Mt. Ogden Exercise Trail

#3 of 4 trails in Mount Ogden Park

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Beautiful Trail

Ogden Utah Is a scenic wonderland with many great hiking trails. The Mt Ogden exercise trail is a fantastic place for a short hike or a daily workout. At 2.7 miles with less than 400 foot gain, I walked it in less than one hour. It is a great place for kids and seniors. This trail offers nice views of the valley below including a beautiful golf course and park. You will also find creeks bridges and abundant wild life. I am looking forward to hiking this trail often.

There are three different access points to this trail system. The 36th Street trail head on 36th Street near Skyline drive. The 29th Street trail head at the east end of 29th Street and on Taylor Ave. at the south end of the park.

2549 Washington Boulevard, Ogden, Utah 84401 (801) 629-8253



10 Completed 9 Reviews

Ran into this trail when we were hiking the Waterfall Canyon and we checked it out and it was a lot of fun. Lots of hikers and joggers and a great place for a quick workout after a big breakfast at Karens on 25th!



49 Completed 49 Reviews

I got married on this trail and still walk it with my wife and baby several times a week. It's a lovely stroll around the East end of the Mt. Ogden golf course. It does not allow bikes, so if you are on your bike take the next trail up the Mt (I'm not sure what it's called, it goes just above the new 5 million gallon water tank) or on up to the BST. Lots of runners, hikers, and dogs, though.



1 Completed 1 Reviews

A fun, easy stroll with some nice views over-looking Weber County. There are other trails in the area though & it can be easy to get off track because of that.



22 Completed 10 Reviews

Not much too it just a nice trail to get some exercise on