Mount Olympus Trail

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Mount Olympus Trail is a 3.2 mile out and back trail located near Salt Lake City, UT that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking, trail running, and rock climbing and is accessible from June until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

3.2 miles 3868 feet Out & Back
dog friendly hiking rock climbing trail running forest over grown rocky scramble views wild flowers wildlife
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Nini L.

Challenging. But worth it, absolutely beautiful with a far view of the city if it's a clear day. It's a high incline and the snow pack makes it slippery. Just be prepared to "climb" over rocks and get a little muddy depending what time of the year you hike.

Brandon Child

15 Completed15 Reviews

This was one of my first deep snow hikes and wow! It was amazing. The accent was pretty brutal, due to the steepness. I only brought my micro-spikes and poles-which helped tremendously. There were a few parts on the final accent that were near vertical and icy on some parts. The views were amazing from the summit; however, My descent may have been the best part of this mountain. I ended up sliding down on my butt down the Shute I climbed up for at least 1/2 of the way down. It was an awesome experience.

JD Mitchell

4 Completed4 Reviews

This is a write up on a hike completed back on the first day of Spring. I did not have an account then and seeing as how this is Olympus I wanted to write it up.

Short story I was in town for work and asked for a challenging hike with snow and I was told to hike Mt. Olympus and it more than lived up to the hype.

I am not going to go into details as there is a ton of information on the interweb covering this hike but I would like to share the following:

I was in town for work and finished early so I had a chance to complete this. I had just come from what Utahans would consider seas level (approx. 650 ft) so the altitude was being felt on the hike. Slowly I made my way up until I was nearly spent. I was having a rough go as at that time I did not realize what gaiters or micro spikes were. Just then a guy was coming down form the top and I asked how much further, he stated not far. We chatted as often happens on the trail and when he heard my story he volunteered to hike back up with me as he stated the snow at the top could be confusing and he wanted to see me make it to the top. The new found company lifted my spirits and we scrambled up to the summit. Since then I have been thankful for his willingness to help and have tried to pass on a helping hand whenever I can (even if it means giving up a favorite pair of socks to someone on need on the trail).

This is just one small instance of the joys and camaraderie often experienced in great outdoors.

A.P. C.

18 Completed19 Reviews

Hiked this trail on December 23 before all the snowfall on Christmas. Trail was icy in many spots. Microspikes and trekking poles are very helpful as a fall on the ice can be treacherous. Great views of the Salt Lake valley from the trail. Hiked to the stream which is a good destination point if not hiking to the peak. Saw a few other hikers with dogs which is nice, especially if they are respectful of others and clean up after their pets.

Tyler Mccourt

7 Completed2 Reviews

Shauna A.

I am getting this review in a little late. Hiked this trail on November 1st. We only hiked to the saddle due to time constraints and we did not want to fast track through the rock scramble to the summit. The hike is difficult. The beginning of the trail is steep and then it transitions into steep and rocky (but not a scramble) as you approach the saddle. The trail is well defined the whole way to the saddle. The views of the valley along the way are spectacular. The overlook at the saddle is breathtaking. We were lucky enough to see mountain goats on the way up and they were still there people watching as we made our descent. We encountered many happy canine hikers and a few trail runners (Kudos). Overall, a great experience and highly recommended if you like a challenge. Give yourself time to enjoy the views or complete the scramble to the summit.

Sanaul H.

This is a steep hike but not all the way it was snowy and icy at the top end have some gloves .

Zhou (Joe) Y.

This is a hard one. Be prepared to use bare hands and scramble in the last 0.4 mile. It takes a long time to finish the last 0.4. But be patient and make sure you get on the right trail. Otherwise, you will be very regretful.

Fortunately, there are cairns near the trail to guide you through the most difficult part. You may be amply rewarded at the top.

Avoid the last section if it is raining or wet. Avoid cold or windy days.

Hard to finish the trial in 5 hours unless you are familiar with the trail and you are running part of it.

Jeremy Gow

2 Completed1 Reviews

Great view from the top. There is rock climbing from the landing to the actual summit. It's not as bad as it looks but still sketchy while climbing up to the summit. Very difficult trail but a great workout. Went through 3 liters of water by the time I was 1/4 the way down so bring plenty.

Benjamin Forbes

1 Completed1 Reviews

It really means hard. I was sweating like crazy and honestly didn't enjoy myself that much on this hike. There isn't all that great a view on the way up or down. The top is nice though. Not worth it for me. Won't be going again soon.