Mount Rose Trail

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Mount Rose Trail is a 6.4 mile trail located near Hoodsport, Washington that offers scenic views and is rated difficult. The trail is for hiking and is accessible from April till October. Dogs are able to use this trail if on leash. Snowshoes before midmay if you really wanna make it ALL the way up

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Lucy W (112)

7 Completed1 Reviews

Quick, brisk hike over the weekend (10/19), took about 4-5 hours with a break up at the top. There were clouds over the distant peaks and a beautiful open view of the lake. The switchbacks are well-paced, although it is just all incline up to the peak. I found the downhill portion between the junction and trailhead to be quite steep when coming down. This trail does not go above treeline.

Michael Burlin (275)

8 Completed2 Reviews

Quiet hike on a drizzly Saturday afternoon the weekend before Fourth of July. Fortunately, the clouds broke enough for us at the top to snap a few photos of the view of Lake Cushman, Hood Canal and beyond. Steep at times, but accessible overall. Highly recommended.

Molly T (85)

11 Completed1 Reviews

Hiked May 21. Trail is dry except for about a 10 ft section of snow at the top. My legs!!!

S Howe (283)

4 Completed3 Reviews

Enjoyed a snowy February hike. The trail crosses two new bridges over a forced river. We had the trail to ourselves this Sunday afternoon. The lower trail passes through a scarred but recovering area affected by the Bear Gulch fires of 2006.
Switch backs are frequent while passing from Forest Service land to the 1.8 mile mark crossing into wilderness.
We hiked into the clouds with an inch or so of snow on the trail.

S Howe (283)

4 Completed3 Reviews

Enjoyed a February winter hike. The lower trail has 2 bridges crossing over the forked river at the trailhead.

Hiking through the scarred but recovering forest you'll note fire damage from the 2006 Bear Gulch fire. For the first 3-4 switchbacks, you'll hear the robust river below.

Benches are provided on the trail. We hiked into the clouds & inch + of snow. It was otherworldly. The air was so moist, I ended up damp. My 2 liter Camelback was emptied and I shed all but my quick dry shirt for the way up.

It's a great elevation gain for the first 1.8 miles, crossing into wilderness & reaching the fork. In winter, hang right & follow the trees with the orange arrows.
Doing that trail again.

Gabriela Capestany (420)

4 Completed4 Reviews

Decided to take a new year's hike. While a little damp, the hike was great. Switchbacks seem endless until the "summit loop" sign, this is where things start getting fun. From here it is pretty much straight up. The top was very windy, but that is because I went in January. At the summit you get views of the Olympics and Lake Cushman. The ledge jetting out toward the edge is pretty freaky to stand on, but thrilling. Definetly go.

Pier Luigi Salami (320)

5 Completed2 Reviews

This is a very good, well maintained trail, climbing a very beautiful mountain.
The hike is pretty intense, long, lots of elevation gain with some very steep sections, but if you are in decent/average shape and determined to get to the top, you will not have big problems making it to the top and back.
The views from the summit are very beautiful (see pictures I posted); I strongly advice you leave in the morning, pack your lunch, and take your time eating at the very top: no restaurant can beat that view! (and the food too, if you are a good cook that is...)
My wife and I went in early October; the air was really crisp and cool, but the sun was still very hot. If you go in that season, remember to take a wind-breaking jacket with you, or you'll definitely get cold from the wind against your sweaty clothes.
Recommended, we will definitely go again!

Eugene Rodygin (1390)

118 Completed23 Reviews

I will be coming back, remarkable trail... All day hike, very difficult but so rewarding at almost every turn that you forget how tired you are!

Abdullah Sayyid (556)

3 Completed1 Reviews

Very difficult hike, plan for longer than 3.5 hours if you're hikin before June because of the snow. I just tried this hike on my own last week and turned around at the horse camp since every single step I took in the snow caused me to sink to at least shin deep. Just did it yesterday with a friend and my dog expecting the snow which started about 500 ft higher than last week and had less mushy spots than last week since it wasn't raining. Still haven't made it to the summit, sank up to my groin on a few steps and that coupled with the numbness in my toes made us turn around at a spot we thought was definitely going to be the summit but was probably 2 more ridges away... There's an awesome view up high and if you're adventurous enough to go off the trail the forest and creeks are pretty sweet too. On a clear day you can actually see mt rainier and across the puget sound from high up, well worth the hike and anyone who's done it in the middle of summer should try it out when the snowpacks still on it for a different experience.

Jessica Crabtree (80)

0 Completed1 Reviews

I am a VERY inexperienced Mountain "hiker." Loaded up my day pack, went and picked up my little sister (who is 15) and headed to the TH. Left the car at 3:15 thinking "3 and a half hours? no prob." haha. This is my first time hiking up any elevation. I do lots of little treks. Ive been a hunter for quite a few years and been on lots of walks geocaching. So Im used to walking all over the woods. But not like this.

Never thought one time on my way up about turning around... I was impatient however. Thinking "the summit has GOT to be just around this corner." or "I dont think theres many more switchbacks once we get on the loop." Everytime I was wrong. lol. But Once we finally did summit I dont think I have ever been more relieved in my life! Took lots of pictures and just took in the mountain air.

Even though it was a pretty warm day, it was quite chilly at the summit. I had goosebumps when I wasnt moving. The Bear Gulch 2 fire that took place a few year back did a lot of damage. I think it will probably take decades for this forest to recover. Sad.

It took us just under 4 hours to get to the top. Im sure thats not a very good pace at all but what should be expected of a first timer who is short legged and a little on the heavier side? We went up the 1.6mi right side of the fork and came down the 1.1mi left side.

I was extremely relieved to be on the downside... but not for long. I think I'd rather be sweaty and winded before feeling my legs tremble and my knees hurt like they did. I was ready to be done going down before we even got back to the trail fork. I made it tho!

We got back to the car at 8:55pm... we came down the mountain in what I thought was a hurry and from the summit it took us almost two hours just to get down... I cant imagine that anyone could do this whole hike in 3.5 hours. But Im probably wrong! If you can do it in that time then you deserve a metal of some sort!