Lake Geneva Trail

#1 of 2 trails in Big Foot Beach State Park
Lake Geneva Trail is a 20.7 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Lake Geneva, WI that offers scenic views and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking and is accessible from March until September.

20.7 miles 396 feet Loop
kid friendly hiking walking lake views
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Directions from Lake Geneva, WI: Take County 120 south for several miles to reach state park entrance. (Other trail entrances with parking areas are located lakeside in the towns of Fonana, Williams Bay, and Flatiron Park in Lake Geneva.)

Diane Kay
28 days ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

Best day of my life.

Robert Reeb
1 month ago

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This is an excellent hike, but be sure to take plenty of water as Fontana and Lake Geneva are the main places to get supplies and find restrooms. Also, we tracked about 23 miles on the marked path.

Dan Dunskis
8 months ago

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This was a great hike/walk. According to my GPS the entire loop is 21 miles but we ended up with 22 miles with a half mile walk from where we parked to the trail and back. The trail offers some great views and a few different areas to stop for lunch. Bring plenty of water and snack to keep you fueled for this excellent experience.

Butch Welke
1 year ago

2 Completed1 Reviews

this is a lake geneva gem ...a must do..too bad bikes are not allowed

David Knutson
3 years ago

3 Completed2 Reviews

21.0 miles per Walk, Talk, & Gawk Path Guide (recommended). Could be 21.5, or 22, at most.
Good walking/running/hiking shoes with best insole/blister resistant sox combo (for you) is important for most. No matter how good of shape you are in, 6-8 hrs (not counting lunch, breaks, or photo ops) is a long time on your feet.
Good intermediate step is take charter boat 1/2 way to Fontana, and hike back. It's 10.5 miles whether you take northern or southern route.
Great variety and some nice surprises on the full loop. Enjoy!

Terresa Lawson
3 years ago

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Fun trails

Sarah Silver
4 years ago

15 Completed10 Reviews

Very easy to complete in that the trail is almost completely level. Easy to find (just go to the lake and start walking around). The homeowners on the lake are required by law to provide a right of way for walkers. Some really go nuts with it, some just leave the grass there. A good spot to start is in Fontana near Gordy's, just because parking is plentiful, but really you can start anywhere. The plaquard at the trailhead in downtown Lake Geneva states that the trail is 26 miles, not 21, but I find all sorts of variable info on the web. Gage marine used to have a paperback book/pamphlet guide to some of the houses and history on the lake.
For fun, we had my husband pick us up by boat on someone's private dock (we asked permission from the owner who was there) and broke up our trip with a boat ride.
I didn't think walking would make me sore, but hips and thighs were pretty sore the next day. We added a few miles to the hike by walking into the town of LG and out..probably about 23.5 in total.
If you're doing the entire loop, people along the way are very supportive and excited to see walkers.
The day trip with hour lunch break at Gordy's took us about 8 hrs to do the entire loop. Stopped a few times for picture taking.
After late september, a fair amount of homeowners will likely bring their docks out of the water onto the trail or block the view, but I may try the loop again in Oct to check out the fall colors.
This would be a fantastic run if you're looking for something off road.

Dmitry Pasikhov
4 years ago

2 Completed2 Reviews

easy trail but be aware of uneven ground. You hike through people's backyards, so the pavement depends on the owner of the shorefront. Very busy on the weekends in the summer. Lots of people and dogs on the trail

Tim Roberts
5 years ago

22 Completed2 Reviews

Great views of both the lake and lakefront homes. A wide variety of surfaces from concrete to grass to paving stones and everything in between. I run on the trail almost daily when the snow and ice is gone.

Gary Garcia
5 years ago

3 Completed7 Reviews

The length of this trail makes it quite unique. It's been a few years since I have run around here but as I remember it, the trail was soft, smooth, and had a nice scenic views. Be sure you are aware of where you want to go on the trail, you could end up doing the entire loop which would total around 20 something miles! Definitely worth checking out, and if you feel so inclined, go check out the city of Lake Geneva. It provides many activities as well.