Catherine Creek Trail

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Catherine Creek Trail is a 1.9 mile loop trail located near Lyle, WA that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and birding and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

1.9 miles 357 feet Loop
dogs on leash wheelchair friendly birding hiking walking forest river rocky views waterfall wild flowers wildlife
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The hike takes you past a waterfall, up through rocks and oaks to another waterfall to get to some beautiful views. There is a lot of poison oak, so leave your pant legs on and don't let your hands dangle aimlessly into tall vegetation along the trail. There is an rock arch that seems out of place in the environment, don't plan on getting too close it is clearly marked off.

Courtney Jones

4 Completed4 Reviews

John K.

We like this trail. It has a gentle climb through woodlands with excellent views down the Columbia River. Note that there are two "parts" to the trail: the paved trail down to the Columbia and the trail on the north side of the road leading into the hills.

Jill Gruber

2 Completed1 Reviews

When we arrived we saw a sign saying "hunting season - wear blaze orange." We didn't know to expect that so we just did the little universal access trail across the street instead.

Erin Lãtta

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Mike Turley

20 Completed4 Reviews

Catherine Creek, what a great trail. So I am use to the trails in the lush green forests of the Columbia River Gorge but this trail is pleasantly different. We hiked May 9th and didn't see all the many wildflowers that are supposed to be amazing on this trail if you hit it right. 2015 has just been an early year for wildflowers. The ideal time is supposed to be right around Easter, we'll go then next year.

Not too steep of a hike but enough of a climb to get some pretty incredible views after only about a mile and a half of hiking.

There isn't just one trail here. Many trails criss cross allowing you to hike for a while, come to "Y" in the trail and decide which way you want to go. Kind of fun that way. It seemed like you couldn't get lost as all trails started and ended back at the parking lot. When starting out from the parking lot there are two trails heading up the hill, take the one on the right if you want to see the rock arch (there aren't any instructions up there for this).

I plan on hiking this trail again at different times of the year as I think the different seasons would reveal different kinds of beauty.

Lidington Stefan

1 Completed1 Reviews

March 1 - it was 60f and sunny. The spring flowers were out, it was green, and there were water pools and flowing streams! It was so awesome!

Jess Jones

11 Completed10 Reviews

very nice

Aaron Perkins

10 Completed4 Reviews

We lived this simple yet fun walk. Not too hard or easy great views in a few spots.

Bryan Levesque

42 Completed26 Reviews

Overall this is a pretty cool short trail with a sort of split personality. After leaving the trail head stick to the right, walk down the road for a short distance as you enter the narrow valley. While we missed out on all of the wild flowers and the creek itself due to our November hike, it was still very cool to look at the fallen leaves and bare trees. The almost dead feel of the trees and plants felt in place with the abandoned corral and downed shed/house. The valley blocked the winds from the gorge as well. The views of the arch were very cool. The arch is fenced off in the valley as well as up top. After passing the corral, the trail climbs up a steeper road where you are greeted to a large row of power lines. That part sucks, but hey, you can't always get the perfect trail. Under the power lines veer off of the main trail to the right and take the now narrow trail. follow this around to the top of the ridge where you get all the cool views of the Columbia River. It was quite overcast the day we went so we were not able to see Mt. Hood. While that sucked, it was still very nice, and very windy, at the top. Cool views back down at the corral and the valley we had just walked in. There are more power lines however along the top, As we neared the end of the trail, we went East (to our left) and started to walk along the road for a while before i realized that we had missed the turn West to the parking lot. The spit is very close to yet even more power lines and I missed the right path as I was wondering if the lines were low enough to hit my head. We did have to walk along the Old Hwy 8 road for about 1/4 mile back to the parking lot. that part also sucked.

Overall cool little trail. Other reviews mention poison oak, I don't know if there was any as I could not pick it out of a line up. We were both in jeans and coats due to the cool weather and neither of us appear to have any negative affects. I would love to come back in the spring when the creek is full and the flowers are in bloom, and the weather is clear. But if you haven't been in November, it's pretty cool its self. The lack of a creek and leaves on the trees add to the feel of the abandoned area.

Timothy Annable

19 Completed12 Reviews

Hiked Catherine Creek in late May on a sunny Saturday. Not very crowded which was nice, but it was very warm. We started out on the hike described in the description on this site. Pretty easy hike, slight upgrade,not very challenging. Past the arch, keep going up until up go under the power lines. At this point we split of to the left from the described trail and followed the path up. The trail becomes a little more narrow and steep through this portion. We climbed until the trail led to the top of the ridge. At this point the trail splits right and left. Go left if you want to continue going up. We chose to go right and started heading back down. We connected back up with the described trail and followed it all the way back down to the road. This side trip added about .8 miles; it was worth it to add the extra difficulty that you don't get on the main trail. The views from the top of the ridge are spectacular. Views of the gorge, Hood River, islands in the river and Mt. Hood were picture worthy. The trail down is rocky so wear sturdy shoes. Unfortunately when you get to the top of the arch, it is fenced off so you can't really see it. Overall this was fun but very warm day.