Queens Garden Trail

#2 of 19 trails in Bryce Canyon National Park

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Queens Garden Trail is a 6.6 mile loop trail located in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.

There is a 2.2 mile option that starts-ends at Sunrise-Sunset points, with a 0.5 mile rim trail connector. Winter hiking may require snow shoe or shoe chains.

Queens Garden is the easiest trail that descends below Bryce Canyon's Rim. The trailhead is at Sunrise Point and you can hike down and back out OR connect with Navajo Loop Trail for a longer hike. Formations seen include Queens Castle and Queen Victoria. Trail extends 1.7 miles one way. Total elevation ascent/descent is only 320 feet. Most people take 1-2 hours to hike 1-way. Distance between Sunrise and Sunset points on paved rim is .5 mile.

The Navajo Loop Trail also drops down into the amphitheater. It passes through "Wall Street," a narrow switchbacked slot between sheer cliffs, with towering Douglas fir trees growing along the trail. It provides outstanding views of much-photographed Thor's Hammer - a tall, narrow pinnacle with a narrower neck, supporting a large hammerhead-like rock. Looking west from the trail are grand views into the "Silent City" where rock structures resemble towers and buildings and temples. To the east, see the "Temple of Osiris." The Navajo Loop Trail extends 1.3 miles, starting and ending at Sunset Point, with an ascent/descent of 550 feet. Most people take 1-2 hours.

Combining the Navajo Loop with the Queens Garden Trail, hike for 2.9 miles, looping from Sunrise to Sunset points. Combined trail ascent/descent of 580 ft. Recommend starting at Sunset Point (Navaho Trail) b/c slope up to Sunrise more gradual/easier. Most take 2-3 hrs. The combination has been called the Worlds Best 3-Mile Hike.

Queen's Garden Trailhead is at Sunrise Point. Hike down and back out OR connect with Navajo Loop Trail for longer hike.

To Bryce Canyon NP:
From the North: Take I-15 south to UT-20 (exit 95). Travel east on UT-20 to US-89. Follow US-89 south to UT-12. Travel east on UT-12 to UT-63. Take UT-63 south to Bryce Canyon National Park. The visitor center sits 1 mile inside the park boundary.

From the South through Zion National Park: Take I-15 north to UT-9 (exit 16). Follow UT-9 east through Zion National Park to US-89. Travel north on US-89 to UT-12. Go east on UT-12 to UT-63. Take UT-63 south to Bryce Canyon National Park.

Take I-15 north to exit 59. Go east on 200 North, then south on Main Street to Center Street/UT-14. Travel east on UT-14 to US-89. Go north on US-89 to UT-12. Follow UT-12 east to UT-63. Take UT-63 south to Bryce Canyon National Park. This is a very scenic route during the summer months and early fall.

From the South through Bear (Dog) Valley: Take I-15 north to UT-20 (exit 95). Go east on UT-20 to US-89. Follow US-89 south to UT-12. Travel east on UT-12 to UT-63. Take UT-63 south to Bryce Canyon National Park.

From late May through early October, the free Bryce Canyon Shuttle takes visitors to the park's most popular viewpoints, trails and facilities. Using the shuttle is voluntary, but encouraged.

The park is open year-round. Roads are plowed and sanded after heavy snowstorms. Some roads may be temporarily closed during and immediately following winter storms, but the park is never closed.

Plenty of parking and bathroom facilities at both Sunrise and Sunset points.

Bryce Canyon National Park Telephone Number - 435-834-5322

If requesting information be sent to you, please provide your complete Mailing address and the type of information you need. Trip planners and other brochures are downloadable from the NP website : http://www.nps.gov/brca/index.htm

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Bryce Canyon National Park
PO Box 640201
Bryce Canyon UT 84764-0201



36 Completed 34 Reviews



30 Completed 30 Reviews



69 Completed 24 Reviews

A nice hike which gives a good view of the HooDoos and gives one a better idea of the park. Coming out is steep. Have hike it about 10 times.



6 Completed 6 Reviews

My husband and I did the Sunrise-Sunset hike. It was incredible steep and it took us some time to get back up. It was a gorgeous hike with plenty of photo opportunities. Be sure to bring plenty of water and a snack and take your time.



31 Completed 19 Reviews

I only did the ascending portion of this trail, since we connected up with it after descending on the Navajo Loop. Great views of hoodoos from above and below. The Queen Victoria rock was neat and just a short spur off the main trail to see it. There are some great opportunities for panoramic shots and unique viewpoints that you don't see when standing at the rim. Connect it with the Navajo Loop for a great view of the best of Bryce. The climb is somewhat steep, but easier than some of the other trails. Take your time to catch your breath and just soak in the beauty that surrounds you. This trail gets pretty crowded, so go early.



9 Completed 6 Reviews

There's not much too add. It's one of Utah's Premier hikes, and there is so much to see that It can fill in the whole afternoon. Pack a lunch &/or some snacks and get there as early as you can for the best light! Despite the ~8000 ft elevation you really only huffing and puffing on your way back up to the rim, so it's OK for kids too.



116 Completed 109 Reviews

For winter hiking, wear snow boots with chains for added traction. If planning on making a loop with the Navajo Loop trail, I'd suggested starting at Sunset Point and going counter-clockwise. It'll be easier than trying to slog your way up Navajo trail.



25 Completed 17 Reviews

Such a beautiful trail. You really need extra time to take in everything here. Do not rush like I did. Bryce Canyon is so special and this is one of the perfect hikes to do it on. The elevation was difficult for me but you get used to it. Bring lots of water and a walking stick or trekking pole.



524 Completed 169 Reviews

We started very early at Sunrise and watched the sun awake and cast its light into the amphitheater creating a cacophony of shadows and light rays on the oranges, reds and yellows of the Bryce rock formations. We then drove up to Sunset Point and wandered down the Navajo trail to the left a quarter mile, then back up to start down Wall Street to the right, through the skyscrapers and out along the river, and then connected with the Queen's Garden trail. We looked upon Victoria in all her splendor, and explored her garden, climbing up along the hoodoos and realizing we weren't supposed to climb up into the garden, but just to admire it. We climbed back up along the Queen's Garden trail to Sunrise point and then walked the Rim trail back to Sunset point. It was truly a DisneyWorld experience, highly recommended as this is the flagship hike in Bryce!



97 Completed 141 Reviews

It was a brisk sunny day. Awesome climate for a hike. The sun was glistening on the snow and created very picturesque scenery. I was convinced that this was a phenomenon seldom experienced here in Bryce. Normally when it snows they close the roads. So it snowed just enough to add a new dimension to the views while leaving the park open and accessible. The trails were all open and free of snow. The temperature was high 55 but since I was wearing all my clothes I was warm. When you hiked down into the canyon, I actually had to start removing layers. All in all I was very glad that I could experience this.