Old Rag Trail

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Old Rag Trail is an 7 mile round trip trail or 8.9 mile loop trail located near Sperryville, Virginia that features a river and is only recommended for serious hiker. The trail is primarily used for camping, hiking, rock climbing & walking and is accessible year-round.

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Jeff Whitlock (95)

4 Completed0 Reviews

Too many people on this trail, recommend arriving very early to try and get ahead of the crowds.

Alyson Fox (175)

5 Completed5 Reviews

One of my all-time favorite hikes. I've done the whole loop twice now. The rock scrambles are definitely my favorite part, but be prepared to climb. We went early in the morning in January, so we didn't run into a problem with crowds. Not a hike for dogs, as rock scrambles would be unmanageable. The view at the fake summit as well as the real summit is breathtaking. Highly recommend this hike.

Sara Phillips (43)

2 Completed1 Reviews

Fun times! Highly recommend getting there before 9 am to avoid the backup at the rock scramble.

John Baker (343)

42 Completed4 Reviews

harry llama (50)

15 Completed1 Reviews

Hiked this on a Friday in mid-March around 9 a.m. Saw less than a dozen people all day. Started at Berry Hollow parking and did the 3 miles along the fire road to reach the trailhead for the Ridge Trail. For reference, I'm in my late forties, and in reasonably good shape, but would not call myself an athlete. I managed to chug up to the start of the scramble in relatively short order. There was plenty of snow and ice in the scramble - some of pretty sketchy (disguising potentially nasty falls or ankle twists). There were three spots where I waited for other hikers before proceeding, just to be safe. All were easily negotiated, but I feel more comfortable making what I would rate as a class 3 move when someone else is nearby. View from the top was extraordinary as always. A group of six idiotic teenagers were blasting music on some sort of portable device, and had no respect for repeated requests even to just turn it down. Come on parents! Continued north to complete the loop. Five hours start to finish, but I was pretty sore for a day or two thanks to all the scrambling. Love, love, love this hike, but don't even want to think about doing it on a crowded day.

Rebecca W. (153)

One of the best single-peak hikes I've done. It has many false peaks that all have incredible views. The scrambling is tricky but very fun. I would highly recommend this hike!

Corinne S. (132)

Novice hiker. I had to take a few photo op breaks during the ascent to manage the climb, but well worth it. The views are spectacular all the way up. Easier track down is 5.2 miles from summit to parking area. Rock scramble was easier than the first two miles up, and a lot of fun. Take gloves! We went on Veteran's Day, Nov, 2013. Crowded, but manageable, and about two weeks past foliage peak.

Mike Row (889)

34 Completed29 Reviews

This has to be a must see hike if you live in Va/DC/Md area. Like others have said, if you don't like crowds go during the week.

Lauren M. (339)

Awesome hike! Always heard of it and finally hiked it myself. I wasn't expecting all the rock to climb over, but it made the hike.

Victoria Dunbar (239)

7 Completed5 Reviews

Awesome hike, awesome views, awesome rock scramble.