Bandera Mountain Trail

#12 of 294 trails in Snoqualmie National Forest

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Bandera Mountain Trail is a 7 mile out and back trail located near North Bend, Washington that offers scenic views and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from June until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

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Adam Lund (33137)

491 Completed222 Reviews

Love this trail. Easy access from Seattle and the eastside and you can get a good workout in relatively short time. Nice views from the top too. We did Mason Lake, then came back and debated whether to go the extra distance to the top of Bandera. Yup. The boulder field at the top was fun.

Leslie Somerville (608)

72 Completed21 Reviews

Nice hike to views. Trail is clear. No snow. I would not consider this a difficult hike......moderate would be my definition. I hiked in and out and didn't go to Defiance. Very few other hikers on the trail.

Curt Pliler (3111)

56 Completed41 Reviews

12/14/14 [Sunday] - I hiked to Mount Defiance today which shares a trail with Bandera Mountain. I though I would report that the trail is snow free until almost to the top (as seen from the fork in the trail). It was a different story heading down to Mason Lake and back up to Mount Defiance. I'll post a photo.

Jeff Olsen (150)

17 Completed5 Reviews

Waited to review this until I made the true summit. Views from the top of the rock pile were awesome, but the last part of the trail past the first look out requires GPS- the trail is very easy to lose. Been to Little Bandera several times before. I love this trail, other than the pothole filled FS road to get there lol. My GPS said just about 10 miles round trip to the true summit. With all the alpine lakes, views of Rainier, Adams, Baker, etc, etc as well as the option to go up Mt. Defiance, this trail system is my favorite in the snoqualmie pass. You've probably seen me out there!

Racquel Arceo (56)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Really great hike! I preferred the view from little Bandera over the very top but going to the top was still definitely worth it. I was there on a clear day and the views were absolutely perfect. I the hike was a bit challenging so I would recommend having some hiking experience under your belt.
Definitely have a lot of water in you and bug spray, the mosquitos get pretty mean later in the morning.

Full review including pictures on my blog:

Jon Madison (1447)

35 Completed20 Reviews

Fantastic views at little Bandera! this one kicked my 300lb butt! Nearly all the way. Ppl say that the beginning is relatively flat but I disagree. I know flat and that wasn't it.

Almost stopped at the first push up the rocks after the mason/bandera junction (which for me was pretty much a scramble:) but I came too far to quit. Bring plenty of water, or in my case water and Gatorade and pretzels. The salt was essential for me to finish without leg cramps.

amazing views throughout. The highway noise didn't bother me as it seemed to have others. I've had traffic noise on a trail and this was nothing.

Mary Lou (732)

25 Completed6 Reviews

Amazing trail in a very good shape. Take A LOT of water. We had 4 bottles for each person and it was not enough.
Ira Spring trail (to the fork to Mason Lake/Bandera Trail) took us 1.5 hours and another 1.5 hours to the top of the Bandera Mountain.

Colin Flannigan (223)

3 Completed1 Reviews

Loved this hike! All the way up the trail you are greeted by amazing views of Rainier. It is worth it to mention that around 1000 feet of the elevation gain is in the last .7 miles, but as long as you are prepared for that and take your time going up the steep portion you will be glad you did. At the summit you have a great view of Rainier, and down the valley. If it is a clear day you can see Bellevue and Seattle.

Sandi Edwards (2634)

90 Completed52 Reviews

After a relaxing lunch at the lake we decided to head back up and take a right at the split sign leading us up to the ridge that over looks Mason Lake. Did I say up??? I meant to say steep rocky and straight up!! My legs are sore today and I only went up the first climb, I heard the last 1/2 mile had more incline then what I just did! I love scrambling up rocks and boulders, but boy there has to be a limit!! I hope to tackle the remaining 1/2 mile soon.. Just too crowded and dusty and too darn tired to make it this time, so I guess this trek will still have to be continued...................

Tuan Nguyen (1593)

37 Completed34 Reviews

great hike, the last 1/2 mile makes you reconsider the view, but keep at it because the view is worth the effort. did get crowded up and down the trail, but everyone was enjoying the sunny and warm day.