Old Rag Weakley Hollow Fire Road

#3 of 3 trails in Shenandoah Wilderness

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Long and winding road, uphill hike, clean easy to follow trail.

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Andrew Walck (523)

31 Completed23 Reviews

Great for those unable to scramble the obstacles of old rag. The first time I complete d old rag was up the "back way". To be honest most people doing the normal old rag trail should be on this trail but oh well. In the end, anyone here would tell you the normal old rag trail kicks butt over this but if you're a weak hiker or can't do the rock scrambles then this is an alternate way to the beautiful summit.

Nora Field (871)

33 Completed1 Reviews

Took fire road trail Jan 5 packed snow enjoyed the hike it gave a new perspective on what normally is boring trail. Just wish we had snow disks so when we got to the crest we could slide down. Will defiantly be on our back next snow day.

Chachi Avirett (735)

26 Completed16 Reviews

Old rag is a tough and extremely rewarding hike.