Mueller Park Trail - Elephant Rock

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Mueller Park Trail is a 13.00 mile out and back trail located near Bountiful, Utah and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for cross country skiing, hiking & mountain biking and is accessible year-round. It is 3.6 miles to Elephant Rock.

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Stacy Jensen (138)

3 Completed3 Reviews

this was a nice hike. we enjoyed the views. there are lots of bikers, so be prepared to move out of the way often. the hike was longer then we expected but one we would do again.

Jason Dionne (61)

3 Completed2 Reviews

Great for an after work jaunt. The colors are INCREDIBLE if you go on a sunny fall day.

Thal Wright (403)

19 Completed14 Reviews

Snow shoed to elephant rock. It was an OK trip.

Chris P. (283)

A nice distance for a morning or afternoon hike. Decent tree cover for shade. A lot of the view is obscured by the trees however. Best view, of the canyon, is at the end from the lookout or on top of the rock. With all the cover it can be somewhat boring if repeated too often.

Andrew Lynne (148)

7 Completed2 Reviews

Came down the Mueller park trail after after climbing up the north canyon trail on a late fall Sunday afternoon. We only passed 3 people on way down above big rock (elephant rock) but encountered more hikers the farther we got towards the bottom.
The fall foliage was very nice as were the views. The trail itself was excellent, single track in mostly shade, good condition, pretty smooth. We were glad it was a chilly day as it probably would have been very busy with hikers on a nicer day or earlier in the season. Definitely will be returning to this trail in the future.
If you are doing the loop with North canyon as we did I would recommend climbing from north canyon, as it is pretty steep and though challenging, it is probably better to climb it than descend it.

Robert Logan (594)

4 Completed4 Reviews

2:45 average ride time for 14.2 miles
Very easy trail to start out with not very technical at all, wide switchbacks, few roots and rocks nothing you cant roll over, some fair use on this trail as well plenty of hikers and other bikers. trail gets narrow in sections to you may end up in the trees. but very well maintained trail im impressed, great views with picnic area at the top. Very close to town so it does make for quick ride

Abby K (127)

14 Completed1 Reviews

A little longer than I had anticipated! I thought it was 3.66 miles out and back... I read wrong and found out that was doubled haha. The trail is super maintained and easy to follow. There were soooo many bees yesterday and I ran a little of the trail due to that haha. Plenty of shade along the trail and also you get those great valley views as well. I really liked this trail because it had a little bit of everything to it and it was very easy to keep a good pace and feel productive. Once you get to elephant rock it is pretty steep, less maintained short walk down to it, but all totally worth it because my boyfriend proposed to me once we reached the rock :) Plan on trying to mountain bike it soon....I'm still new at that so it might be a little more challenging haha

Sean Brian (250)

8 Completed9 Reviews

Terry Gorseth (104)

3 Completed1 Reviews

Nice Sunday afternoon hike. It wasn't too bad for someone who isn't in the best of shape. We encountered several deer, chipmunks, and snakes. Awesome view at the Elephant Rock and worth the effort and time going up.

Kathryn Kennedy (241)

9 Completed9 Reviews

I've hiked to Elephant Rock a few times before. A nice, well-groomed trail with a gorgeous view at the top. It's never been too crowded when I've gone, but there are usually tons of mountain bikers and even a few dirt bikers on the trail. Most of them have been very considerate of hikers. The view from Elephant rock is gorgeous, and there's a bench there that makes for a nice place to rest and have a snack before heading down. In the fall and spring, even when it's warm at the trail head, there can be snow and ice at the top, so plan ahead for that. The only downside is that there isn't a creek or stream for dogs to play in, which may not matter to most people.