Sessions Canyon

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Sessions Canyon climbs up a creek canyon from directly above Bountiful, UT. It is a lovely canyon, with lots of shade and a beautiful babbling creek throughout. However, footing is sometimes poor, and the farther you go, the poorer and more overgrown the trail gets.

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Madison Sosa (68)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Great hike! Took the dogs, be careful with off-leash though, there are steep drops down to the stream. It was really great since there are spots for the dogs to get their feet wet and keep them cool, and lots of the trail is covered. We didn't go too far up, but definitely looking forward to seeing what's further next time. First hike in a VERY long time, not too hard at all!

Jacob Gobles (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

John Hopkins (66)

1 Completed1 Reviews

I did this hike yesterday. It was exactly as described. I made it up quite a way. I only saw a few other people on the trail, so that was nice. I was looking for this mythical tree farm, but had no luck. I really couldn't find any place that it could have been hiding. I did run into an area with a lot of tall evergreens that could have been from the seeds of said farm though. The stream had a lot of frozen areas that were interesting looking. I can only imagine that this will become more pronounced as it gets colder.

Craig Berlin (128)

3 Completed3 Reviews

Really nice hike with varied terrain and a stream by you the entire time. Foliage gets a little thick the farther you get. Good shoes, preferably waterproof, are essential here as you have multiple creek crossings and it's easier if you don't have to keep them completely dry. Very shaded. I didn't get all the way as I got a late start but hope to try again soon.

Kris Terry (232)

3 Completed3 Reviews

Not going to write a long review. This has been an easy access hike for us, never crowed, some geocaching, watch for rattle snakes

Tim Sessions (155)

3 Completed1 Reviews

Awesome evening hike. I didn't make it as far as I would have liked to due to the fact that I got a late start. My last name is Sessions so I was naturally drawn to this trail. I wanted to find the Tree Farm mentioned in a few other reviews but I couldn't. It sounds interesting so I'll definitely come back. There were a few parts could be classified as difficult, but for the most part it was a pretty mellow hike. There are some over grown sections and fallen trees. I would do it again when I have more time. All in all, this was a very awesome hike.

Dallin Hardy (67)

2 Completed2 Reviews

My hike is logged at:

Aubrey Guynn (47)

2 Completed2 Reviews

The Sessions Canyon trail is a great hiking trail because it is easy to get to, it has some interesting places to see, and because it is not real crowded. There are a couple drawbacks to this trail however: It doesn't have the spectacular views that one gets from trails that leave the canyon floor and heads up to the mountainsides. There are several tacky little campsites that kids haul their beer up to drink at and leave messy. But, once one gets a mile or so up the trail, the little camps fade away and some of the charm of the canyon begins to come out. There are a couple neat things about the trail that some may not be aware of. After the fifth crossing you will come into one of those little tacky camping spots. Head south up the North Face of Sessions Canyon and you will pick up a trail that ends up at what the locals call the "Tree Farm" which was in fact a planting of Christmas trees planted by a local company I think back in the 50's or 60's that was abandoned and never harvested. What stand now is a somewhat haunting grove of 40 foot pines planted in neat rows over several acres. The old road that was used to access the tree farm heads down the back of the Sessions Mountain and goes into a subdivision right through the driveway of one of the homes built high above Bountiful. Be respectful. The old road that was used to access the Tree Farm also continues East past the Tree Farm and connects to a mining road that continues East up the ridge line of the Sessions Mountain, crosses the pipeline, and continues East until it connects with the Great Western Trail. There is a cirque that is at the top of the ridge line that separates Sessions Canyon from Mill Stream Canyon that is a little hairy to cross but once you get East of the Cirque you are just a few hundred yards from the Great Western Trail. If you walk far enough one eventually ends up at the Skyline Road at the top of the mountains overlooking Bountiful. One can then loop down the pipeline trail that ends up at the same trail head parking lot that you started from ( a good workout for many an extreme runner I have seen passing me along the trail). Or you can have someone drive up the Skyline Road and pick you up (LOL).

Fred & Amy Strathmann (443)

5 Completed3 Reviews

A very nice Sunday hike. We only saw a few other hikers the whole time. Nice shade on a hot day with a few nice clearings that are worth the obstructed views others here described. A few splits in the path that can be confusing but being able to hear the water makes it easy. Make sure you save a little for the final climb back to you car!

Don & Ripley (2180)

105 Completed9 Reviews

In nature, water flows downhill. And so, this trail goes up, and up, and up! I wanted to do this trail again as the first time I attempted to tackle this canyon it was too hot and late in the day. Today, I was on the trail at 9 AM the morning after a rain. The air was clean and the aroma from the dirt, trees and fauna were very prevalent. I was making much better time heading up the canyon than I did several weeks ago. So far the trail wasn't too bad, but it continues to go up! While hiking along the trail the soothing sounds of water rushing down the mountain accompany the hiker for miles. The creek becomes part of the hiking experience as the trail crosses it several times, some of the crossings are sturdy foot bridges while others are rocks or fallen trees. A good pair of sturdy yet comfortable hiking shoes are recommended. The trail rises and falls with the landscape of the mountains. For the most part the trail is shaded by large pine and aspen trees. Some parts are exposed to the full force of the sun but those spots are brief and mainly toward the beginning of the hike. If hiking doesn't sound like much fun take a horse. This trail is open to horseback riding, but closed to motorcycles and ATVs. Every so often there are flat spots where people have built small fire rings for an evening outing or an overnight camp out. I counted 11 such camping areas. Be sure to check with the local forest service before lighting a fire in the canyon, because during the hot summer months it could be illegal. This trail is moderate to strenuous in difficulty, probably not the best place to take young children especially since crossing the stream can be rather dangerous for youngsters. Also a tip to make hiking this trail a better experience take a friend along. One it's safer that way, and two it's always better to experience the beauty of the great outdoors with a friend. This is a fairly nice trail, although I will not do it again. The canyon is a bit confining, very few places where you can see the forest through all the trees. Also, I found this trail a bit more demanding on this old body than I would like. The constant grind of going uphill with no visible end in sight wasn't any fun! I finally turned around when the trail became overgrown and difficult to follow.