Kamikaze/Teneriffe Falls

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Kamikaze/Teneriffe Falls is a 5.8 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near North Bend, WA that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from October until June. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

5.8 miles 1433 feet Out & Back
dog friendly hiking forest river views waterfall wild flowers rocky
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Heidi Williams
1 day ago

2 Completed2 Reviews

this was a more mental then physical hike. first 2 miles is mostly flat and not challenging, but pretty none the less. last mile is up rocks and hills, and knowing where to step and when takes a lot of thought. I liked the change

Mike Brown
2 days ago

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Aaron B
10 days ago

21 Completed20 Reviews

Really nice waterfall at the top, and panoramic views on the way up. Very limited parking

Christy Wagnon
14 days ago

15 Completed3 Reviews

The first two miles are pretty easy- that last mile is where you gain all of the elevation through very rocky terrain for an added level of difficulty.

Three pieces of advice- 1) have sturdy hiking boots with ankle support 2) hiking poles are helpful coming down 3) go all the way to the top- the view is worth it

John McKenna
14 days ago

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Nice trail. Very small parking area so go on a weekday or get there EARLY! There are a lot of lose rocks on this trail so I highly recommend shoes/boots with good ankle support. Overall fun hike!

Kelsey Maxa
17 days ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

Awesome trail. Very little parking, so go early. We arrived at 7:30am and got the last spot. The trail starts out slow and easy, then you hit the mountain and it ascends at a steeper grade. We brought our 15lb dogs (who are in great shape and hike all the time) and they did fine. We were worried about the rocks and their little paws. If it was colder/raining, we definitely would not bring them along as it would be slick and too dangerous for them. The views are outstanding. Will definitely do this hike again.

Michele Ziegler- Render
27 days ago

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Not much parking, lot was almost full at 8am Sunday. Great hike for our group aging 11- 40 something. Falls are gorgeous right now. No bathroom......

Wendy Calhoun
29 days ago

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Chris Powell
1 month ago

2 Completed2 Reviews

Easy going, go in the spring when the falls are full.

Tomeka Dixon
1 month ago

2 Completed1 Reviews

This was definitely a workout. We arrives at 745 on a Saturday and the lot was already full. We got one of the last spots there. There waant much traffic on the trail because it was so early, which was really nice.

The first mile seemed like a pretty nice nature walk. After that, you hit the sign for Teneriffe Falls and it's pretty much rocks all the way up. It was a bit of a challenge to get your footing through all the loose rocks, but it made for a better workout. If you have small dogs like we do, it'll be a little bit of a challenge for them but they can make it up/down.

There was a black dog that pretty much led the way for us and bonded with our Chi weenie really quick. It was helpful because we got confused a few times. We thought he was lost, but he frequents the trail often so don't be alarmed.

Overall, the trail was really nice and I would definitely recommend. I'll probably go back in the summer and continue past the top.

Happy Trailing! :-)

Laura Brossard
1 month ago

15 Completed2 Reviews

There is only room for a few cars to park at the trail head (so that could cause problems) the trail at first is wide and doesn't gain much elevation (follow signs for the falls when you see them) after a while you'll reach where the trail becomes skinnier and a bit steeper, it also becomes very rocky, the entire trail pretty much becomes hiking on rocks. I enjoyed it but if you don't like walking across a lot of rocks I wouldn't suggest this trail. The falls were pretty though and since it's such a rocky trial there aren't trees blocking the beautiful view you have

Anna Bloedel
1 month ago

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We went on Tuesday, April 12th around 11:30am. Parking was already full, but we were lucky enough to snag a spot when someone was leaving. This trail is about half a mile past Mount Si, on the same road, but it is not marked so gps was much needed for me!

The first mile of the hike is easy, almost just a walk through the woods. After that first mile, follow the sign to teneriffe falls on your right. If you go straight about 1/4 mile there is a bridge where you can see part of the falls. Very pretty!

The second mile was a little harder, you gain some elevation here but the trail is really easy to hike on. The views of the mountains to your left are awesome.

The third mile, very rocky path, the whole way. This is where I feel you gain the most elevation as well. Lots of switchbacks. But! The views are spectacular! Keep going, don't stop! The end is absolutely incredible!!!

This was probably the most rewarding hike I've been on. Definitely top 3. So many beautiful views and a huge, amazing waterfall. I highly recommend this one!

Travis Keegan
1 month ago

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Arrived at the parking area (or lack there of) around noon and ended up parking a half mile down the street. WARNING: you will get towed if you park illegally. There were about 4 cars marked to be towed when we ended the hike.

The hike starts out very gradual and it almost seems as if the moderate rating is false. But after about 2 miles you earn the moderate rating when you hit the first switch back and at the same time you hit rougher terrain. The trail is littered with rocks that make footing something you monitor closely as you ascend. At this point the hike starts to elevate and the next mile is all switch backs. With a quarter mile to the top you can begin to notice the sound of water. The first glimpse of the falls appears and then you arrive at the top seeing beautiful waterfall.

Some ventured higher then I and you can get closer to the falls and I'm not sure what lies above if anything. At the top I walked across the base of the falls and ate my lunch close enough to feel the mist of the falling water. Many people circulated the area so it's far from isolated but I did this hike on a Sunday where more of a crowd gathers. I can see doing this mid week reducing the chance of a crowd. The falls were beautiful and I snapped a couple photos of me and my girlfriend and then started the decent.

All and all it took about 2hr 15 min total hike time (via my Fitbit) with a steady pace. A rewarding hike that poses little challenge to a seasoned hiker but enough of a raise in heart rate to make it a casual Sunday stroll with a great view of a waterfall. While I did see some people struggle through the switchbacks, if you are in decent condition you will have 0 trouble navigating the last mile of the hike.

Pro: Overall a fun little hike if you want something quick and easy with a bit of reward at your arrival. The falls were gorgeous and it was very easy to get to from the highway.

Con: crowded and little parking as well as patrolling police and tow trucks to keep you honest. Crowded trail from what I prefer but not to the point of annoyance.

Solid 4 star and It will be a return hike when I want to bring some of my less experience hiking friends.

Great for beginning hikers!

David Lam
1 month ago

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4/8/2016 (Friday) - Solo 7:45-10:45, sunny, cloudless, 55-60F, pleasant hike on an early morning in springtime. Mine is the second car, I am the first to the falls, six groups behind me in 5-15 minutes (the place for viewing the falls cannot hold more than 8-10 people), another 10 groups on my way down, so I saw many cars filled the parking lot to capacity, including "No Parking" area, maybe over 16 cars there. The falls are awesome with loud sound and enough water as the photos show. The rocky switchbacks are a bit challenging to keep balance when moving, but the lower 2/3 of the trail is broad, smooth and gentle (previous logging road). From the open talus field, I can see Mailbox, Washington, Rattlesnake with Mt Rainier's top emerging behind.

Diane Fenstermaker
1 month ago

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The first 2 miles were like a nature walk through beautiful forest. The last mile to the bottom of the falls was a little more moderate. There was snow fairly low and the slush made the rocky path slick. We went end at the of April. There are no restrooms on the trail head, so go before you park! This is probably my favorite waterfall hike this far.

Leah Dela Cruz
1 month ago

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Jessica M.
1 month ago

Lyusya Buriy
2 months ago

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Had to park at Mount Si but besides that everything about this trail was amazing. It's in good condition but very rocky so make sure to be careful! Absolutely loved it.

Jason Shields
2 months ago

3 Completed2 Reviews

awesomeness...parking can be a little tricky

Gabriel Rocklin
2 months ago

9 Completed7 Reviews