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scenic overlook, civil war fortifications, moderate to strenuous climb

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Micah Maly (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Short, good workout, views worth it

Ryan Huffman (437)

4 Completed4 Reviews

This trail can really test your determination and stamina going up fairly steep inclines but the view at the overlook is worth every minute of it. The trail itself is fairly short, mileage wise, but the uphills are intense and may present a challenge for inexperienced hikers. BE PREPARED. Bring lots of water and take your time. There is no need to race to the top. The scenery will still be there when you arrive.
There is a very small parking area right near the trailhead but Harper's Ferry is a popular place so don't depend on getting a spot there. You can park in town and cross the river on the railroad bridge or, we parked a little ways down the road and added 4 miles out and 4 miles back of flat hiking along the river on the canal path. Compared to the up and down hills, the flat parts were very easy, just give yourself a few extra hours to get to and from your vehicle.
We did not tack on the extra stone fort loop but look forward to checking it out in the future!

Brian O. (40)

Melissa Cross (61)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Great hike and lots of different terrain and scenery throughout. I do agree with many of the other commenters that the ascent up Stone Fort Trail can be brutal at times if you're not prepared (we hiked it in 90 degree heat without being hydrated enough starting out). Nonetheless, it was a fun challenge and a great cardio workout. Bring extra water on hot days, a hiking stick helps, and good shoes/boots. I thought I was a basically fit hiker because I live next to a national park and hike 2-3 times a week, but this ascent definitely was a challenge that required me to slow down my pace significantly during really long stretches of inclines. The greatest feeling, however, is when you reach the summit and notice the sun streaming all around you at a 360 degree angle you because you've reached the clearing where the ground is even and the views open to vistas. It was a nice surprise transition from the canopy covered ascent. The views from the top are beautiful and I found the descent to be picturesque as well, despite the dense summer foliage. We also were fortunate to have a lot of privacy on the trail. There was no one at all on the Stone Fort trail and the overlook section below only had a handful of people (likely chalk this up to it being a weekday in August).

Joe Compasso (116)

3 Completed1 Reviews

Great Trail! Stone fort trail is well worth it, and the overlook is one of my favorites! Great anniversary trip. I've done this trail 6 or 7 times. Never gets old.

Rachel Jerrell (84)

1 Completed1 Reviews

The hike up is a little steep but easy to do. The lookout site is more than worth it.

Mitch Goldberg (347)

9 Completed1 Reviews

Very steep but worth to get top as u will see beautiful view of Harper Ferry!!!

Larry Rednick (153)

5 Completed1 Reviews

Great view of Harpers Ferry.

Michael Grove (267)

22 Completed6 Reviews


Halim Salim (106)

5 Completed5 Reviews

Went during the Memorial Day Weekend and thought it would be packed. Thankfully we arrived early in the morning and enjoyed a great hike. The trails are well kept and maintained. Beautiful views from the Overlook Cliff of the town. Would definitely go back again since it's only an hour+ away from DC.