Mount Rose Trail

#12 of 182 trails in Olympic National Park
Mount Rose Trail is a 5.7 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Lilliwaup, WA that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

5.7 miles 3415 feet Loop
dogs on leash birding hiking nature trips walking forest views wild flowers snow
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From Hoodsport, west 9 miles on Lake Cushman Road to Forest Service Road 24. Turn left and drive 3 miles to the trailhead on the right side of the road.

Andrew Molloy
1 month ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

4/23/16 - What an incredibly fulfilling hike. Great views along the way. I would rate it about 3.5 out of 5 stars in regards to difficulty. This hike does not rival the Mailbox peak old trail; however, it is a great work out. If you are not conditioned or are a beginner, you may struggle.

The snow is mostly gone. Any snow left you can easily follow previous footsteps or pay attention to trail markers without getting lost.

Again, great hike with great scenery. I'm definitely adding this to my top five favorites.

Jose Ortiz
1 month ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

This was a good hike with a great climb. I didn't make it to the top due to having some beginners but it was awesome views and a nice fall/creek.

Bradley Swensen II
1 month ago

19 Completed10 Reviews

Fun hike! great views and a very challenging workout. did this hike on 04/16/2016. there is still snow for about 1/4 of the hike. easily navigated without cramp-ons or spikes, although I did fall on my butt a couple times. The hike is nearly as challenging as Mailbox peak so be prepared to work!

Isaac Yang
4 months ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

Hiked today. Be prepared to be going uphill at about a 60 degree angle the whole time. Couldn't do the summit loop completely because we didn't wear proper shoes or have poles. Awesome hike though!! Gonna come back with my gear!

Jim Scott
7 months ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

One of my favorite trails because it is accessible year round. In winter snowshoes/Microspikes may be needed. I hiked this October 22, 2015. It was a beautiful summer like day.

Vicente Martinez
8 months ago

10 Completed8 Reviews

If you like switchback this is the trail for you!

Abigail Angelucci
9 months ago

2 Completed2 Reviews

Did this hike with my bf yesterday. Saw this trail was pretty close to our house, and sadly that was about the only research we did. It is all up hill. The hike we found was not too hard until we passed where the loop meets up. From there the trail was very steep with lots of loose rocks. But once we got to the top, we realized all our hard work was worth it. Beware; downhill is not such a breeze either. Very steep going down. Wish we had a pole, would have made a world of a difference.

Wes Neal
11 months ago

23 Completed14 Reviews

Almost all up hill... Hard hike and great views a the end!

Jordin Pierce
1 year ago

2 Completed2 Reviews

Don't listen to what other people are saying about there not being a view, they obviously aren't hiking far enough. I was greeted with one of the most breathtaking views, including a view of mount Rainier in the distance. Pretty steep hike, but well worth it in my opinion.

Jen Llamas
1 year ago

9 Completed7 Reviews

Very steep, not much of a view. Didn't make it to the top because of sunlight but planning on going back. It was really cloudy couldn't see anything through the trees. But it was an excellent workout! Went up to 3,000 elevation really quickly and the switch backs are killer!

Catherine Nicolai
1 year ago

65 Completed18 Reviews

Hiked Mount Rose for the first time last weekend. It's Monday, and my quads are real tender. I enjoyed this hike for the challenge, but the summit views were a little disappointing--don't get me wrong, it's still a really great view. I read somewhere that Mount Rose is kind of like the middle sister of Olympic mountains. There isn't a clear summit view. The summit loop provided the best scenery! Barely any snow on the trail, no need for any special footwear because of it.

Zoe Whitbeck
1 year ago

9 Completed1 Reviews

Beautiful scenery AND a killer workout. The switchbacks up to the summit loop left my calves aching for a couple of days, so take breaks to stretch! We were the only people on the trail on a Tuesday, and had sunny weather except for an hour of snowfall approaching the summit. The vista from the ridge is astonishing, we sat for a long time just gazing off into a long distance of mountain range, and down into Lake Cushman. Bring some layers to make up for working up a sweat and then covering up to stop for the views. Whatever you do, absolutely hike this trail, and then visit Tom at Hoodsport Coffee Company on your way in or out, he is the nicest dude and they have great coffee and ice-cream!

richard anderson
1 year ago

4 Completed4 Reviews

We started our climb at 10a.m. on New Years Eve 2014. Great climb from the start, very well maintained and marked trail. The switchbacks give you a good cardio burn if you go too fast but it's very easy to just move along at a nice smooth, methodical pace. It starts getting steep and then flattens back out a few times. We encountered snow and ice within the first hour.

