Ape Cave Trail

#1 of 279 trails in Gifford Pinchot National Forest

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Ape Cave Trail is a 2.6 mile out and back trail that features a cave and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking & walking and is accessible year-round.

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Christine Dinsmore (209)

9 Completed9 Reviews

Eric Roberts (106)

5 Completed5 Reviews

So cool! The Upper is a must. Bring headlamp (and two other sources of illumination as there is NO light), long pants, gloves, and grippy boots. Not for the claustrophobic. ;)

Tina Savoy Draper (85)

4 Completed1 Reviews


Brandon Bush (241)

4 Completed3 Reviews

This was a great experience, however, these are some lessons that you should learn. Bring a headlight, bring some gloves, and wear pants as you'll be sliding down some rocks. For the Upper Cave, I recommend that you walk on the surface to the exit of the cave and enter there. It was easier to walk back to the entrance in the cave because you are walking down hill. Hiking shoes required for the Upper Cave.

wes neal (352)

18 Completed11 Reviews

The Ape Caves are awesome to explore in any type of weather! My boys love them and it was so cool to see!

Crystal Phillips (167)

23 Completed1 Reviews

Darren Leavitt (930)

35 Completed20 Reviews

Had so much fun with the lower cave that we just did the upper cave. Much more challenging. The lower cave is a flat walk, while the upper is scrambling over lava rocks and climbing some small ledges. Very fun. There is an exit at the end so you can either climb out our turn around and do it again. You can also start at the exit. Strongly recommend headlamps on the upper add you will need your hands free to navigate the rocks. Great for older kids >6 years.

LaRon Phillips (53)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Darren Leavitt (930)

35 Completed20 Reviews

Great trail in a lava tube. We did the lower trail which is great for little kids. Bring your own headlamps for everyone in your group. They do rent gas lanterns at the trailhead.