Zion Narrows Trail - Top Down

#2 of 72 trails in Zion National Park

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Zion Narrows Trail is a 17.1 mile point-to-point trail located near Hurricane, Utah that features a waterfall and is only recommended for very experienced outdoorsmen. The trail is primarily used for camping & hiking and is accessible from June until September.

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Nick Bercier (90)

3 Completed4 Reviews

Jennifer D. (178)

This is The Most amazing trail ever.. A MUST when in Zion!

Jessie Bullard (59)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Amazing! Super cold in May! Best to rent equipment.

Alaina Ann (125)

80 Completed2 Reviews

Hiked the Bottom-Up portion during winter. One of the greatest hikes of my life and very quiet. Only saw about ten other people over the course of the in and out hike.

Neoprene booties, a dry suit and walking stick made the hike safe and comfortable in the colder temperatures. Water level was just over waist deep (I'm 5'1").

Fernando Balderas (116)

13 Completed3 Reviews

... get there early if you want to avoid the crowds ...and I'll be back for the full hike !!!

Randy Riddell (167)

40 Completed4 Reviews

OK. so I didn't go the entire 17 miles. I started in the valley went about 10 miles up river. this trail is perfect for summer. get water shoes you're feet are in the water 98% of the time its a must do if u go to Zion f***" awesome!!

Rass Eru (191)

21 Completed3 Reviews

Jae B (1300)

40 Completed36 Reviews

Jason Wilson (2453)

94 Completed39 Reviews

The Narrows is worth the visit, but the crowds were almost too much. Can't say we enjoyed the shuttle bus to catch the shuttle bus to hike on an very crowded trail. The scenery is truly spectacular and jaw dropping, we only went a little ways up the Narrows and the current got a little strong and wasn't worth the risk with my small children.

Dax N Moreno (357)

7 Completed2 Reviews

Long but great canyon views while walking in water. Definetly rent the boots.