Mystic Falls

#4 of 209 trails in Yellowstone National Park

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Mystic Falls is a 2.5 mile loop trail located near Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from May until October.

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Phillip Berry (888)

12 Completed8 Reviews

Andy Blake (589)

9 Completed9 Reviews

At the rear of Biscuit Basin, there is a nice surprise. A sign reading it is 1 mile to Mystic Falls. Nice trail that runs on the side of a ridge overlooking the river below. In July, everything was lush and green with plenty of wildflowers. Bring the long pants and sleeves and repellant though as mosquitoes were plenty. If you gonna run into the woods for a minute, they will swarm you. Saw a falcon flying the river. The Falls are lovely and is a nice break from the sulphur smells of the biscuit basin. A good many people enjoy this trail with you.

Donna Long (255)

8 Completed5 Reviews

Great hike. Took route up to overlook with expansive view of valley. Trail goes along to of ridge thru new growth forest then descends to falls. Very pretty waterfall! Trail then follows river through valley.

Frank Jacks (442)

69 Completed24 Reviews

A nice hike to a nice waterfall. Similar to another comment I met a female elk meandering down the tail about 10 years ago. She didn't care whether I was there or not and wandered down the trail to the stream. Just the sort of thing that keeps me coming back after 60 years.

Mark Hunsaker (220)

4 Completed2 Reviews

A short and fun trail. The elevation can be a shocker if you aren't ready for the higher elevation. The viewpoint and falls really round out the hike.

David Ashby (2368)

28 Completed26 Reviews

Loved this hike. Very short, and no one else on the trail. We turned a corner and saw a bull elk enjoying a nap in the shade. I highly recommend this hike.

Darrin C. (1397)

This short 2.5 miles round trip is a must see! You can explore the falls and spend hours entertaining yourselves.

nicole belvill (271)

16 Completed4 Reviews

Simple hike that gives u two choices a hard way and an easy way. We chose the easy for now and got rewarded with a beautiful waterfall. Not too crowded either

Rock Hadley (410)

60 Completed7 Reviews

This is one of our favorite hikes. The short route is great for younger kids and the longer route is not very difficult. We like to go right down to the base of the falls for the full effect, however, getting from the trail to the base of the falls is much more tricky with younger hikers. We saw two bison across the river just below the falls today. The wind was really blowing in the parking lot of Biscuit Basin, but the trees and canyon kept the wind at bay and made for a delightful hike to the falls.

Junk Chuck (503)

44 Completed13 Reviews

A great little hike to a wonderful waterfall--very easy, about 4-5 miles, with a beautiful payoff at the end. Great excuse to get out of the car and see some of the real Yellowstone.