Bald Mountain Loop Hike

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Nice loop hike with many vistas, lots of blueberries in August

The Bald Mountain Trail is noted for its
vistas, blueberries, and wildflowers. Four vistas located at
rock promontories along the trail offer panoramic
views of the Green Mountain range, Otter Creek and
Cold River valleys, as well as Rutland City. The East Loop is 3.3 miles long and the West Loop or Lower Loop is 0.9 miles. The hike has mostly moderate grades with a few steep decents on the West Loop and the end of the East Loop.

From the intersection of US 4 and Rte 7 in Rutland, VT follow Main St. south a short distance until the intersection with Killington Ave., turn left onto Killington Ave. and follow 1.8 miles east to the end at the junction of Townline Rd. and Notch Rd., turn right on Notch Rd and follow (turns to dirt at 1.5 mi), continue to a fork in the road at 1.9 mi, Wheelerville Rd. departs left, bear right and the trailhead is just a short distance. The Aitken State Forest sign is on the right and parking is on the left.

Dept. of Forests, Parks & Recreation, Lisa Thornton 802-786-3858



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I really love hiking this loop.



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Pretty easy hiking. When the trail forks, the right path leads directly to he peak, is a fairly easy (and often not pretty) .8 mile. The left fork is MUCH more interesting and scenic, but the arrows at the summit can be confusing when you come up this way. There are two arrows pointing away from the trail I first mentioned. If you hadn't come up that way, it's easy to miss it.
Despite the name "Bald Mountain", this is anything but. There are a few vistas, but they're fairly obscured by foliage. There's nothing special about the summit either.
The best part of this hike was the solitude - I didn't see anyone else there today (9/2/12 - Sunday before Labor Day).
One more thing - when you're on Notch rd, be aware that the pavement ends, and you'll see "Dead End" and "Bridge Out" signs. At the fork, when you have to choose between them, stay right toward the Dead End. You'll see the trailhead on the right.