Mount Olympus Trail

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Mount Olympus Trail is a 7 mile out and back trail located near Salt Lake City, Utah that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced outdoorsmen. The trail is primarily used for hiking & rock climbing and is accessible from June until October.

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Alan Benson (241)

6 Completed0 Reviews

Like going up a really long set of stairs. Pretty steep and hard on the knees. Beautiful view from the top however on a slightly overcast day.

R-C. G. (55)

I have climbed Mount Olympus, but not from this "trail"; can somebody show me on a map where this "trailhead" is located?

Travis Cummings (315)

4 Completed2 Reviews

The first part of the trail views as good as they get of the valley. The second part is like getting punched in the face again and again. The views don't get any better. Not much fun. Another trip, I'd just go to the spring and back.

Ginger Price (195)

11 Completed9 Reviews

Great workout. Your calves will burn.

Julie Wu (462)

21 Completed21 Reviews

Tough hike. Very nice rock climbing at the end

David Kamp (99)

3 Completed3 Reviews

Stella Arellano (101)

9 Completed2 Reviews

The toughest hike I have done so far. Intense but it's all worth it!

Graham Grey (75)

4 Completed2 Reviews

Challenging and worth it!

Marissa Clark (342)

15 Completed15 Reviews

I like the philosophy to start each season with this hike, then you know you can do any other hike in the state. The west side of Grandeur Peak Was really good prep I regards to lengths and elevation. I found that West Grandeur was harder for me, but the following week we did Olympus it was over cast weather early summer. I will say I was terrified at the final rock scramble - terrified at how I was going to get down - turns out the scramble down was much easier than the scramble up. So if you get to the saddle, rest and just conquer the rest!!!!! And bring water.

Kevin Rogers (436)

21 Completed21 Reviews

This hike is like cheese, when you eat it has a lot to do with how good it will be. It has the potential to be great, good trail, good views, good exposure, etc. It also can be a butt-kicker if you don't plan accordingly. The hike can get incredibly hot. It faces west, which means it catches 100% of the afternoon sun. The rocks are dark orange and radiate heat like a brick oven (temps of 115 degrees have been recorded on this trail) Water is a must, and time of day is critical. Rattlers are present, however, snakes are more rare as long as you are not the first one up that day. It's somewhere between very and incredibly popular so plan on a few of your closest friends. My opinion, best done in the spring (March, April) or late fall. (October November) weather permitting of course.