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Camelback Mountain Summit Trail

Phoenix, AZ


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A nice, quick, steep little leg-burner. The Echo Canyon parking area & trail are closed for improvements & parking expansion through Fall and Winter 2013. It's ok though, just take the Cholla trail that you can access via E Cholla Lane.

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Bluff Spring Loop

10 Completed 3 Reviews

I agree that you should wear long pants, even if it's hot. This was my first time in the area and my legs got ripped up. We went clockwise from the beginning of the Dutchmen trailhead and looped around. It was a little over 9 miles but beautiful views. I look forward to checking out other trails I'm that area.


Alta Trail And Bajada Trail

10 Completed 4 Reviews

It was tricky finding the right area to park to get me close to the Bajada Trail because I didn't see any signs with the named trails. My goal was to do a complete loop up to Alta and back through Bajada. It seemed the closest access was to park at the 5 tables lot. From there I had to start the Ranger Trail to get to Bajada, which was the only way to get to the Alta start (see the park map). The Bajada trail can be bit confusing especially when you cross the washes because there is some slight alternate trailblazes. Also, some of the markers were faded to the extent you couldn't read them at all or were not visible across the way (could be they didn't exist because some I never found). Once you reach the Alta Trail it's easy to find your way, but there's nothing easy about the hike itself. Great panoramic views of the city throughout this trail. At the end of Alta I kept on the National trail which brought me back to Bajada and back to the lot where I started. I gave this loop 3 stars mostly because there is almost no shade unless you happen to catch the shadow of the mountain. Also, I was flailing my arms around the ENTIRE hike to keep the flies off and away from my face. Not sure if that had to do with the time of year, the weather or something else but it stole away from the enjoyment. Took me 5 hours to complete.


Sunset Trail

1 Completed 1 Reviews

Easy trail, mostly incline heading in. It's gradual and easy to take. There were several others out there including a dozen or so bikes.

The trail map shown here is a system of which Sunset is the first leg.


South Kaibab Trail to Cedar Ridge

27 Completed 16 Reviews

Without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable, most beautiful trails I've ever been on!


Boulder Trail

8 Completed 5 Reviews

This hike blew me away! The views were amazing. We've had a lot of rain this season, so the desert was lush. Lots of flowers. This hike is not for beginners. This trail is marked as difficult. I'd say more high-moderate, but I'd accept difficult too. You should definitely wear supportive shoes or you'll kill your feet from the rough terrain. I'm not a fast hiker at all, so there was no way I was going to do the 13 miles (round trip) in one day. I got in probably more like 6 miles. Still, I was very happy. I took 3 liters of water with me, but probably should have taken 5. I also brought my 3-year-old lab. We both were exhausted by the end. I went in mid-October and still saw about 15-20 people throughout my whole time there. So not super busy but not all alone either. The last lookout point before going down into the wash (about 2.2 miles in) was the most amazing I've seen in a long time. Really made my week. The parking is at the marina across the street.


Aspen Trail

26 Completed 2 Reviews

Great hike for only a couple hours! Trail does get pretty busy on the weekends though. Would recommend going early in the day.


Bright Angel Trail

6 Completed 6 Reviews

Great hike down to Indian Gardens. Easy on the way down...BUT remember you have to go back up LOL. And the climb back will make you huff and puff haha. After the cabins at Indian Garden, you should continue all the way to the end of the ridge to see the Colorado river from a couple hundreds feet below.


Grand Canyon's North Rim

6 Completed 6 Reviews


Devils Bridge

27 Completed 1 Reviews

Been to devils bridge twice now and its still one of my top 3! Great trail that's not to strenuous with great views!


North Kaibab Trail

17 Completed 16 Reviews

We did this hike as a 2 day hike to make it easy on ourselves. This is NOT an easy trail. I had read up on the trail and was a bit concerned about how steep and narrow it was supposed to be. You really never know until you arrive. I thought it was steep but probably no worse than the South Kaibab. It was nice and cool at the top. We stopped for the night at Cottonwood and left early the next morning for Phantom Ranch. After Cottonwood the trail is not as flat as people said, but it is more rolling hills than climbs.The box was beautiful and people were enjoying themselves, taking pictures. The difference from the North side of the canyon to the South side is wild. Something you have to experience to appreciate.