Poo Poo Point Trail

#1 of 14 trails in Tiger Mountain State Forest
Poo Poo Point Trail is a 8 mile out and back trail located near Issaquah, Washington and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking.

8.0 miles Out & Back 1700 feet
Kid Friendly Dog Friendly
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Take I-90 E to exit 17. Turn right onto Front St. (becomes Issaquah-Hobart Rd.). In 1.5 miles turn left onto 2nd Ave. Immediately on the right is a small gravel parking lot that is the trailhead.

Fanny Dos Reis

3 Completed0 Reviews

Nice forest trail that climbs steadily to 2 paragliding launch pads. The views at the top is amazing.

Gary Connor

1 Completed1 Reviews

For the most part, a simple hike with great scenery at the end. I made the round trip in about 3 hours and that was being conservative. highly-recommend.

Burton Li

3 Completed1 Reviews

Heidi L

5 Completed5 Reviews

Steady climb so I don't consider this hike easy but not quite moderate. Nice trail. Fun to hangout at the top and watch the para gliders

Emily Davis

2 Completed2 Reviews

Enjoyable hike except that it rained about a mile into the Poo Poo trail, so I had to head back. Also, I didn't realize that it connected with the High School trail, so it felt like it took me awhile before I found it. My directions had me starting at Rainier Park trail, but the high school trail is actually across the little street from there, and then you catch the Poo Poo point trail maybe like a mile and a half in? I'm new to hiking, so using the map and finding which trails connect is still a learning experience for me. But this was a good trail--not many things blocking it and fairly easy to follow, and mostly an easy incline. I would like to go back and go all the way up on a drier day. Enjoyable overall though!


19 Completed2 Reviews

Taylor H.

5 Completed2 Reviews

Good hike for beginners who want a challenge. Very much so uphill all the way to the top. Get ready for a workout but so worth it to get the view from the top. I went for an evening hike to catch the sunset. Trail is easy to follow in the dark.

Sumedha Polisetti

7 Completed1 Reviews

Tim Blandford

1 Completed1 Reviews

Pleasant trail. Parked at Issaquah High School and took High School Trail in. Gradual gain in elevation for majority of trail with a short section of switch backs. Views from Poo Poo Point were very nice and worth the effort. Not much in the way of landmarks on the way up, but a clean, well marked trail. Would be great for some trail running.

Jamal Fakhreddine

1 Completed1 Reviews