Heber Springs

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Lost Valley Trail

Ponca, AR

Lost Valley Trail is a 2.3 mile out and back trail that features a 53 ft. tall waterfall, a natural bridge, caves, a 30ft. waterfall inside the cave, large boulders and more. The area is jammed pack of scenic wonders on a easy trail.

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Mossy Bluff - Buckeye Trail

Heber Springs, AR

Recent Reviews


Mossy Bluff - Buckeye Trail

37 Completed 6 Reviews

There has been some more parking spots newly added along the road that parallels the trail. Road is just up hill a bit and if you just want to walk its a good walk to the overlook. At least one pick nick table. You can park along this road and get onto the trail at several spots along the way. During the week almost no traffic. On weekend too much. You can also get to trail from the trail at Dam Site Park which is across the hwy.


Mossy Bluff - Buckeye Trail

1 Completed 1 Reviews

Maintained well. Not much traffic. Good views and the mosses were beautiful.


Mossy Bluff - Buckeye Trail

5 Completed 5 Reviews

Well maintained trail next to the visitors center. Start at the visitors center and follow the trail to the stairs and overlook at the end. Retrace your steps to return the parking lot. I am not sure why the description refers to it as a loop...it is not. It is 1.6 miles out and back (round trip).


Mossy Bluff - Buckeye Trail

12 Completed 5 Reviews

The trail was great for the kids. Nice view of the dam.