South River Falls Trail

#1 of 4 trails in Rapidan Wildlife Management Area

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South River Falls Trail is a 5.2 mile loop trail located near Stanardsville, Virginia that features a waterfall. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking.

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Laura Kraft (454)

7 Completed6 Reviews

We might give it a 3.5. The hike down is very easy- dirt trail with several switchbacks- that will haunt your return. There was some good scenery on the way. The waterfall is pretty cool due in part to its size. We visited several others in the area that were a better payoff for the hike required to get there, hence our rating. Additionally, we weren't up for the 1.4 mile additional hike to the base of the falls. We had lunch here and it was a great time. Didn't see many people on the trail.
Be ready for a long climb up to your car.


30 Completed2 Reviews

Just a note, the "rattlesnakes" noted in the photos are the less dangerous, less reclusive copperhead snakes. Venomous, yes, but not as worrisome.

Allison Middleton (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

I just did about 4 miles of the trail. VERY pretty and loved the creek crossings. There is not much parking and the trail head is not marked from the road.

David Baker (325)

12 Completed7 Reviews

I have hiked to the falls numerous times and always enjoy going back. My favorite was a Christmas Eve hike with a little snow still on the ground.

Pilgrim B (112)

7 Completed7 Reviews

We've taken this trial twice in the past few years. Once on a cold rainy spring day, with lots of fog and lots of snow melt and rainwater in every gully; more recently in mid October on a cold rainy fall day, with fog and a colorful leaf strewn pathway. In the spring, be prepared to ford at least two places. Due to the weather, we pretty much had the trail to ourselves, which is how we best enjoyed it. The extra descent to the base of the falls adds another mile or so to the total. The fire road is a boring way to to hike this, but if you're tired, it is an easier return route.

Zehra Nasif (242)

12 Completed5 Reviews

Will Patterson (189)

17 Completed2 Reviews

Me and my family where hiking and there where vines that you could swing on like Tarzan!

Susan Laiewski (178)

4 Completed2 Reviews

Used to hike when younger... started hiking again with the start of the new year. Have done 4 hikes thus far and this was the best. Wide trails, clean... there were a few spots across streams that were rocky and had to look beyond to see best place to cross (adds to the adventure!). There was snow on the ground from the previous snow and made for picturesque scenery, some sloshy spots, but all-around awesome hike. Make sure you have camera ready! The falls are an awesome stop for picnic, photo ops, and to really take in nature! If you are in the area, I recommend this hike.

Ian Dunwiddie (314)

10 Completed2 Reviews

This hike is perfect for anyone who likes a little bit of a challenge and multiple terrain types. Do yourself a favor and take a right at the fire road and head down into the gorge to see the falls up close. Swimming or at least soaking is possible in several pools. We will be returning to complete the 10 mile circuit.

James Hartsell (471)

8 Completed2 Reviews

Great hike to take if you have the endurance!!! Nice steep walk down to the first overlook with a lot to see on the way there. If you decide to hike to the bottom it's also a steep hike but beautiful view at the bottom. But since it is so steep on the way down be prepared for the walk back!!! Seems like never ending but is a great workout!!! If you can't hang definitely take the fire road but that's for quitters!!