Mount Washburn Spur Trail

#8 of 208 trails in Yellowstone National Park

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This Trail is very popular with Yellowstone Visitors. It is a must do of the Yellowstone trails. To get to the trail head you must drive one of the must see parts of Yellowstone Dunraven Pass. This trail is not for those that have Vertigo.

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Marie-Line Neth (274)

18 Completed11 Reviews

Very nice on top. Worth the hike. Started early morning. Mountain goats cross the road right in front of us. Not really a hiking trail, more of an old road made of switchback. Enjoy!

John McNamara (266)

14 Completed5 Reviews

Well worth the four hours or so. The trail is wide and level. The inclines are not that steep. Bring a jacket or plan on eating in the lookout tower. The winds at the top can be fierce. On our trip we were joined by three mountain goats near the top. They just climbed up from a cliff and wandered past. We also watched two red foxes hunt for squirrels and marmots.

Sonja L (765)

41 Completed11 Reviews

August 2011. A pleasant trail in Yellowstone National Park, especially in the summer months when there are plentiful wildflower meadows, and a good chance of a grizzly bear sighting (I saw one, thankfully across the ravine). Of all the hikes I did in Yellowstone, this was my favorite.

With changeable weather, however, it was prudent of me to bring a thick, waterproof jacket, which I wore most of the way in the drizzling rain and cool winds that August afternoon brought me. As a tip, I recommend summer morning hikes in Yellowstone, when the weather seems more predictably sunny and clear.

The trail itself is moderate to strenuous, with multiple switchbacks and a chance of stumbling on the loose rocks. The last stretch up the bald face of the mountain to the lookout was the most grueling but also offered views of the valley and chance encounters with rock rabbits. It is by no means impossible however, just a little straining on your thighs. You'll want to take breaks.

The sheltered fire tower at the top will offer guests a reprieve from the cold air, where you can sign the guest book and see artwork by (visiting students?). Nice place for a photo!

One disadvantage was that I was hiking alone. Despite the thousands of people in Yellowstone Park that week, I only encountered about five people on this trail. I was wearing a bear bell, but that didn't dissuade me from being nervous about startling a grizzly bear; I had already seen one less than a mile from me on this mountain. Just as in the rest of the park, there is no cell phone reception here. As a result, I strongly recommend a bear bell, bear spray, and - ideally - hiking with someone else on this remote trail. Bears have killed people in this park, so it doesn't hurt to be extra safe if you like solo hiking like I do.
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Randall Quarles (238)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Worth it just for the incredible views. Be sure to bring warm clothes as the weather changes quickly and with out warning.

Jenna Garrison (2097)

28 Completed4 Reviews

Even in the summer pack or wear a jacket, the summit is windy and chilly! I took a less- fit friend hiking here and she did fine with frequent stops.

Michael Dahlheim (2189)

36 Completed14 Reviews

This is a very simple trail that follows a ranger road all the way to the summit and ranger tower. The views are spectactular and if you go at sunrise or sunset the trail is not overly busy either. A must do if considering getting into more mountain hiking.

Randall Robertson (326)

30 Completed4 Reviews

This trail has some beautiful vistas, worth the time.