the lake that left some less experienced or those not accustomed to the altitude a little winded. However the lake is beautiful and peaceful! The trail is well marked from the lift ( 1.5 miles out and back seem accurate).
IF you are hiking from the base of Solitude Mountain resort the trail is steep and not well marked ( it took us a couple of turns to realized the blue metal sticks are trail markers for hiking and disc golf; still confusing). We took a few wrong foot trail turns confusing the disc golf trail course with the Solitude Lake trails. It was an adventure and beautiful. There was a disc golf tournament going on during our hike which we were trying to avoid getting in the way. Given our errors during the ascent and descent, the out and back is roughly 7 miles (?). Despite the challenges no regrets beginning the hike from the base though Solitude could do a better job of marking tails.
There appears to be some confusion: Silver Lake is near Brighton Resort with a boardwalk. The Silver Lake train crosses the Solitude Lake Trail if you are hiking from the base. If you take the chair lift, you have to descend from the lift exit and descend to the Silver Lake trail.

Christiane MW
9 months ago

5 Completed2 Reviews

Great hike. Very easy and pleasant. Perfect for beginners and kids. The lake is beautiful and very calming.

L T.
9 months ago

It was a great hike for someone who isn't a regular hiker. It is a much cooler option when it's hot down in the valley. The lake is beautiful and serene.

Heather Bailey
9 months ago

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This is a great hike for beginners. I took my sister and nephew, who do not hike often, on this trail and they loved it. We went on a Sunday morning and only crossed paths with a few people. Ski slope construction is going on just past the lake right now so hiking past the lake is not allowed. The construction equipment was loud and did not allow for a relaxing morning at the lake as we had hoped.

Elizabeth Casillas
9 months ago

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Beautiful scenery! Tons of wild flowers and smelled just like pine trees. There's areas to have picnics, and benches to see the lake. The actual lake was low but like any other area due to the drought! The trail is very easy to follow and well marked!

Barbara Muñoz
10 months ago

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Lovely, relativity easy trail. Mostly shaded the entire way. Very steep right before the lake. It's actually 3 miles RT, just FYI.

Dan Davis
10 months ago

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Great hike easy fun and would do it again.

James L.
10 months ago

Very nice short hike and a great way to escape the 100 degree day in SLC, at this elevation it was under 80 and threatened rain, was really a nice hike if short, but good for casual hikers looking to be a little challenged. I only hiked to Lake Solitude, normally there's a loop to hike but....

Ditto on the construction closure to Twin Lakes reservoir or pass, and I went on Saturday. The flat part of the trail around Silver Lake is very congested and on boardwalk, once you get around the lake a nice mile long virtually all uphill hike to Lake Solitude. The last 150 feet is pretty steep and would not be fun in the rain :) Then you pop up on the lake and it's really pretty. If there was active construction going on I could see how this would not be so enjoyable. BTW there is tree cover most of the way past the first lake. Once you are done plan to drive back over the pass heading east to Park City if it's open, then you can head back to SLC or Provo.

Steve Jorgensen
10 months ago

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Nice easy hike through aspen and pines. However, they are doing some heavy construction on the ski lifts near the lake so it was not peaceful at all. Loud construction for about half the hike. Construction also closed off the trail that continues past the lake so I couldn't do the loop to twin lakes like I was planning.

Casey Fullmer
10 months ago

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To crowded. Nice hike easy with only one steep spot the last 50 yards to the top. Good hike for kids but not a place to get away

Meghan Cline
11 months ago

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Cynthia R
11 months ago

8 Completed9 Reviews

Great hike today. There are patches of snow but it was gorgeous!

Shelby R
11 months ago

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Susannah Beesley Slade
1 year ago

32 Completed13 Reviews

My three boys (2 four year olds and a 9 month old in a pack) and I went on this hike the end of September 2014. The leaves were gorgeous. The trail is well shaded and we did hit a tiny amount of snow. As another reviewer said it is steep at the end, but only for a little bit. We took a lunch and ate by the lake. A good hike for any levels.

Jimmy the Hiker
1 year ago

2 Completed1 Reviews

Pretty fall day and quiet and peaceful. Beautiful country.