Zion Narrows Trail - Top Down

#2 of 72 trails in Zion National Park

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Zion Narrows Trail is a 17.1 mile point-to-point trail located near Hurricane, Utah that features a waterfall and is only recommended for very experienced outdoorsmen. The trail is primarily used for camping & hiking and is accessible from June until September.

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Tamera Meehan (134)

2 Completed4 Reviews


Tamera Meehan (134)

2 Completed4 Reviews

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Tamera Meehan (134)

2 Completed4 Reviews

Tamera Meehan (134)

2 Completed4 Reviews

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Pete Spencer (279)

18 Completed9 Reviews

Just hiked to the mouth of the narrows. Easy hike, be sure and get your feet wet and walk up the river some.

Steve Sorenson (78)

3 Completed3 Reviews

One of the most amazing hikes/backpacking trips ever. I've hiked this top to bottom three times in four years. The first time with a group to see if my then girlfriend was wife material (she passed) The second time with my boys and the third time as a Scoutmaster with my troop. Unlike the start from the bottom which most reviews on here cover, the top down hike is limited and you must get a permit. You will only see a few other hikers until Wall Street which is the last part of your second day. You could do this in one day but far better to camp in a designated spot off the trail and enjoy this incredible hike than be rushed. The trail is the river over slippery rocks so you won't set any speed records. Walking stick, canyoneering shoes and wet/dry bags are a must. I cooked dinner with a light weight stove. The water levels/speed vary depending on time of year and snowfall each particular year. Mid August is best if you want to avoid swimming and deep water along small portions of the trail. For the most part, the hike is shaded and the water is cold so heat is not an issue even during the hot summer months in Zion.
The permits go quick so you must make a reservation on the 5th of the month at 10:00 am MT two months before your hike. (Example: June 5th for any date in Aug) Most dates fill up within first half hour. https://zionpermits.nps.gov/wilderness. There's also an outfit near the south entrance of ZNP that will shuttle you to the trailhead with your gear for around $35 and you can rent walking sticks and canyoneering shoes
Bring a good camera and a wet dry bag to protect it with an extra battery or portable charger as there are too many photo ops over two days for one battery. I also took some amazing video with a GoPro on the last trek.
The best hike I've done and I've hiked /backpacked a lot of the National Parks but the Subway is next for me.

Nick Bercier (90)

3 Completed4 Reviews

Jennifer D. (178)

This is The Most amazing trail ever.. A MUST when in Zion!

Jessie Bullard (63)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Amazing! Super cold in May! Best to rent equipment.

Alaina Ann (125)

80 Completed2 Reviews

Hiked the Bottom-Up portion during winter. One of the greatest hikes of my life and very quiet. Only saw about ten other people over the course of the in and out hike.

Neoprene booties, a dry suit and walking stick made the hike safe and comfortable in the colder temperatures. Water level was just over waist deep (I'm 5'1").