Yellow Fork Canyon

#1 of 2 trails in Yellow Fork Canyon County Park

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This is a great trail and is used for hiking, mountain biking, and will often find equestrian riders too.

There is a single track trail on the south side of the creek, and the north side is wide enough for 4 or 5 people to walk side by side.

There are plenty of other trails along the way.

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Doug Oler (1295)

17 Completed15 Reviews

Helen Espinosa (68)

3 Completed2 Reviews

This was more like a walk, but it was beautiful and a lovely way to spend a morning with the family. I ended up jogging the two miles back down for a little extra fun. We all enjoyed this one!

Kevin Dolan (72)

1 Completed1 Reviews

When I got there, there were all kinds of cars and horse trailers. I was afraid it would be very crowed. I took the left side trail, and it was a great walk. All I saw was one horse and rider, and one mountain biker. I thought it was really strange, then realized everyone else was up the right trail. My fitbit said I climbed 84 flights of stairs! Great hike.

Heather Lafontaine (551)

9 Completed8 Reviews

This was actually prettier then what I thought it was going to be. I picked this hike cause it was going to be my first solo hike and it looked really safe and i could take my dogs. My boys ended up going with me and they loved it. My dogs enjoyed it. There was a few other dogs off there leash on the hike. I will be doing this one again for sure !

Jacqueline N Shannon Burton (79)

2 Completed1 Reviews

Took our dogs yesterday and it was a lot of fun and very close to our home. My dogs had a great time getting muddy. This trail will be even better when it dries a little.

Carolyn Perryman (87)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Me, my Husband & our Dog just did this hike today. It's a really good hike. You did have to walk to the first part of the trail. the 2 nd part of the hike is after the 2nd set of park benches. The canyon is about 2-3 miles after that. You might be lunch to see the wolfs! We went on a wim so we didn't pack a lot. It rained and then hailed on our way back. But it was a blast!!!

Mylan Dang (1106)

23 Completed22 Reviews

Nice and pretty easy hike. I took my dog bob and he so enjoyed the great outdoors. Dogs are supposed to be on leashes but no one actually uses them. Once you park at the end of Rose Canyon road, you will hike for about 30 minutes before the trail actually starts. The first part of the trail doesn't have much shade or trees, but there are lots of bikers and horse riders that are sharing the trail with you. I seemed to be the only one hiking. Once you hit the trailhead, there's lots of shade. Most of the terrain is pretty flat except towards the top of the mountain is when it obviously becomes steeper and Rocky. At the top, you get s nice lush green overview of herriman and I'm assuming salt lake. We also saw wild turkeys roaming on top of the hill, lizards of course rattling the bushes, and cows drinking the creek water. I got a little freaked out and never seen a cow that just stared at me and my pup, Bob so I power walked faster after saying hello to Betsy and her boo. Nice 6 mile hike round trip.

Steven Bridge (77)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Fun, well maintained trail.