Wahrani Nature Park Trails

Lanexa, VA

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Wahrani Nature Park Trails is a 3.1 mile loop trail located near Lanexa, Virginia and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.



11 Completed 1 Reviews

Horrible. Not marked or well kept.


John Kayackas


3 Completed 2 Reviews

Beautiful park if you're looking to get lost in the woods. No real scenic views, just a beautiful dense forest. There was a light rain and I barely got wet. Very difficult to navigate with poor markings, but small enough that you won't get truly lost. There is a gravesite for Captain John Long, an 18th century sea captain, but after 2 hours walking around, I never did find it . Maybe next time. It's supposed to have a trail for mountain biking, but none of the trails I found myself on seemed appropriate for it.



7 Completed 2 Reviews

Decent enough trail, but it was not very well marked on the backside, which resulted in me having to bushwhack for a few hundred feet until I found another trail to follow.



3 Completed 8 Reviews

A miniature rollercoaster with plenty of little valleys and hills. Not a bad primer for someone building themselves up for the AT.