Kamikaze/Teneriffe Falls

#9 of 292 trails in Snoqualmie National Forest

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Kamikaze/Teneriffe Falls is a 6.06 mile out and back trail located near North Bend, Washington that features a waterfall. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking. Dogs are also able to use this trail. From the falls you can continue to the top of Teneriffe.

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Brad Carpenter (77)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Good, intermediate hike. Doable with kids. The last ~mile is the hardest, but still intermediate level. You start on the forest service road, there is an obvious right off the road, and you follow that for awhile. Folks have marked on that trail where you turn off to head to the falls. That last mile is a trail that switch backs up to the falls. If its dry, you can easily do in tennis shoes. If its wet, likely can, but might want boots. As I said the falls were dry, and I was not sure if I could get up higher, which I tried to do, and then ended up on the Mt. Teneriffe trail, which was definitely difficult......see more feedback there.

peggy Stivers (79)

5 Completed3 Reviews

I'm sure this hike would of been really pretty at the end, however we took a goat trail... because someone had put a sign to turn right up the mountain, we should of stayed on the trail... we climbed about 1.5 miles up mountain very very rocky and never found the falls, it was a wrong turn for sure! Although before starting up the mountain it does seem a bit confusing the road forks we went right. I think that was the right way? who knows? :) better luck next time.

stuart brown (54)

7 Completed1 Reviews

Tuan Nguyen (1605)

35 Completed34 Reviews

easy hike to start out and got tougher when the rock terrain starts but well worth the trip. take care climbing around the falls as rocks are slippery but amazing finish.

Jeff Olsen (150)

17 Completed5 Reviews

Go past the mount Si trailhead until the road essentially dead ends- there is a school bus turnaround across from the small parking lot that is the trailhead. There's only room for about 7 cars so get there early. Follow the wide DNR road until you see the sign directing you to take a right to the falls (Thanks to whoever made that sign:)). The trail stays wide until you take a right at the post with a bunch of writing on it- the trail turns rocky and more technical from there; you will switch back between the rocks to the forest and the falls as you go up. There is a small steep trail that you can take to the top but the trail gets treacherous and there was lots of snow beyond the falls so I'll go back after the snow melts to summit Teneriffe. The falls are absolutely amazing!! I climbed as far up the rocks and roots to the base of the big waterfall and it was really cool. This trail is much less traveled then nearby SI so come here if you want a little less traffic on your hike;)

Bret Darby (86)

15 Completed2 Reviews

It was a pretty wet morning but the falls was worth the rain. The rain turned to snow about 500 ft below the falls making everything above the falls very tricky. We decided to turn around shortly after stopping at the falls but with proper equipment, reaching the summit shouldn't be an issue.

Carlo Sparacio (334)

20 Completed8 Reviews

Fun hike! We got there at 730am on Sunday.

Deanna Isaacs (86)

3 Completed1 Reviews

While the lowlands were sweltering in heat - the husband and forayed into the forest for a little bit of respite. The forest is rather well covered for the vast majority of the hike with some nice toe-freezers on the trail heading up to the falls (not the wide-berth, mountain bike friendly trail one starts on).

Took a wrong left from the main trail, there is a good Y-intersection that you should take a right at (missed the right, but some nice bikers put me back on track) which will lead directly to the falls. The main trail is slightly populated on a great hiking day, the trail to the falls, not so populated.

After some very sunny treks across rocky switchbacks, lasting a mile or so, the falls at the top (and the forest just before) are welcome relief. Only one other person at the falls, he left after a few moments, and then it was all to ourselves. Waterfalls. Lunch. Perfection on an, otherwise, perversely humid and hot day.

Maureen E. (123)

Great hike. Pretty easy for the first half or so....and then the rocks and uneven surfaces start and it becomes more challenging. Overall a fun and challenging hike - a little hard-core for a beginner hiker like me but I loved it. Saw a bit of wildlife...In addition to the gi-normous mosquitos - we saw 1 snake, 1 large frog, a multitude of slugs and a 4-legged creature that moved so fast through the woods we weren't sure if it was a wolf, coyote, fox or stray dog. When you reach the two forks, go right both times. At the top, the falls were just a trickle on the day we went but still pretty. I'll go in the spring next time to hopefully catch the beautiful falls that everyone else talked about in their reviews. Try it, you'll like it!

Stephanie Leeper (154)

6 Completed4 Reviews

Hard hike, but the falls were spectacular! The trail was wet, but it was a typical April day where it was spitting and cloudy. Great views of the Snoqualmie Valley as well, and I'm sure it's even better when it's sunny! We were pretty cold at the top of the falls, so we didn't stay too long. Just long enough to eat lunch and get misted by the water.