Mansfield Mountain - Sunset Ridge - Long Trail- Loop

Underhill, VT
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This loop starts on one of the most popular trails, Sunset Ridge and is a 5.7 mile strenuous hiking trail near Underhill, Vermont. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and snowshoeing.

Sunset Ridge Trail
Long Trail
CCC Road

Start at Underhill State Park

Trail Starts at Underhill State Park. Park here for a fee in Summer
Parking on road only in winter about 1 mile down.



52 Completed 17 Reviews

I did this hike with my wife and 2 year old daughter just last week. The trail is rugged and fun but quite a challenge with my daughter on my back. Despite the extra difficulty from carrying her, it was well worth the effort. This was also both my wife's and Daughter's first venture above the timber line so it was extra exciting to see them really take it in. A few sections require a bit of balance and climbing but it is not to challenging for beginners. The trail was well kept, and well marked. I was disappointed to see a good bit of trash along the way such as snack wrappers an toilet paper, however it wasn't so bad as to ruin the hike.



11 Completed 6 Reviews

Fantastic Hike! It's a bit of a challenge in a few places if you are bringing dogs. (I had to lift my dogs up in 2-3 places about 5-6 feet where they couldn't get up or down on their own.) The winds can be quite strong at the top.



1 Completed 1 Reviews

Amazing hike, going up on sunset ridge trail and walking along the ridge was very nice with the view on lake Champlain on one side and smuggler's notch on the other. The only down side would have to be the end of the loop, we used a trail called "half way house" which is actually a rather steep creek and could be un pleasant to some (we will go back and try to come down from one of the many other paths because it is otherwise an amazing place to hike).

Note, there are a lot of people, many with dogs (most do not keep them on leashes).



22 Completed 2 Reviews

Stayed up at Stowe this past weekend and, given the lack of snow for skiing, decided to hike the mountain instead. It was warm, but not too warm (in the 50s at base) with overcast skies.

We took the Long Trail up. Despite the lack of snow on the mountain, the trail still had plenty of snow - especially as we reached the higher elevations. The lower portions had packed snow and ice from foot travel. As we moved higher the snow became less compressed and we would have a foot sink in every few steps in some of the less traveled areas.

Once out of the woods the snow and ice made for slow going up the steep rocky areas - I stopped to put on my gloves so I could use my hands in the snow - but a manageable final ascent at any rate. Up at the top visibility was great despite the cloud cover. The breeze made it a bit colder but not bad considering it was a March hike.

Not wanting to slide and fall down the snow-covered trails, we took the Cliff Walk to the Gondola coming back down. Definitely had several stretches of skiing on boots from the snow and steepness. At the gondola we decided to continue down the half-covered ski trail - it quickly turned into a sprint down the mountain, slipping and sliding down the slushy snow and slogging through the mud.

Overall a highly enjoyable trail despite the wintry conditions. Great variable terrain with some bouldering mixed in. Ascent: about 3 hours. Descent: about a half hour. Skinning/sprinting down a ski trail takes far less time!



12 Completed 1 Reviews

Awesome hike! I hiked the sunset ridge route with my jack russel terrier Nellie all the way to the summit. The conditions on top were very cold and windy but the view was stunning. You can see lake champlain and across to NY and the adirondacks. On the way down it was a bit steep and I had to carry her over some tricky parts above the tree line. Overall a really good day hike with fantastic scenery and views that really make it worth the trip. :)



10 Completed 2 Reviews

Went last year in February with my dad and brother. Bring a sled it is awesome


Sarah Graver


2 Completed 2 Reviews



0 Completed 1 Reviews

Every year my friends and I climb a mountain (or just do something exciting in general) and this past year we climbed Mount Mansfield. When we actually got to the mountain we found that the trail was closed due to.. well, the winter and would be open in about a week. Mind you this was early May so we decided to push forward. While possibly not the safest choices it was one of the more exciting hikes I've been on because of this.

The initial ascent was up the Hell Brook Trail one of the hardest trails on the mountain. Most of the climb was vertical and we ascended most of the mountain's height in roughly 1.5 miles. Compound this with the snow and water run off and it became slightly challenging. Hard work pays off though because as you sweat up the mountain various views will occasionally open up allowing you to see the valley in all of its beauty. When we actually reached the "Chin" a thunderstorm was moving in so we unfortunately did not actually summit the mountain. But the Lake of the Clouds was an amazing sight to behold in the clouds and the snow.

On our descent we took the Long Trail back down which was longer, but much easier on the knees and less treacherous in general. Overall an amazing climb, great views and a great challenge in the right conditions.