Grandview Nature Preserve to Lighthouse Ruins

Hampton, VA
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Miles of white sand beach, Back River Lighthouse Ruins

A gravel road leads you on a half mile tour of tidal marshlands and then to miles of white sand beach.There is over 2 miles of beach. Follow the beach until you reach the lighthouse ruins. The Back River Lighthouse was built in 1829 for $4250. It stood for 127 years before being completely destroyed by a hurricane in 1956. All that remains is a pile of rocks about 50 yards in the ocean.

Take I-64 to exit 263B onto Mercury Boulevard North. Take left onto Foxhill Road, then a left on Beach Road. Near the end of Beach Road, take a left onto State Park Drive. The Nature Preserve is straight ahead. Park at the entrance along the street until sunset.

Responsibility is Buckroe Beach Park. (757) 850-5134



157 Completed 149 Reviews

A nice walk. Especially the long section along the beach. I saw people doing this trail barefoot but the first part is gravel.



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Very level. There is trash along the trail. You might want to wear sandals for the first part of the trail and then go barefoot as it changes from sharp gravel to hard sand to soft sand. If you like a beach to yourself, this is the place.



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Lovely sea side walk n pick nick
with our dog in off season, easy drive from Richmond Frisbee golf park at fort eustis exit
On the way



6 Completed 4 Reviews

Awesome hike... A bit of a drive to get to the trailhead and very limited parking. Worth the trip though. Kids find special beach treasures every time. Lighthouse debris most visible when the weather has eroded the beach (after a good storm).



4 Completed 2 Reviews

There is a Long stretch of beach, all Sand. Stay on the wet sand. No costing allowed on the sand so be prepared for a good workout.



0 Completed 4 Reviews

Great hike to take the dog. Too bad short-sighted city council members have banned dog access from May 15 to Sept 15