Pratt Lake Trail

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Pratt Lake Trail is a 11 mile out and back trail located near North Bend, Washington that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from June until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

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just becauseican (544)

19 Completed13 Reviews

Beautiful lake with a long trail to get there. Once you get past a sketchy rocky area, the final descent is easy with a narrow trail along the edge of the lake. There is a small 'day use' area which is the perfect place to have lunch and take a swim. Fairly busy trail with quite a few backpackers camped out.

Tuan Nguyen (1604)

35 Completed34 Reviews

Descended to Pratt Lake basin via the Talapus/Ollalie lake cutoff and even though this made my hike 11 miles total, it was worth it. Trails are in good condition and it was great having lunch at the lake was very nice.

Brad Robel-Forrest (61)

3 Completed2 Reviews

The entire Pratt Lake basin is really beautiful–definitely worth the switchbacks and rocky descent. The short extension of the hike out to the Lower Tuscohatchie Lake is strongly recommended (follow the signs pointing toward Melakwa Lake). There is a great set of falls out of the west end of Tuscohatchie, not to mention the amazing falls that are across the lake (near the southeastern tip of the lake, where the upper lake drains down into this one).

Gabe O'Leary (554)

19 Completed6 Reviews

Originally set out to do the Granite Mountain trail but ended up choosing this one instead once we reached the trailhead. You cross over a few streams and near the top there is a beautiful view of another lake and Mount Ranier to the south. After the peak is reached it gets rather rocky as you descend into the bowl that Pratt lake is in. The descent is quite beautiful as well. The lake was very pristine and nice to swim in once we reached it. I continued a ways down Pratt "river" to see if I could find a waterfall or anything interesting but was not successful. I would definitely recommend this hike for some looking for an alpine lake.

Carolyn Busch (1300)

23 Completed5 Reviews

Ian Dromey (90)

3 Completed3 Reviews

A good hike. The trail most of the way to Pratt Lake has an even surface and a reasonable grade. There are lots of small waterfalls along the trail. Once you get around Pratt Lake and a little further to Lower Tuscahatchie it gets a little rougher. I think it probably more like 10 miles round trip to Pratt. Good scenery around Pratt Lake and definitely recommend going a little further to Lower Tuscahatchie. There were a few patches of snow between Olallie Lake and Pratt Lake but nothing you couldn't cross in running shoes.

Chris Reed (307)

10 Completed10 Reviews

Passed by Pratt on my way to Lower and Upper Tuscahatchie. Pratt is a beautiful lake, very quiet and definitely has an interesting approach to it as you come down over the ridge above Ollalie. I had heard Pratt was a popular destination as well as some of the other reviewers but found that not many hikers ventured that far on the beautiful Saturday and Sunday we were in that area. The trail around the side of the lake is beautiful with wild flowers on both sides. If you go to Pratt I'd recommend continuing on to Lower Tuscahatchie as its not very far from Pratt (definitely less than a mile) and very beautiful as well. Don't bother with Upper Tuscahatchie though unless you want to fight thick brush the whole way there.

Anthony Cable (706)

18 Completed20 Reviews

beautiful, but definetly longer than 8 miles in and out, id say atleast 9.5......

Tim Todd (10561)

884 Completed130 Reviews

I've only seen Pratt Lake in the winter. It's great for snowshoeing.

Adam Lund (24073)

431 Completed119 Reviews

Pratt lake is a beautiful destination on sunny summer day. I have heard about how popular the trail is, but I didn't think the crowds were too bad. We stopped for lunch and met a couple of backpackers and 4 other day hikers at the lake. We swam and enjoyed the company. The trail is a moderate elevation gain and very reasonable for a day hike. If you choose the Talapus/Olallie trailhead rather than Pratt lake, you can sample two other alpine lakes on your way to Pratt lake. About half a mile away is Lower Tuscohatchie lake, if you want a little extra adventure.