Mount Olympus Trail

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Mount Olympus Trail is a 7 mile out and back trail located near Salt Lake City, Utah that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced outdoorsmen. The trail is primarily used for hiking & rock climbing and is accessible from June until October.

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Reese Mowbray (133)

4 Completed2 Reviews


Elena Sharma (154)

19 Completed8 Reviews

Not denying, its a very beaituful hike! As well as one of the most difficult i've done so far. Definitely challenging on a sunny hot day. Take more water. We run out of it when we reached the top and it was a bit difficult to hike down.

Danielle Ruvolo (37)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Trisha J. (133)

This was an all time favorite hike for me. I hiked it with my teenage son and loved every minute. Definitely difficult so it felt like an accomplishment! Views are stunning. Our only setback was that we didn't bring enough water. Lesson learned

Saxtyn Campbell (174)

3 Completed4 Reviews

Absolutely gorgeous. Pretty steep and the trail can be hard to follow, but absolutely worth it. The actual summit needs some scrambling to get to and it can be difficult to figure out how to get up there. Highly recommend. Bring lots of water as there's only one small sickly looking spring on this face of the mountain. And be safe with the scrambling exposure up at the summit!

Ryan Callisto (58)

3 Completed3 Reviews

It's was my 5th time summiting mount Olympus. It had been 12 years since last I attempted.
It's tough. Long and steep. Definitely for those who want to see what they are made of.

Mark Kogelmann (51)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Gets tough after the 2nd mile, just after the spring. Yes you have to be in shape but people are blowing it out of proportion. Don't be discouraged by the other review, just take your time and have fun. Start early to beat the heat and bring TONS of water. Quads take a beating on the way down but is only real bad until you hit the spring again. Enjoy the beautiful view of the wasatch and city !

Nate L (61)

3 Completed3 Reviews

Its tough- but definitely worth it. I've done this trail 5 times and still get confused at certain points as to which way I should go. This last time down I had to pull out my Strava app just to make sure I was still on the right trail. The trail isn't marked very well so if you feel lost, double check because you might be. There are certain points you'll come to "Lake Bonneville Shorline Trail" trail markers. If you didn't come in that way, don't start going that way. Take plenty of water and if you plan on hustling up and running back down, be prepared for a butt kicking.

Jon Geertsen (453)

18 Completed8 Reviews

Natalie C. (79)

Very steep! This trail is beautiful but will kick your ass on the uphill and the down! Be prepared! Lots of water, snacks, sunscreen etc! Great views!