By the time we hit the summit loop we needed to put on some boot spikes for traction. Pretty icy and snowy from this point on. We encountered another group and none of them had boot spikes, they were forced to slow down quite a bit. The summit loop took awhile, maybe two hours, including a break for food and talking with our new friends up there.

The way down would have been treacherous without the boot spikes and trekking polls, basically we would have had to do alot of butt sliding. As it was, we cruised down pretty fast. Descent probably took a little over an hour. End time 3:30p.m.

Lucy W
1 year ago

10 Completed1 Reviews

Quick, brisk hike over the weekend (10/19), took about 4-5 hours with a break up at the top. There were clouds over the distant peaks and a beautiful open view of the lake. The switchbacks are well-paced, although it is just all incline up to the peak. I found the downhill portion between the junction and trailhead to be quite steep when coming down. This trail does not go above treeline.

Michael Burlin
1 year ago

13 Completed4 Reviews

Quiet hike on a drizzly Saturday afternoon the weekend before Fourth of July. Fortunately, the clouds broke enough for us at the top to snap a few photos of the view of Lake Cushman, Hood Canal and beyond. Steep at times, but accessible overall. Highly recommended.

Molly T
2 years ago

13 Completed2 Reviews

Hiked May 21. Trail is dry except for about a 10 ft section of snow at the top. My legs!!!

S Howe
2 years ago

8 Completed5 Reviews

Enjoyed a snowy February hike. The trail crosses two new bridges over a forced river. We had the trail to ourselves this Sunday afternoon. The lower trail passes through a scarred but recovering area affected by the Bear Gulch fires of 2006.
Switch backs are frequent while passing from Forest Service land to the 1.8 mile mark crossing into wilderness.
We hiked into the clouds with an inch or so of snow on the trail.

S Howe
2 years ago

8 Completed5 Reviews

Enjoyed a February winter hike. The lower trail has 2 bridges crossing over the forked river at the trailhead.

Hiking through the scarred but recovering forest you'll note fire damage from the 2006 Bear Gulch fire. For the first 3-4 switchbacks, you'll hear the robust river below.

Benches are provided on the trail. We hiked into the clouds & inch + of snow. It was otherworldly. The air was so moist, I ended up damp. My 2 liter Camelback was emptied and I shed all but my quick dry shirt for the way up.

It's a great elevation gain for the first 1.8 miles, crossing into wilderness & reaching the fork. In winter, hang right & follow the trees with the orange arrows.
Doing that trail again.

Gabriela Capestany
2 years ago

4 Completed4 Reviews

Decided to take a new year's hike. While a little damp, the hike was great. Switchbacks seem endless until the "summit loop" sign, this is where things start getting fun. From here it is pretty much straight up. The top was very windy, but that is because I went in January. At the summit you get views of the Olympics and Lake Cushman. The ledge jetting out toward the edge is pretty freaky to stand on, but thrilling. Definetly go.

Pier Luigi Salami
3 years ago

5 Completed2 Reviews

This is a very good, well maintained trail, climbing a very beautiful mountain.
The hike is pretty intense, long, lots of elevation gain with some very steep sections, but if you are in decent/average shape and determined to get to the top, you will not have big problems making it to the top and back.
The views from the summit are very beautiful (see pictures I posted); I strongly advice you leave in the morning, pack your lunch, and take your time eating at the very top: no restaurant can beat that view! (and the food too, if you are a good cook that is...)
My wife and I went in early October; the air was really crisp and cool, but the sun was still very hot. If you go in that season, remember to take a wind-breaking jacket with you, or you'll definitely get cold from the wind against your sweaty clothes.
Recommended, we will definitely go again!