Lake Solitude Trail

#29 of 304 trails in Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest

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Lake Solitude Trail is a 1.5 mile out and back trail located near Salt Lake City, Utah and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for camping, hiking & mountain biking and is accessible year-round.

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Susannah Beesley Slade (487)

20 Completed6 Reviews

My three boys (2 four year olds and a 9 month old in a pack) and I went on this hike the end of September 2014. The leaves were gorgeous. The trail is well shaded and we did hit a tiny amount of snow. As another reviewer said it is steep at the end, but only for a little bit. We took a lunch and ate by the lake. A good hike for any levels.

Jimmy the Hiker (77)

2 Completed1 Reviews

Pretty fall day and quiet and peaceful. Beautiful country.

Barbara Muñoz (212)

12 Completed5 Reviews

Easy hike, well shaded, and good for all skill levels. Like many lake hikes on the Wasatch, a bit steep right at the end, but there are plenty of rocks and tree roots to help you keep your footing. We went on Labor Day Weekend and got very lucky that the trail was not busy on our way up, but we passed several large groups on the way down. If you want to have this trail to yourself, best to go on a weekday or early in the morning.

Corbin Stokes (11346)

211 Completed208 Reviews

Fun hike up to a nice lake at Solitude ski resort

Duke Charlesworth (168)

7 Completed7 Reviews

A very enjoyable hike. Right before the end there is a super steep hill. do not turn around there once up the hill you are at the lake! Saw lots of paintbrush around the trail in many shades of orange and pink!

katie smith (75)

3 Completed1 Reviews

If you can do this hike soon the wildflowers are absolutely AMAZING!!!! Great hike to take everyone in the family on. Only one section right as you are approaching the lake that is moderately steep terrain, the remainder of the trail is well marked and easy enough to enjoy the scenery. We did encounter a couple of moose as we first entered the trail (a cow and calf - we heard the bull was around, but never saw him). Overall a great hike, will do this one again!

Claire Thomas (47)

1 Completed1 Reviews

The trail was great, but the people were in masses because of the holiday. It was a good distance for 3 and 5 year olds and I'm also 20 weeks pregnant. We loved all the wild flowers and the aspen trees along the way. The lake itself wasn't really a gorgeous destination but it did allow for a stopping point for lunch.

Debbie Larsen (436)

23 Completed7 Reviews

This is one of my favorite easy hikes. You start by walking around Silver Lake, then heading south-west at the beginning of the Lake Solitude trail. The trail is mostly quiet with not too many people, but enough that I feel comfortable hiking by myself. The trail is pretty with lots of trees and wildflowers and I often see animals, including deer and moose. It's quite and serene. The last little but before getting to the lake is steep and that's when you know you're there. Super quick hike and peaceful.

Daniel Newbold (128)

12 Completed4 Reviews

Pretty hike to the lake. Not too difficult. Moose and deer tracks all over. It poured rain on us.

Heather Lafontaine (551)

9 Completed8 Reviews

Awesome little hike. Took 2 little girls who did great pretty easy hike. Beautiful scenery. The mountains trees and untouched snow. We were the only ones out there from about 9-10:30. Went around the lake a few times :) for sure Gina have to go when there's no snow !