The Hoodoos

#41 of 209 trails in Yellowstone National Park

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This hike starts at the north end of Swan Lake Flat and goes through a forest and then down the mountain into a large field of tumbled travertine rock.

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Wayne Dore (486)

51 Completed7 Reviews

This is a really great hike. There's only one really steep part that needs to have careful attention when walking. In the Hoodoos, there are pika. If you stay for a few minutes and stay quite, they'll come out of their little holes and start making noises and eating. I consider this hike to be 4 miles.

Daniel Best (3392)

82 Completed48 Reviews

OK I'm giving another secret away. Look for the Hoodoos turnout on the West side of the road, the turnout is a small road that goes behind the rocks so look closely for it. If you grab a flashlight and start rock climbing onto the hill to the West of the turnout you will start finding holes in the rocks, everywhere! Climb into them and you will find connecting rooms and paths all through the rocks making this place a blast for kids and the young at heart to explore. You will be surprised at the size of this place, it is similiar but larger then the Indian Caves in Yosemite Valley.