Coopers Rock State Forest

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Coopers Rock State Forest is a 4.8 mile lightly trafficked trail located near Morgantown, WV that features a lake. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

4.8 miles 613 feet
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Coopers Rock boasts offers activities for fishers, hikers, hunters, campers, rock climbers, and picnickers. Several trails wind through forest valleys, through enormous boulders, and over ridges. A 6-acre pond that is regularly stocked with trout provides fishing in season.

Rachael Broscious
6 hours ago

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Tori Omatick
1 month ago

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Chad Sillery
1 month ago

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Brian Ignace
1 month ago

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Matthew H.
6 months ago

Stephanie Flanigan
7 months ago

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Vance Henderson
8 months ago

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David Rue
8 months ago

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Ugghhh. I didn't have a lot of time so I just headed to the Raven Rock lookout. What a lousy trail. It was more like a dirt road where the dirt has eroded away so much as to leave a bunch of loose rocks. And I really didn't find the view at the end all that great. It's a vista view that is fairly mundane. When I arrived there was a parasailor waiting for a gust of wind to launch him into the great beyond. It never came. Besides, the power lines were kinda in the way.

The trails leading to the "road" that takes you to the lookout were quite nice. I suspect the rest of the hiking grounds are much better then the Raven trail, but I didn't hike those so my review is based on Raven Rock.

Kyler Grimes
9 months ago

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Stephanie Flanigan
9 months ago

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Ann C.
10 months ago

Great! Easy hike. Trails were well marked and the view at the end of Raven Rock was incredible.

Rachel H.
11 months ago

Amazing views and good trails!

Mandy S.
1 year ago

Beautiful trail. I highly recommend! I suggest the overlook last, it is like the cherry on top.

Allie Overholt
1 year ago

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Great trails and beautiful scenery here!!

Michael Genecov
2 years ago

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This place is what instigated my love of the outdoors. I no longer live in this area, but my love of hiking, camping and rock climbing all started here, atop my fathers shoulders 20 years ago.

Lindsay Bailey
2 years ago

14 Completed13 Reviews

Cooper's Rock is a beautiful overlook, but there's a lot of people on most weekends. The overlook is astounding so bring a camera and enjoy! There are lots of pavilions to relax at, and there are lots of trails so choose from at the top to hike around.

Susan Bowyer
2 years ago

8 Completed8 Reviews

I have hiked, mountain biked, and rock climbed here. First, the hiking is awesome with beautiful views at the tops of the various trails. Mountain biking is kinda crazy because of how rocky it is. Count on hiking up a lot and dig down deep (at least I had to) to trust your suspension to go to work. Bouldering (rock climbing with no ropes on low climbs) is great here. Lots of holds and plenty of other people with the same idea. Easy to spot good routes.

Phil Cole
2 years ago

31 Completed18 Reviews

Beautiful area and easily accessible off I-68. Many trail and non-trail areas to explore. Highly suggest the overlook, rattlesnake trail (which is aptly named, keep you eyes and ears open) Rock City is a blast. Can easily spend a whole day exploring.
Pros: Easy to get to, fantastic rock forms and views
Cons: Very popular and tends to get over-crowded on pleasant weekends (as it should)

Frank Avey
2 years ago

4 Completed2 Reviews

Started with a picnic lunch then hiked several short trails including overlook, under look, rattlesnake (my favorite and more challenging), ridge, rock city, mont chateau and rhododendron back to the visitor center. It was a hot day but in the shade of the trails it was perfect. One small white tail deer was flinched out by our dog.

Junk Chuck
3 years ago

48 Completed16 Reviews

Spectacular overlooks, interesting historic furnace. Numerous trails--we did a few and they were all in pretty nice condition. Rocks and exposed roots call for "moderate" rating--trails were a little slippery with fallen leaves when we were there. Very crowded around the parking lots and public areas--and on some of the easier, adjacent hikes. Enough variety for many repeat visits. Spectacular in autumn.