Timpanogos Trail (Aspen Grove)

#2 of 5 trails in Mount Timpanogos Wilderness
Timpanogos Trail (Aspen Grove) is a 13.6 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Provo, UT that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from June until October. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

13.6 miles 4619 feet Out & Back
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Timpanogos Trail is a 12.7 mile out and back trail located near Sundance, Utah that features a lake and is only recommended for very experienced outdoorsmen. The trail is primarily used for hiking & walking and is accessible from June until November. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail. There are two trails to the top of Timpanogos. This is the Aspen Grove trail. The other trail is the Timpooneke Trail. The Aspen Grove trail initially contains many switchbacks featuring many waterfalls and amazing views. The trail reaches a beautiful meadow area with some small lakes and the well-known Emerald Lake. The trail then stretches towards the saddle across a boulder field where it joins with the Timpooneke trail offering great views of Utah Valley. The trail then travels up the ridge towards the summit.

Mike Thomas
2 months ago

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John Tuttle
3 months ago

14 Completed13 Reviews

I've done this a few times in Summer and Winter. The Winter hike is the most challenging, but my favorite. We brought crampons and axes, and ascended at a moderate pace, making it to the shed in a little under 4 hours. Of course, as we worked up the glacier, we were passed by what must have been an elf, because she was running on top of the snow that was up to our waists. The climb was fun. We glacaded most of the way back to the snow line.

Tyler Medin
3 months ago

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London Wells
6 months ago

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This was an amazing hike even though I didn't quite reach my destination. I went about 3 miles up and had to turn around because of the snowpack. It was still an amazing hike though and I'd recommend it. Although just be prepared with food, water, map, first aid, and lights(just in case) and to spend all day especially if going to the summit.

Mit Ratsapasith
7 months ago

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Kelly Smith
7 months ago

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Mt Timpanogos before I went on This hike I read that it was relentless , I also read bring heavy leather gloves , and that you needed a good map , once I found the parking lot I never needed the map again well set trail , we were very glad we brought the leather gloves for the upper part of the hike very needed , relentless relentless , we hike a lot . Thought HalfDom was tough but the loose rock . 5.5 up 3 down

Newel Cobb
7 months ago

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I loved it. The altitude may get to you if your not from Utah but it's not too bad

Kara Olsen
7 months ago

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Beautiful, rugged, raw, pristine, exposed, windy. I'm assuming it's windy most of the time after seeing the multiple bowls and Cirques below the gnarly peaks by which we were surrounded. Wow. I am a native to Utah, I currently live on the bench of the northern end of the Wasatch mountain range. I get to enjoy Ben Lomond Peak, 9700 ft and Mt Ogden Peaks, 9570ft, with a lot in between... a lot of which I have explored extensively via different routes, self routes, etc. The Uinta National Forest opened up my eyes to so much more grand terrain, and it's just up the mountain. (Kinda made my 9600 ft peaks look like babies (but they aren't, they'll still kick your butt). All in all I have to say my opinion of this state just went up several notches. This hike was pretty easy due to the nicely maintained trail. But I have to say, one of the most impressive things is how well the huge area has been and is... 'treading lightly'. I'd like to give a shout out to the locals! And other hikers, Nice respect to this beautiful place! Saw one or two pieces of garbage. Which if it's true that there are on many high season days, that 500 hikers are on those trails... The natural state of being is pretty damn amazing.

With the drive from ogden to Provo, we thought to enjoy our time there more (new territory for us), we ought to make it an over nighter. And hoped we were hitting the 'off season' traffic.And both good calls.

We started at Aspen Grove and were in disbelief at the full parking lot. We hiked to emerald lake, but passing very few people, and found an ultra cool camp spot in a small group of pines, perched on the top edge of the basin, overlooking the canyon we'd climbed and the endless rolling mountains as far as ones eye can see! Amazing! ... The beautiful unique mountain range that runs east to west. Took our time enjoying two days on the mountain. We tracked 18 miles round trip but a couple of those miles were from hiking over to our camp and over to emerald Lake for water (which has little red bugs or tad poles or something in it and a lot of them... Used bandana to filter and then tabbed the water. Hit the peak the next morning. Only about 4 people on the peak at about 1:30pm. Beautiful hike, nice people. But most impressive is the size of these rugged mountains, they are huge and beautiful. Hike was pretty easy, but we are avid backpackers and hikers.

Ashleigh McMahon
7 months ago

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I seriously am mostly just proud I got as far as I did! We had a time constraint so only made it to the Saddle but it was beautiful. My Fitbit showed 14m round trip. We hiked 3.5h up and 3.15h down. I felt like we lollygagged more going up than down so I was really surprised it took just as Long to come down. I definitely want to try this as a sunrise hike.

Austin Reece
7 months ago

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Great trail. We started around 6:45 AM which I would definitely reccomendation doing. It was pretty hot on our way down. The trail and the surrounding area was absolutely beautiful. The sun was rising as we were going up and we even saw a family of mountain goats. The hike wasn't too strenuous except for one part which one of the people in our group described as "murderously steep". But that part was feasible and only lasted for about 30 yards. All in all a beautiful hike.

Bob Spencer
8 months ago

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My favorite Utah hike. Waterfalls, lake, snow fields, view of valley, mountains, Deer Creek, etc. Despite the crowds it is a must-do. Leave early ~5am to get parking at Aspen Grove parking area and enjoy hiking in the dark and as the mountain lights up on the East side. I've hiked both Timpanooke and Aspen and both offer different and excellent views. I slightly prefer Aspen because it is a bit shorter and the view of the backside of the mountain is so great. It has been a few years since we've had good snow, but one thing I always loved was sliding down the glacier snow field to the lake, when possible.

Jessie Nielsen
8 months ago

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Great Hike! Loved it!

David Man
8 months ago

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Kevin Parker
8 months ago

7 Completed4 Reviews

Great hike on a weekday.

Samuel Adams
8 months ago

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It was 17 miles up to the summit and back on a Garmin . So be prepared

Josh Andreason
8 months ago

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Tyson S.
8 months ago

Paul Wake
8 months ago

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The route is actually a bit longer than 12.7 miles round trip. Horses are on the Timpooneke trail, not this one. Remember to have money for the fee the Forest Service charges. Get there quite early on a weekend or there won't be parking. Hiking in June is definitely dangerous; that's often true in November also. Many people underestimate this hike--look at a thorough description of it, such as on the Hiking Mount Timpanogos Safely web page, before heading up.

Andy Bourne
8 months ago

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Elliot Adair
9 months ago

24 Completed24 Reviews

The premier trail in the Alpine Loop. Long and difficult, but people of varying abilities that I know have done it. Would certainly recommend.