Queens Garden Trail

#2 of 19 trails in Bryce Canyon National Park

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Queens Garden Trail is a 6.6 mile loop trail located in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.

There is a 2.2 mile option that starts-ends at Sunrise-Sunset points, with a 0.5 mile rim trail connector. Winter hiking may require snow shoe or shoe chains.

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Sarah Mackey (259)

9 Completed8 Reviews

I liked this trail, I only walked part of it due to time! Its great if you want to see the hoodoos and it loops into other trails! Making it easy if you want a long or short hike!

Jason Wilson (2433)

94 Completed39 Reviews

Classic hike into Bryce Canyon, worth the visit and effort. The Queen's Garden is excellent with a wonderful likeness of Queen Victoria. Can't wait to get back to Bryce.

Alan Benson (560)

15 Completed13 Reviews

My favorite hoodoo hike. Beautiful forms that take the shape of your imagination. We connected this route to the end of the Navajo Loop trail.

Michele Whisenhunt (816)

37 Completed35 Reviews

Matt Nolan (601)

35 Completed33 Reviews

Frank Jacks (442)

69 Completed24 Reviews

A nice hike which gives a good view of the HooDoos and gives one a better idea of the park. Coming out is steep. Have hike it about 10 times.

Caitlin Mottet Olsen (201)

6 Completed6 Reviews

My husband and I did the Sunrise-Sunset hike. It was incredible steep and it took us some time to get back up. It was a gorgeous hike with plenty of photo opportunities. Be sure to bring plenty of water and a snack and take your time.

Leslie Shimasaki-Kung (1641)

31 Completed19 Reviews

I only did the ascending portion of this trail, since we connected up with it after descending on the Navajo Loop. Great views of hoodoos from above and below. The Queen Victoria rock was neat and just a short spur off the main trail to see it. There are some great opportunities for panoramic shots and unique viewpoints that you don't see when standing at the rim. Connect it with the Navajo Loop for a great view of the best of Bryce. The climb is somewhat steep, but easier than some of the other trails. Take your time to catch your breath and just soak in the beauty that surrounds you. This trail gets pretty crowded, so go early.

Kgh Sf (423)

9 Completed6 Reviews

There's not much too add. It's one of Utah's Premier hikes, and there is so much to see that It can fill in the whole afternoon. Pack a lunch &/or some snacks and get there as early as you can for the best light! Despite the ~8000 ft elevation you really only huffing and puffing on your way back up to the rim, so it's OK for kids too.

Daniel Riley (7686)

131 Completed124 Reviews

For winter hiking, wear snow boots with chains for added traction. If planning on making a loop with the Navajo Loop trail, I'd suggested starting at Sunset Point and going counter-clockwise. It'll be easier than trying to slog your way up Navajo trail.