Old Rag Trail

#1 of 140 trails in Shenandoah National Park
Old Rag Trail is an 7 mile round trip trail or 8.9 mile loop trail located near Sperryville, Virginia that features a river and is only recommended for serious hiker. The trail is primarily used for camping, hiking, rock climbing & walking and is accessible year-round.

8.7 miles Loop 3000 feet
camping hiking rock climbing forest river rocky
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This hike is strenuous and very busy. It is pretty hard climb, but when you make it about 3/4 of the way up, then you have some rock scrambling that makes your pace a little slower but gives you a change in what you are doing. There are alot of switchbacks, so you will not be going straight up, but the trails are still at a steep grade. The descent, which is a longer distance than the ascent, is a much more gradual grade, ending on a fire trail.

Tara Scheck

2 Completed2 Reviews

Daniel Ruiz

3 Completed1 Reviews

This was our LAST HIKE OF THE YEAR, thank you to my girls for making this a memorable trip, The rocks scrambling was awesome, the weather was perfect, it was a bit challenging but the girls were laughing in the face of danger, these girls are troopers, I hope to come back next year and do it again.

Jannet Lee

21 Completed1 Reviews

Solid hike. Definitely my favorite trail in Virginia. It's a great workout and the views are absolutely breath taking.

Sam T.

Tough trail on the way up, but totally worth it! The way down is super easy and a gradual decline.

Lena Lightfoot

7 Completed3 Reviews

Great trail!! Definitely tough !

Becky Conner

43 Completed19 Reviews

Awesome!!! Even in the rain and fog!

Justin C.

5 Completed6 Reviews

A nice fall hike. Foliage was mostly golden in color at the higher elevations. Considerably less strenuous to hike Old Rag in the fall vs. summer (much less water and carbs consumed, and a much quicker pace). Was in the 30's in the parking lot at 8 a.m. but it was a nice temperature to hike in once we got moving (rose into the 50's). Definitely a different experience in the fall, and worth doing. Old Rag is always worth the effort!

Richard Russell

1 Completed1 Reviews

Jon DeRosa

3 Completed3 Reviews

Outstanding trail, that offers a good amount of physical strength other than just walking. Definitely suggest starting in the lot and climbing the rock faces going up and not coming down. Doing it this way allows for an easy climb down, with roughly the last 3 miles fire roads along side a creek. This hike is not for people that aren't experienced with hiking or climbing. It requires physical upper body strength as well as leg power. You will have to stretch, jump and climb multiple times. Some of these areas are extremely tight, I'm 180lbs and I had to put my pack through before me to be able to fit. That being said I highly recommend everyone interested to try this trail, it is so much fun and you feel so accomplished when you get to the summit.

Jeffrey Kronenwetter

1 Completed1 Reviews